Defense, Determination, Discipline, Davis and Dudley getting it done Daddy:Dudley Panthers(14-0) moving on to the 3-A West Championship Game next Friday night at Hickory HS

The Dudley Panthers are now (14-0) on the 2023 season, and they just knocked off the #1 seeded Crest Chargers(13-1), so now Dudley will move on to play for the NCHSSA 3-A West Regional Football Championship next Friday night, at Hickory HS…

Dudley took care of Crest and the Panthers had their share of big plays in the victory over the Chargers….You know I just said Dudley made the big plays and here is what I just saw in the Shelby Star newspaper…

“That’s what happens in these big games; teams make big plays and those big plays got us,” said Crest coach Jim Sosebee. “Hats off to Dudley for making those plays.”

Dudley got determination on defense from DB Sofiyan Oumarou early in the game, when he picked off a Ny’tavious Huskey pass and took it to the house, for the Pick Six…The huge interception by Oumarou covered 55 yards…
(Big Play there.)

On the opening kickoff of the second half, Dudley possession, KR man Kordell Bartley took it the house, weaving throught traffic early, then finding the left sideline and racing to the end zone for six points…The return by Bartley covered 85 yards…
(Big Play there.)
CLICK BELOW for Nile Harris interview with Kordell Bartley, after the game…

In the fourth quarter, with the game all tied up at 27-27, the Dudley Panthers’ QB Andrew Attmore II hit Bartley with a nine-yard TD pass inside a very congested Crest Chargers defense and with PAT Kick, Dudley goes up 34-27, and would go on a big 19-0 run, and Crest would never have a chance to catch up to the Dudley Panthers again….
(Big Play right there, and showing that Dudley discipline and determination to make it happen.)

After that short TD pass from Attmore to Bartley, Attmore hit Panther wideout Nasir Newkirk for a 45-yard touchdown…Dudley had some PAT Kick problems again this evening, but Dudley now led in this game, 40-27…
Big Play, after Big Play for the Dudley Panthers.)

Two TD passes by Drew Attmore in this game, TD runs by LJ Southern and Jayden Brown, the Pick Six by Omarou, the Kickoff Return for the TD by Bartley….
(When Dudley needed the Big Plays from their Offense and their Defense, they got the Big Plays.)
Dudley QB Andrew Attmore II on the Dudley win:“My guys, they talk to me and had my back on the sideline, on the field,” Attmore said. “So I just took what (the Dudley receiving corps) was telling me and what my coaches told me, and the rest was history.”

Dudley DE Sa’Mad Bell stopped Crest cold in the second half on a Charger run for the first down, on 4th and an Inch-and-a-half….Bell rang the bell and totally shut down the Crest running attack on that Chargers first down attempt…
(Big Play by Bell.) This was a game-changing play by Sa’Mad Bell…..

Bell, Oumarou, Jordan Ratliff, Dakota Brown, Kameron Baldwin, DJ Parker, Latrell Wilson, Robert McCollum, Ishmael Mande, Nasir Newkirk, Kordell Bartley…This Dudley Defense is stepping up their game, and being led by their head coach Steven Davis, this disciplined and determined team of Panthers, is getting it done Daddy…..

Dudley at Hickory(14-0) next week, as the Panthers go after the #2 seed in the 3-A West bracket, after setting down the #1 seed, in Crest on this Friday night….

Two TD passes for Dudley QB Attmore on this night, to now give him 51 TDs for the season…On a rare QB keeper, Attmore also scored a touchdown on a 6-yard run….

For Crest, it was a three-touchdown night for their RB Aiden Carson…Carson scored on two TD runs, and caught a pass for another Crest touchdown…Aiden Carson with 180 yards rushing for the Crest Chargers…WR Javarius Green with a very big game, catching eight passes going for 164 yards, plus a Touchdown….

In the end, it was just too much Defense, Determination, Discipline, Davis, and Dudley working for the Panthers….

Overall Scoring Rundown from the Dudley-Crest game….

