Title: Grimsley lasso’s Cowboys 49-6 to stay perfect on the season.

Two drives, two plays, two touchdowns….that’s how the Whirlies started this game.  Grimsley’s first plays from scrimmage were a 60 yard touchdown pass to Alex Taylor from quarterback Faizon Brandon and  a 47 yard touchdown run by Mitchell Summers.  Two plays, 107 yards, 14 points.  In less than a minute, it was all the Whirlies needed to stay perfect on the season.    

On paper, this looked like a match-up could be categorized as a “trap-game.”  Through seven games the Cowboys of Southwest Guilford had developed a strong wildcat/wing run game that kept them in games.  The Cowboys entered the game, having scored the third most points in the Metro 4A, with a team rushing attack that had amassed over 1,380 yards.  They didn’t care Grimsley was ranked #3 in the State and #50 in the Nation.  Their goal was to do enough to control the ball, the clock, and hopefully the score.  Grimsley had not played great against the run, and if Southwest could start fast and make it a four quarter game, maybe they could finally be the team that made the Whirlies play till the end.

Unfortunately, it was the Cowboys that fell into the trap.  Grimsley scored so quickly that the Cowboys needed to try the passing game more than maybe they wanted to and eventually that led to turnovers and 3-outs.  

Up 14-0 early in the first quarter, Southwest started to put a drive together behind the arm of quarterback Cale Lloyd who was able to find wide receiver Corbin Wilson for a long completion down the left boundary.  That set up a 39 yard touchdown run by Noah Snead who took the direct snap to the house to cut the lead to 14-6.  Southwest failed on the two point attempt but the big crowd was making noise and you could feel some momentum start to build for the Cowboys.

That momentum got kicked into high gear on the ensuing Grimsley drive when Faizon Brandon fumbled the ball on a quarterback keeper and Southwest recovered on the Grimsley 34 yard line.  The Cowboys used a great play action pass to find Darius Hairston alone on a crossing route.  Hairston caught the ball at the 10 yard line and as he turned up field to reach for the goal line the Whirlie defenders closed and punched the ball out just before he reached out for the touchdown.  Grimsley hopped on the loose ball and made the fumble recovery at the 4 yard line.  

It was a back-breaking turnover for the Cowboys, one they were never able to recover from.  Grimsley would then go 96 yards to make it 21-6, finished off by a Summers touchdown run.  The Whirlies would score again in the second quarter to make it 28-6 at halftime.  

The Whirlies received the opening kick of the second half and would march 63 yards, all through the air.  Taylor would catch another touchdown pass and the route was on.  A Southwest interception would then be cashed in with another Grimsley touchdown to make it 42-7 at the end of the third quarter.  Grimsley would score again to start the 4th quarter and the running clock was in effect.  The final, Grimsley 49, the Cowboys 6.   

Grimsley has now scored 398 points and only given up 82 on the season.  In conference play the differential is 264 to 26!  Grimsley improves to 8-0 overall and 5-0 in the Metro 4A while the Cowboys drop to 4-4 overall and 2-3 in conference.  Next up for the Whirlies is a home game against rival Page while Southwest travels to Ragsdale.