KickBack Jack’s Middle School Football Today(10/25/2023) Final Scores on the Guilford County Scoreboard:Kiser, Swann, NWG, Allen, SG, Lincoln, NG, WG, and others with the “W” and looking for MORE

KickBack Jack’s Middle School Football Today Final Scores on the Guilford County Scoreboard:
(Sending us scores were Coach Schilling, NWG Coach, Coach, Nile Harris, SG Coach, we saw The Colonel, EG Office, Kernodle AD Williams and one MORE score on the way.)
Western Guilford 36, Kernodle 6
Swann 14, Allen Jay Prep 12
Swann(4-1)/AJ Prep(4-2)
Northwest Guilford 34, Southeast Guilford 29
Kiser 34, Southwest Guilford 0
Southern Guilford wins by Forfeit over Penn Griffin
The Academy at Lincoln(3-2) over Ferndale(0-5)…Game was set for Dudley HS, and Ferndale was not there today, and neither was Lincoln, which leads us to believe that Ferndale gave up the Forfeit to Lincoln…Game was played on Tuesday of last week, and Hairston led Ferndale 33-0 at Halftime, and that meant the running clock for the Second Half, due to the 28-0 and more advantage by Lincoln…28-0 mercy rule on the Middle School level…

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from Tuesday:Allen 18, Hairston 14

from Tuesday:Northern Guilford over Eastern Guilford…Score hopefully in here later today, but NG did win that ballgame…

*********from the Kiser vs. Southwest Guilford game:********
Kiser 34, Southwest Guilford 0
Many more details on the way on this game…With video…
End of First Quarter:Kiser 12, SWG 0
(We got to this game at the End of the First Quarter…Was over at Lincoln vs. Ferndale, but no game going on there today.)
1:43 Second Quarter:Kiser on a 2-yard TD run..Two-Point Play no good…Kiser 18, SWG 0
Halftime:Kiser 18, SWG 0
5:44 Third Quarter Kiser with Ty Shumate on a Pick Six interception and he took it back 48 yards for the Touchdown…Two-point run by Kiser QB Jay Staton is good…Kiser 26, SWG 0
End of Third Quarter:Kiser 26, SWG 0
6:29 Fourth Quarter Kiser with another Ty Shumate Pick Six interception for the TD, and he takes this back 40 yards to The House…Staton two-point run is good..Kiser 34, SWG 0…Running Clock from this point on, due to Kiser having the 28-point advantage…
Final Score:Kiser 34, SWG 0
Ty Shumate with Two(2) Pick Six for Kiser…Rein Amidon with Two(2) Picks for Kiser…
Handshake Line with everybody in…CLICK BELOW for all Video…

Coach Whitehart talks to the Kiser Tigers team after win over SWG…CLICK BELOW…

Rein Amidon breaks down the Kiser Tigers team after win over SWG…Click Below..

Talking with Kiser Coach Whitehart and Ty Shumate after Kiser Win over SWG…Shumate with 2 Pick Sixes in the game and we did have a Colonel sighting/LOOKOUT….CLICK BELOW…

SWG kickoff return vs. the Kiser Tigers…CLICK BELOW

SWG on the run vs. Kiser Tigers’ defense…CLICK BELOW

Kiser Tigers take off for the run vs. SWG Cowboys…CLICK ON

Hard-nosed run by Kiser Tigers here…CLICK ON

Long pass completion by Kiser, but called for Pass Interference…CLICK BELOW

Power run by the Kiser Tigers and CLICK ON…

Big Interception by the Kiser Middle School Tigers…Click On..

Kickoff by Kiser to SWG and the ball goes out-of-bounds…CLICK HERE

SWG pass falls incomplete vs. Kiser Middle School Tigers…CLICK ON…

SWG pass completion goes for a short gain vs. Kiser Middle School Tigers..CLICK ON

Solid Kickoff Return for SWG by Elijah Little…CLICK ON…

Another short gain by the SWG runner…

Kiser RB starts right and cuts back to the left for a nice gain…

Hard run and hard tackle coming up in this video…CLICK ON NOW…

Good stop by the SWG defense…CLICK ON…

Beautiful Play with Ty Shumate on the Pick Six for the Touchdown for the Kiser Tigers…CLICK BELOW..

QB Jay Staton with the 2-point run on the conversion for the Kiser Tigers..CLICK ON..

Backup runners get their shot for the Kiser Tigers…CLICK ON..

Thursday October 26:
Northeast Guilford(2-2) at Jackson(2-2) 5pm at Claude Manzi Stadium/Smith HS


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  1. From Tuesday, Northern Guilford defeated Eastern Guilford….Do not have the score, but NG over EG…I called the school office at Eastern for the info…ANDY

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