Are Robot Umpires the future of Major League Baseball??? NY Yankees manager Aaron Boone is not ready for robot umpires, even after latest ejection

Yankees manager is not ready for robot umpires, even after latest ejection
from Adam Gretz,with

In what seems to be a weekly occurrence this season, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected on Thursday night. His beef was again centered around the strike zone in his team’s 3-1 loss to the Baltimore Orioles.

Despite that, he is not quite ready to see Major League Baseball turn to robot umpires to offer a more automated and consistent approach to the calling balls and strikes.

From ESPN:
“Clearly he shouldn’t have had to throw almost 30 pitches in that first inning,” Boone said. “But, no, I’m not advocating for the robo. I think these guys do for the most part a great job and work really hard at it. When you’re playing for a lot, there’s going to be some issues from time to time, as simple as that.”
Robot umpires are already being used in the minor leagues, and as technology has improved and a square strike zone has been added to broadcasts during every at-bat there is far more scrutiny on the consistency of strike calls.

Many fans want to see the robots take over pitch calling in the Major Leagues.

But Boone is not yet ready to join them in that call.

He also argued that he should not have been ejected from Thursday’s game, arguing he was very calm and only became angered when umpire Edwin Moscoso walked around from him.

He could be potentially facing a suspension after he may have gotten spit on one of the umpires during the argument.

It is already Boone’s league-leading fourth ejection of the season and his 30th since becoming Yankees manager. He addressed that number earlier this week but does not seem to be slowing down.