Day Four of the COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium, inside of Jaycee Park:Greenboro Green will be playing for the Title

Game One from today/Saturday at 10am:
Greensboro Green 11, Youngstown, Ohio 7

Greensboro Green vs. Youngstown, Ohio for the 2023 COLT Baseball East Zone Championship, with a One Game, Winner-Take-All, beginning at around 12:45 this afternoon…Greensboro Green wins, and they are on their way back to the COLT Baseball World Series…

Cooper Marks closed out the Youngstown team, for Greensboro Green, on the mound in Game One today…Greensboro Green had built up a lead of 11-4, and then they held off the Youngstown bunch, to force the Championship Game….

We saw Donnie Stowe, Ned McMillan, Jason Simmons, Chris Suggs, Deon Clark, Donnie Strader, Brett Garrett, and a lot of good people, out there at the stadium, this morning…Plenty of time for all of you, to get out there too, this afternoon…Game Time on the way….

13 thoughts on “Day Four of the COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium, inside of Jaycee Park:Greenboro Green will be playing for the Title

  1. I think it’s time to move on with some of these coaches that coach the Greensboro Colt teams. Some coaches are friends of friends. Don’t mean to offend no one, some the players from the White team should be on the Green team. I’ve been to several games this summer and I was impressed with some of the White team players. We need to change coaching staff every 2 or 3 years. We have some good coaches in this area, and they never get a chance to coach the Colt Baseball All- Stars. Give these guys a chance.

  2. @charles this area should be thankful that the 6 men from green and white squad were willing and able to coach these young men. No politics to be seen white squad did well green did even better. Let’s be thankful for the men who give their time vs the negative

  3. @Wendy

    I understand the sacirfice that the coaches make to help the young men learn the game of baseball. I just know from what I saw from my own eyes, and who heard from others parents that wanted me to say something about this matter. I’ve been around this area for a few years.

    As you may already know, All Star Team selection is an honor and a privilege, not an entitlement. Along with the honor and privilege of All Star selection come responsibilities and commitments. I look at the rosters from both teams, and I say to myself, this is a very interesting rosters.

    If it seems at times that I have a personal vendetta against the picking of players or the coaching staff, please know that this is not my attention. Also, I’m not trying to be negative. I see what I see, and so do other parents see what I see.

  4. @charles are you someone who coaches these kids day in and day out or someone who gears negative comments from a team who was beaten by 25 runs….. the best players made the green team this year. Ohio team VERY good and mostly rising juinors. Green team and white team to be fair mostly under classmen and didn’t miss the championship by more and one or 2 timely hits. Colt baseball and the 2 groups of coaches did great parents sit in the stands and complain because they aren’t willing or able to Sacrifice for those kids. Great JOB COLT COACHES AND LEAGUE

  5. From someone who has been following colt and palomino baseball locally Since APWU won the world series in the 1990s. This league is growing baseball locally and the 6 men who coached the 2 teams from this league have been the backbone of that comeback after covid and fighting travel baseball. Parents and coaches who sat in the stands have NEVER been wrong just ask them. As you can tell by the scores of team white and team Green against Youngstown the most capable players were on team Green. The white team is young and will mature for next season. So will Green Team. The sad fact is adults who paid for their ticket to the game think they know how and manage baseball but never seem to volunteer to make the league better. The teams were a good representation of the league anyone who thinks different Go play Legion or travel to.see of they value your opinion.

  6. Let’s just be real about it… There’s never a posting or interviews for the Colt All Stars coaching positions. How are they even chosen? These are questions I’d like to know the answers to. Amari Stout should’ve been on the Green team point blank. He didn’t get to play against Youngstown due to possible heat exhaustion. These teams were not even by a long shot but, hey I guess he just didn’t know the right people. I put his name up there because he’s that darn good. The league could have a lot of backbones if there was a chance. Let me know what other Coaches have to do to be part of this process.

  7. @”coach” who in their right mind would use the term coach to describe themselves and then take the self serving stance that the kid who wasn’t healthy enough to play during the game against the best team in the tournament somehow magically would have been a better solution than the other players who managed to stay healthy in the heat. Baseball in played outdoors being in good enough health to endure the conditions is also a determination of the players abilities. Thank goodness the young man who shares your last name wasn’t more seriously injured by the heat but if you’re not on the field you can’t prove your abilities…..

