West Virginia University head men’s basketball coach Bob Huggins resigns following DUI arrest

WVU head coach Bob Huggins resigns following DUI arrest
from Adam Gretz, at YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

After a storied career that made him one of the most popular and significant figures in West Virginia sports history, Bob Huggins resigned on Saturday night as the program’s men’s basketball coach.

It caps off a brutal end to his Mountaineers coaching career, one that saw him suspended by the program for using homophobic slurs during a radio interview in Cincinnati and then arrested for a DUI this weekend.

There was a question as to whether or not the radio interview would be the end of his coaching career, but WVU gave him a second chance and an opportunity to redeem himself.

He clearly did not take advantage of that opportunity.

Huggins was arrested on Friday evening in Pittsburgh when police found him and his car with a shredded tire in the middle of an intersection. According to the police report, when Huggins struggled to move his vehicle off to the side of that road, he was pulled him over and administered a field sobriety test. He did not pass.

Huggins blood-alcohol level was over .23. He did not have any memory of how he ended up in Pittsburgh, instead saying he thought he was in Columbus.

Huggins had a previous DUI in 2004.

Huggins released the following statement on Saturday night.

Huggins is a member of the basketball Hall of Fame and has been a top-tier college coach at Cincinnati and West Virginia.

The most important thing for Huggins at this point is that he stays healthy and learns from these recent mistakes. The way he went out is a brutal end to what should have been remembered as a great career. But the radio interview and a second DUI will certainly tarnish a lot of that legacy and it is going to major work to fix that.