Final Football Brackets are here from the NCHSAA with both Grimsley(4-A West) and Dudley(3-A West) seeded #4 and much MORE

CLICK HERE for the Final NCHSAA Football Brackets for the 2023 Playoffs…

Looking at our locals:(Sort of having trouble reading these brackets today….Might be the SUN…)
4-A West
#29 North Mecklenburg at #4 Grimsley
#17 Northwest Guilford at #16 Julius L. Chambers
#26 Page at #7 East Forsyth

3-A West
#29 West Iredell at #4 Dudley
#20 Central Davidson at #13 Eastern Guilford
#25 Northeast Guilford at #8 West Charlotte
#18 Rockingham County at #15 North Lincoln

2-A West
#24 High Point Andrews at #9 North Stanly
#32 Madison at #1 Reidsville
#27 West Stanly at #6 Randleman

1-A West
#26 Stokes County at #7 Bishop McGuinness
#29 Elkin at #4 North Rowan
#30 Cherryville at #3 Eastern Randolph

All of those Alamances in the 3-A East:
#30 Orange a #3 Southern Alamance
#21 Southern Durham at #12 Eastern Alamance
#17 Western Alamance at #16 Cape Fear
#18 Wilson Hunt at #15 Burlington Williams

2-A East
#24 Southeast Alamance at #9 Martin County
#25 Trask at #8 Burlington Cummings

12 thoughts on “Final Football Brackets are here from the NCHSAA with both Grimsley(4-A West) and Dudley(3-A West) seeded #4 and much MORE

  1. So Weddington loses to Marvin ridge last night but still is number 1 seed makes no sense . That tells me they had seeds made before Friday , Whirlies #4 whatever . Should be 1 or 2 not 4

  2. Grimsley and Dudley both #4s??? Thought of Grimsley as a #1 and Dudley at least a #2 or #3…The thought on Seeds being set before the seeding took place might be one of those things, where things were already set in stone…After Round One of the playoffs we could be looking at just Three Teams from Guilford County left in the hunt….

  3. @TRIADWATCH: Weddington RPI Schedule was was stronger than Grimsley. Nobody in their Conference has a losing Record. Weddington is 8-2, Porter Ridge is 8-2, Marvin Ridge is 6-4, Sun Valley is 7-3 and Cutbertson is 7-3. Their Non Conference schedule didn’t have a team under 500. Grimsley on the other hand played 5 Teams with below 500 losing records, Only 2 Teams other than Grimsley had a better than 500 Record, two others art 500. That is why Grimsley is a #4 seed. Plus Weddington played a tough Out Of State Team in Dutch Folk, SC. Grimsley hasn’t played anybody outside the Greensboro-Winston AREA other than Rolesville from Raleigh. Grimsley needs to play tougher teams. Western Guilford, Ragsdale, Southwest, Southeast Guilford isn’t going to cut it. Cupcake City Little Sisters of The Poor!!

  4. Dobetterbetter All valid points but hard to overlook the fact that Grimsley beat Rolesville and scored 63 on them.

  5. Strength of schedule is cool to talk about and all, but if you lose 2 games and have other undefeated teams, that should automatically disqualify you from a #1 seed. Grimsley hasn’t lost a game and dominated every single opponent they have played. Including rolesville who is #1 out the east. Seems like the committee has something against the triad teams which is weird because the triad teams usually represent the west in the state championship year after year.

  6. If Grimsley would have kept Pinecrest and Clayton they would be the 1 seed for sure. They scheduled Tabor and Rolesville thinking those would be tougher tests. All 3 of Grimsleys non-conference teams were ranked in the top 25 preseason. Really Regan and Tabor didn’t end up being as good as they maybe should have.

  7. I always heard sos schedule supposedly not a factor true or not?
    Nw have a tough matchup
    Seems like page got an easier game than nw


    SOS and OSOS is a big factor in the RPI/Playoff seeding.

    Page got an easier game compared to NW?

    NW plays Chambers
    Page plays East Forsyth

    East just won the CPC and has a QB committed to UNC. Chambers just got beat pretty bad on Friday.

  9. Barring any cheaters this year like last year we will be the champs again. They love their Charlotte and Raleigh teams but in the end we know that Dudley and the Whirlies will be left standing when it is all over…AGAIN

  10. Only going to be THREE teams standing after Round One, and most of you know who I am referring to. Easy picks. Right before your eyes guys.

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