  8. Do the people responding know about maxprep stats and PG ranks….. the internet answers lots of questions

  9. Wendy really?? Do you think before you write ? Please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. I can see you have a one track mind. You must have a dog in the fight with a son or coach who is on the Green Machine. It must have been the heat for the reason the Green Machine lost. Good luck to these All Stars as they compete to bring a World Series Title back to Greensboro. Safe Travels .

  10. Yes this is Donnie Strader and I have been seeing these posts and comments and yes I have heard from many about the comments and the origins of these statements which I really did not want to know. I guess it comes with the territory.

    1. We had three tryout opportunities that each coach was made aware of by email and many by brochures. Not to mention if you played at Western Alamance we spoke to each team along with parents and players were greeted with the information when tickets were bought.

    2. We have roughly 90 minutes at tryouts to watch 30 players hit and field. If your player does not have a good tryout then yes there are times players get missed. We also attended many league games outside of our on teams. Each of us as coaches want the best players on our teams. We had several players who came to the tryouts who were too old. Not every player who plays in the league can play due to Colt age limitations. I am thankful our league allows older players the opportunity to play because where else could many of these players play? We had several players who did not tryout because of travel baseball or schedule conflicts.

    3. Many do not know all of the steps and processes which are required by Colt to put these teams on the field. Everyone thinks it is simple. There are unique rules which are different than those in high school.

    4. It is easy to second guess us as coaches and any coach after the fact. Why did you steal or why didn’t you steal? Why did you leave the pitcher in that long or why did you take them out early? You know the outcome, we do not. Will I always make the right decision? No but I am doing the best I can. If you are a coach or ever have coached you should understand this. Sometimes decisions are made for you by an injury, a missed sign, or a player makes a mistake which is part of the game.
    One of the biggest arguments of the NBA, who is better Jordan or Lebron? Many of us will argue one way or the other. The same is true as we are looking players to start and play in our games. One coach may think this player is better and another coach will think another player is better. Who is right? It depends on who you ask. I have heard our decisions were political. If winning is political then our decisions are political.

    Thank you to the players and families who participated in Colt baseball. It is a privilege to coach these players and getting to know them and their families. We have great athletes but they are even better people. They represented our city and league well, win or lose.

    We have a team leaving for the Colt World Series and we should be excited for our players, families, and coaches. Colt baseball gave us the opportunity to go based on the history of our zone, directors, and teams.

    If you have concerns about how coaches and players are chosen, reach out next year at the beginning of the season to our league directors. Spend 80% of your time on the solution and 20% of your time on the problem.

    We need to thank our Colt directors and staff members for making this league and tournaments possible. 18 teams (over 300 players) from our area played this year!

  11. Well said Donnie Strader…

    Donnie Stowe, Ned McMillan and Paula Westlake did a ton to keep the Greensboro COLT Baseball League going this year/season…If they did not reach out to the teams from Alamance, Rockingham, Davidson, and Chatham County, not sure if the league would still be going….It had to grow/expand and change to continue…

    Good to see these kids get the opportunity to play baseball on this level, and proud of those that will reperesent us this year in the COLT World Series…

    To all of the players from Greensboro Green and Greensboro White, and to their coaches, a job well done in 2023…..

  12. Coach Strader, Paula, Don, this was not a shot at any of you. @Wendy don’t judge my son because he was so excited to represent his city that he didn’t eat anything before playing. He made the team last year and couldn’t go to Chicago due to prior obligations but, now he gets put on the white team. It’s all good though… Bring it home Greensboro!

  13. I know the head coach of the team headed to Indiana really well. He has a wife, a toddler and an infant at home. Is he Joe Torre? No. Is he paid? Don’t think so and if so its pennies. Is he giving it his all for the right reasons? Yes. All these coaches love the game, these young men all while sacrificing family. This country, this state and this city need more people thanking educators, coaches and volunteers and less hating on them. Maybe some of these coaches should come by your place of employment or where you volunteer (which I doubt you do) and evaluate your performance and post about it.

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