High School Football This Week(11/24/23) in and around Guilford County with Round Four of the NCHSAA Playoffs

High School Football This Week(11/24/23) in and around Guilford County with Round Four of the NCHSAA Playoffs:

#4 Grimsley(13-0) at #1 Weddington(11-2) 7pm…Game Preview and Postgame Report from Mike Fanning at GreensboroSports.com….
#4 Dudley(13-0) at #1 Boiling Springs Crest(13-0) 7:30pm….We will have this Game Broadcast for you on GreensboroSports Radio…Pregame at 6:45pm, with the Kickoff at 7:30pm…..

#4 Bunker Hill(13-0) at #1 Reidsville(12-1) 7pm
#3 Southern Alamance(12-1) at #2 Fayetteville 71st(13-0) 7pm
#3 Eastern Randolph(12-1) at #2 Mount Airy(13-0) 7:30pm

9 thoughts on “High School Football This Week(11/24/23) in and around Guilford County with Round Four of the NCHSAA Playoffs

  1. Gonna be tough for the local teams this week. Hear that Crest and Weddington are really tough teams to beat….Not sure about this weeks games and can anybody give me some help?

  2. I think both of our teams have a great chance to win it all….People agreeing or disagreeing???? Why not Grimsley and Dudley, or Dudley and Grimsley as State Champs???

    I remember a few years back, in fact it was back in 2011, we had Northern Guilford win the 3-AA Title on a Friday night in Chapel Hill, and then Page HS came back and won the 4-AA Title on Saturday afternoon at BBT Field home of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, there in Winston-Salem…

    No reason why something like that could not happen again….Right???

  3. Grimsley and Dudley both have a strong chance to winning this friday. Massey. Com is giving Dudley 56% Chance of Winning against Crest. Grimsley has a 54% chance over Weddington. Crest Defense have given up 240 pts this season with Statesville pushing them til the 4th quarter leading 16-14, before losing 28-16. And West Charlotte having a 22-6 heading heading into the 4th, before Crest rallied to tied it up. West Charlotte drove down the field to the Crest 5 yd line with less than 40secs left attempting a game winning FG. But it was blocked. Went into OT, West Charlotte scored first and hit the extra point to go up 29-22. Shelby score and went for the 2 and got it to win 30-29. Both Statesville and WC don’t have any type of passing game, just running and they pushed Crest to the limit. On NCPREPS 3A, the CREST FOLKS are saying this will be a battle, or some are saying Crest doesn’t match up well against Dudley. But the majority of Crest people know about Dudley History and they are saying Shelby has to play better than they have the last 4 weeks. Shelby scores points, but they give up a ton of points too.

  4. I see all the Greensboro talk but I have to tell you that the 704 and Charlotte teams are Superior.

    Greensboro is out and the 704 and Charlotte area teams are moving on to the Titles.

    There is no other way to tell the story. This is the way it will go.

  5. Mr. Johnson I have a question. If the 704 Teams are so superior then why does the Shelby Star Newspaper has DUDLEY WINNING OVER CREST? Why does the Charlotte Observer Langston Wertz, Carolina Preps Chris Hughes are picking Dudley over Crest? Why does the Head Coach of West Charlotte and Defensive Coach of Charlotte Independence said that the Crest team has to score 42 or more to beat Dudley and be mentally ready to go up against them? Why Mike PEPMAN Morrow of Charlotte Football Insiders said the Crest folks should stop talking and thinking they are faster than Dudley, that they will be shocked how fast, big and physical Dudley will be? So you have Coaches from West Charlotte, Independence and another 704 Coach, along with Media from Charlotte and Shelby picking Dudley……but you talking something else? Make it Make Sense????

  6. It doesn’t matter I hope both teams go all the way and meet at a natural place and news 2 come out and show unity. This is crazy let’s go 336 time for the hate to stop. No need to compare or talk 2 different conferences. Let represent they see unity. I see south side talking for no reason. Dudley and Grimsley has the best teams. They both got to go down 85 south til they meet represent both. No other School can bash and I repeat no other school. Page is on the rise .Smith got awhile The D @ G run the city till then support everyone. Offers are earned not given.

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