7:20 First Quarter Sofiayan Oumarou with 55-yard interception return for the Dudley Touchdown…PAT Kick by Andre Cummings is Good…Dudley 7, Crest 0
6:00 First Quarter Crest RB Aiden Carson on 8-yard TD run…PAT Kick was Good from Carson Grier…Dudley 7, Crest 7
0:09 First Quarter Jayden Brown takes the football into the end zone from four yards out, but the Two-point play attempt is No Good…Dudley 13, Crest 7
End of First Quarter:Dudley 13, Crest 7
9:46 Second Quarter Crest QB Ny’tavious Huskey with a 7-yard pass to Carson, PAT Kick is No Good…Dudley 13, Crest 13
5:00 Second Quarter Dudley on a 6-yard TD by QB Attmore…Cummings Kick is Good…Dudley 20, Crest 13
2:31 Second Quarter Crest with a 10-yard TD run by Carson….PAT Kick is No Good…Dudley 20, Crest 19
Halftime:Dudley 20, Crest 19
11:46 Third Quarter and this was the very first play, the Opening Kickoff of the Second Half, Kordell Bartley takes it all the way back for an 85-yard TD return…Cummings PAT Kick is Good…Dudley 27, Crest 19…
7:18 Third Quarter Crest gets a 14-yard TD pass from QB Huskey to Javarius Green…Two-point run by Huskey was good, but it looked like he slipped down before he got into the end zone….Dudley 27, Crest 27
2:26 Third Quarter Dudley’s Attmore to Bartley on a 9-yard TD pass…Cummings PAT Kick is Good…Dudley 34, Crest 27
End of Third Quarter:Dudley 34, Crest 27
10:56 Fourth Quarter Attmore to Dudley’s Nasir Newkirk on 45-yard TD pass play….PAT Kick is No Good…Dudley 40, Crest 27
5:21 Fourth Quarter LJ Southern on a 7-yard TD run for Dudley…PAT Kick is No Good…Dudley 46, Crest 27
2:08 Fourth Quarter Aiden Carson on a 10-yard run for Crest…Carson Grier’s PAT Kick is Good…Dudley 46, Crest 34
Final Score:Dudley 46, Crest 34

Dudley now at (14-0)/Crest finishes their season at (13-1)…Super nice people down there at Crest…We thank them tonight for their fine hospitality, and the brownies, the cookies, the drinks, the sandwiches, the chips, the water….Thanks Much…Super place to visit, and to call/broadcast a ball game…Just super nice people down there, at Crest High School, in Boiling Springs, N.C.

Steak n Shake Offensive Player of the Game:Kordell Bartley, and he played some very good defense too….
Nile Harris interview with Kordell Bartley….

Steak n Shake Defensive Players of the Game:Sofiyan Oumarou and Sa’Mad Bell…May be adding in more accolades on both sides of the ball later on…

Saw the Grimsley Cheerleading Coach over at the Sheetz on Battleground, when a I got back into town around 1:25am, and she said it was a tough go for the Whirlies at Weddington tonight….More on that game here at the site, from Mike Fanning….

Only one team left from the ‘Boro, and from Guilford County, and the Dudley Panthers play on, as they now head up to Hickory next Friday night….Right now at 3:21am and time for me to call it a night, or day….Put in the juice, and now time to refuse…..

More with the Saturday Morning Rewind coming up here, later on today…Congrats to all over the Dudley Panthers for moving on to the 5th Round of the NCHSAA Football Playoffs, and Congrats to the Grimsley Whirlies on a very productive 2023 football season, finishing up at (13-1)…..

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  1. I enjoyed the trip down to Shelby and the HARD FOUGHT VICTORY!!! Passing, Running, Defense in the 4th. On to Hickory NOW!!!

  2. nhfs didn’t play the game last night ?, and I listened to the game by gb sports radio . It was fun to see my family nervous and jumping for joy around my phone on the coffee table ?. ( My Philly fam enjoys our southern accent ?). Whatta Friddy we had. In heehaw fashion to the Dudley Boyz…Sa-lutttte??e

  3. I join in that SALUTE. I also listened to the game and thanks to Greensboro Sports for making it possible. Only place I could find that covered the local team.

    Thanks again.


  4. I did say this earlier in the week and I will eat half of it, unlike other fans I see posting. Example would be GMan. They done man. But your Dudley Panthers live on to play again. They might win, but I do know this for a fact. Charlotte has better parks and cleaner streets than Greensboro. The east side of Greensboro needs an overhaul. Charlotte is and always will be Superior. Better schools, better jobs, better pay, better parks, cleaner streets and no excuses when we lose because we never lose. Charlotte Independence is now the team the rest of you want to be like. We have declared our Independence from sorry cities like Greensboro.

    Here is what I said back on Tuesday or Wednesday and I will eat half of this for my supper tonight.
    NOVEMBER 22, 2023 AT 11:34 AM
    I see all the Greensboro talk but I have to tell you that the 704 and Charlotte teams are Superior.

    Greensboro is out and the 704 and Charlotte area teams are moving on to the Titles.

    There is no other way to tell the story. This is the way it will go.

    Larry Jensen and Independence still in my friends.

  5. What does Grimsley have to do with this article? No mention of Dudleys win in your Grimsley article regarding thier loss.

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