What ever happened to these local Youth Baseball Teams? Are any of them still around?? Does anybody out there remember any of these teams?

Lots of talk around town last week, about former youth baseball coach Pop Wright, going into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame…Pop Wright coached the old Bluford Blues Greensboro Youth Baseball team, and as for the Bluford Blues, and many others of those local youth baseball teams from the past, many are still wondering if any of those teams at all, are still around and active today….

From last week, we heard about the:
Bluford Blues
The Home Federal team
The Police Club
The Oddfellows
Nuckles BBQ/Restaurant team
Forbis and Dick Funeral Service
Jefferson Standard Life Insurance team
The old Guilford College Red Sox, and more…

Are there any of these teams at all, still around these days? Many of the businesses that sponsored these teams are no longer in existence, but maybe, just maybe, a team or two still might be active, in some shape, form, or fashion today…Or, they might be gone, and many of the memories may have left with them, but you never know…The memories these Greensboro Youth Baseball teams created, might still be running around the bases, inside of somebody’s head, even today….

Let us know, or say it ain’t so…..Where do you go to get more info on these old Greensboro Youth Baseball teams from the past??? This might be your last outpost, right here in this GreensboroSports.com post…And as our good friend Charlie Harville used to say, “That’s The Best In Sports Today”…..

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17 thoughts on “What ever happened to these local Youth Baseball Teams? Are any of them still around?? Does anybody out there remember any of these teams?

  1. The Guilford College community had the Dodgers, the Indians, the Bulldogs & Libby Hill to name a few.

  2. I can remember the days of those Guilford College teams, and when they had the Red Sox with Stumpy Brown as coach, with guys like Tommy and Eddie Waynick. Tim Sapp, and Trip Ellington leading them, you had the Guilford College Tigers with Ed Royal and Ralph Stafford coaching them and Stan Stafford as their hard hitter, there was the Guilford College Yankees with Charlie King and Herman Midkiff coaching them and the Midkiff boys and David Hardison among their leaders, and you had the Guilford College Dodgers with Pete Eller as their coach, and players like Steve Furr leading the way, and we had the Guilford College Indians and our coach was Jerry Carrick, and we had Stan Stewart, Chuck Ralls, Mark Shaw, Doug Martin, Clay Hopcroft and more on our team, and I remember that year I hit maybe six Triples for that team, because we had no fence out there, and the coach would not let me try and go for the home runs…Fun times though….

    We need to from others about their teams…There were some other teams on the Northeast side of town that stood out, and I think at one, Colfax, Summerfield, Oak Ridge and Stokesdale had their own league…

    What about that old Bob’s Car Wash team, and did the Union 76 Truck Stop have a team???

    Pleasant Garden and Alamance Community Center had some pretty good teams back in the day too…

  3. And I think later on the Guilford College league added the Guilford College A’s coached by Coach Page, and then even later came the Libby Hill Seafood team and they were pretty much always coached by Henry Bondurant…

  4. I was part of the reboot for the Bluford Blues in 2018. Had two former players running the new organization Luther Montague and a friend of his.

    I’m from the era where we had Home Federal, American Federal, Police Club, Burlington Industries. Back in the day teams couldn’t play today, we’d be literally too tough for these kids.

  5. I remember that Burlington Industries team, they had a good name in the city leagues back in the day….

  6. I am also an alum of the Eastern Conference. I played for Home Federal. Coach Goode was our head coach and Pop Wright was the assistant. Very tough league back then.

  7. Does anyone out there remember the old Franklin Drugs team? The Franklin Drugs business was located on West Market Street and I think they played their games at the West Market Street Field.

  8. Khalif Temple , Police Department, knuckles, Libby Hill , Northeast ,Parker Brothers, McDonalds, Gillespie Park, Green Valley, Cone Mills, Guilford Mills, Side Effects , Just a few a lot of the mom and pop stores sponsored youth teams.

  9. I hadn’t thought about Parker Brothers, or Side Effects for many years…Those were some good ones from the East side of town…

  10. I played for Clyde’s Handi-Mart back in the seventies for Richard Wright and Don Tilley. Great sponsor, great team and great coaches. Never lost a game the whole time I played there. Early eighties I played for Sleepy Williamson and Gillespie Park. Another really good coach.

  11. Played for Don Franks and the Optimist Club out of Woodlea Park area.
    Had some great games against the Jaycees, Greensboro National Bank(?), Sedgefield,VFW, Odd Fellows etc….
    Coach Franks was a great coach who demanded respect and got it from his players.
    That was in the 70’s when the whole neighborhood would go to watch games at Glenwood or Latham Park whether they had kids on the team or not.

  12. Didn’t Shamberger’s Market sponsor some teams back in the day???

    They were not in the Greensboro leagues, but the Sumner Civitan had some teams back in the day too…

  13. Congrats to Mr. Wright and his family for a well deserved induction.
    I played in the Eastern League from 1966-68
    and knew Mr. Wright personally he was a good man and was a father figure to a lot of kids that
    came from single parent homes.
    Bluford Blues was the team back then winning 98 % of their games.
    In my 30 year baseball career the one thing I remember most 1967 we beat them and it was the first game they lost in 2 years I will allways remember that night just like it was yesterday.
    There were some good COACHES THAT NEED TO BE RECONIZED because they worked full time jobs and came out to help turn kids into young men.
    MR REID /American Federal
    MR MILLS/FD Lewis
    MR VINCENT/ Cone Mills
    MR Cotton/Kalif Temple
    These are the Coaches that made the Eastern League the best.
    MR Britt was the Director for Parks and Rec he did a good job.

  14. Those were the good old days. I didn’t play in Greensboro, but I played down in Miami, Florida for the Budget Rent a Car team. Man those were some great times back in the late 1970s.

    When I moved to Greensboro I met Sleepy Williamson and that man was one heck of a coach.

    Really some great memories and it feels good sometimes to take a trip back down memory lane.

  15. There was a kid that played youth baseball around here back in the late 70’s or early 80’s or around that time, and that kid was huge. He could kill the ball and I think his name was Russell. Maybe Jerry Russell. Anybody else remember him? That kid was really big and he was some kind of talent. Also I agree that Sleepy Williamson was one of the best youth coaches. That Russell kid may have been in the league down on West Market Street. Not sure.

  16. Anybody know what ever happened to Corey and Ronnie Kimber? They were from the East side and played high school baseball for the Dudley Panthers.

  17. It’s a lot of these older players whose kids are just graduating or are playing right now. I see Coach Stout on here who kid is playing high school ball right now.

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