Three things to watch as Grimsley Football takes on Southeast Guilford

Three things to watch as Grimsley Football takes on Southeast Guilford
from Mike Fanning, covering the 2023 Grimsley Whirlies football team, for

With the bye week behind us and conference play ready to get underway, here are three things you need to keep an eye on as Grimsley gets set to take on Southeast Guilford.

Who Plays? Remember COVID, well it’s back and creating a mess for local football teams. Last week, several area games had key starters missing due to illness and that trend looks to continue this weekend. Schools are breeding grounds for germs and locker rooms don’t fare much better. Speaking with Southeast head coach Earl Bates this week, he mentioned that several of his players have missed practice time with COVID and still does not know who will start on Friday. The same could be said for Grimsley, as this sick bug continues to spread as the week goes on. Expect shuffled starting line-ups come game time.

Grimsley Starting Fast. In each of the first two weeks, Grimsley fell behind early. Week three saw Reagan pull to within 6 with two minutes left to play in the first half. Of course, the Whirlies dominated the second half in those three games but the slow starts is something to watch. This week, Whirlies head coach Darryl Brown wants his team to start with more intensity and take control early. Look for the defense to be more aggressive and I would not be surprised to see stretch passing plays early and often.

Can Southeast learn from mistakes? Southeast graduated 22 seniors last season, meaning this year’s team is very inexperienced. Through three games, call it “on-the-job” training. In week two, Dudley pulled away for a 57-0 win over the Falcons. Dudley exploited a very young defensive secondary with a vertical passing attack that could not be slowed down. But coach Bates went to work and the adjustments they made paid off in a 36-29 win over Lee County. With two weeks to prepare, we will learn if Southeast can do enough to slow down the passing attack of Grimsley.

13 thoughts on “Three things to watch as Grimsley Football takes on Southeast Guilford

  1. Y’all no Grimsley doesn’t have a passing attack. 2 power 5 receivers that don’t have 200 yards in 3 games.SMH Dudley has 3 with over 200 yards. Love the way Dudley attacks the Mismatch with those receivers. We are gonna have to admit Coach Hall is the best OC around. We need to talk about that more.

  2. @Jerome Dudley’s two RBs don’t get fed the rock as much but best believe they’re more skilled than Grimsley’s RBs. The stats may not show it but they’re more versatile and can run routes just as good if not better than any receiver around. They haven’t gotten fed the ball on 4 consecutive drives in the red zone to stuff the stat sheet like Grimsley did for their Rb but best believe they can run the ball. Grimsley would not smoke Dudley. J. Blackwell about took Grimsley down last season as a sophomore by himself playing for page and now he’s on a loaded Dudley team with skill players to match up with Grimsley’s. Cut it out!! Grimsley doesn’t have guys like Bartley or anyone with real speed on that team either. I would argue to say Dudley has more athletes.

  3. Saying Grimsley would smoke Dudley is a stretch and Truth is right. Grimsley has 2 power 5 receivers. And the QB can’t get it to them. Dudley has ATHLETES all over the field with speed! And guess what?! They’re all JUNIORS…LOL.

  4. I may be putting the horse before the cart, and looking too far ahead, but I think Jerron Blackwell will be Dudley’s starting QB next season, in 2024….

  5. They are both very talented teams. Play calling isn’t the same though. Grimsley does a great job doing what they do. It’s super conservative. Dudley has more ways to attack with multiple guys who can GO!

    It would be a good game but from watching them both, I got Dudley by 14

  6. Would be a good game but I have Grimsley winning by 10 to 14 points, Grimsley defense get them the edge to me

  7. We have this same argument every year. It would be nice if Dudley were large enough to still be in the conference. The way transfers are going Page might lose enough transfers to fall out and move Dudley back in. BTW Grimsley would win that game all day any day.

  8. Just schedule each other and stop running. Everyone Knows Dudley has been calling out Grimsley for years but Grimsley keeps ducking them. Make it a non conference game

  9. Yeah Rolesville, Mt Tabor, and Reagan are cupcakes right? Give me a break. Ain’t nobody scared Dudley is just not as good as the elite 4A teams.

  10. No way Jerron plays QB at Dudley, one of the rumor reason he left Page is cause they wanted him to be QB. Just sayin

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