Metro 4-A Conference 2023 Fall Sports All-Conference Selections

Metro 4-A Conference 2023 Fall Sports All-Conference Selections
(Courtesy of the Metro 4-A Conference home office.)

Women’s Tennis
Gianna Blacutt Grimsley
Jordan Britt Grimsley
Reese Terrell Northern Guilford
Lyndsay Lambis Northern Guilford
Gracen Wise Northern Guilford
Angelena Esposito Northwest Guilford
Gina Byon Northwest Guilford
Renny Antony Northwest Guilford
Anjali Tatini Page
Sophie Wilkerson Page
Hattie Sloyan Page
Mary Cox Page
Maddie Herrick Page
Claudia Brewer Ragsdale
Ella Perez Ragsdale
Kennedy Penn Southeast Guilford
Jordan Penn Southeast Guilford
Anuluck Nhouvanisvong Southeast Guilford
Anna McGinnis Southwest Guilford
Caroline Church Southwest Guilford
Nadia Gherghe Western Guilford

Player of the Year: Anjali Tatini ~ Page
Coach of the Year: Robert Hogewood ~ Page


Women’s Cross Country

Drew Mascia Grimsley
Calliope McFadden Grimsley
Mary Cao Grimsley
Sophia Pfister Grimsley
Regan Wilkerson Grimsley
Natalie States Northern Guilford
Peyton Simpson Northern Guilford
Cadey Younkman Northwest Guilford
Cameron Matthews Northwest Guilford
Allie Kinlaw Page
London Coley Page
Teigan Babcock Page
Ivy Bridges Southeast Guilford
Logan Ehrhardt Southeast Guilford
Faith Thomas Southwest Guilford

Runner of the Year: Allie Kinlaw ~ Page
Coach of the Year: Seth Peoples ~ Grimsley

Men’s Cross Country

Jake Adler Grimsley
Nathael Vernet Grimsley
Sam Deakins Grimsley
Declan Oberlies Grimsley
Daniel McArthur Grimsley
Ryan Meyer Grimsley
Will Dimond Grimsley
Matthew Weaver Northern Guilford
Eric Spencer Northern Guilford
Sam Plunkett Northern Guilford
Landon Jones Northern Guilford
Guruvenkata Macha Northwest Guilford
Mitchell Dimond Page
John Howard Ragsdale
Faneal Tsegay Southwest Guilford

Runner of the Year: John Howard ~ Ragsdale
Coach of the Year: Seth Peoples ~ Grimsley




Faizon Brandon Grimsley
Mitchell Summers Grimsley
Alex Taylor Grimsley
Terrell Anderson Grimsley
Graham Buckrham Grimsley
Jamarius Matier Grimsley
Keenan Hatcher Grimsley
Jaden Staton Grimsley
Jahkai Eason Grimsley
Khristian Tyson Grimsley
Christian Barrett Grimsley
Deon McLaughlin Grimsley
Ty’quairus Hayes Grimsley
Sam Bagley Northern Guilford
Jaxon Kemp Northern Guilford
Ezequiel Gonzalez Northern Guilford
Jaxson Moore Northern Guilford
Chance Crews Northern Guilford
Reggie King Northern Guilford
Myron Tetteh Northern Guilford
Tanner Ballou Northwest Guilford
Trenton Cloud Northwest Guilford
Ryan Debow Northwest Guilford
Andrew Dover Northwest Guilford
Austin Jackson Northwest Guilford
Malique Jones Northwest Guilford
Parker McCall Northwest Guilford
Thomas Orrell Northwest Guilford
Corbin Shobe Northwest Guilford
Collyn Shokes Northwest Guilford
Alex Jones Page
Dy’vion Barley Page
Amonti Peguese Page
Maurice Andrews Page
Tate Robertson Page
Jack Kepley Page
Damonta Brown Page
Santigo Garcia Page
Christian Brown Page
Marquis Varner-James Ragsdale
Fabian Diggs Ragsdale
Zarrian Bittle Ragsdale
Patrick Carter Ragsdale
Josh Medlin Ragsdale
Amir Mitchell Ragsdale
Landon McMillan Southeast Guilford
Isaac Pike Southeast Guilford
Micah Martin Southeast Guilford
Corbin Wilson Southwest Guilford
Jaylen Carl Southwest Guilford
Darius Hairston Southwest Guilford
Dawson Clark Southwest Guilford
Cam McCain Southwest Guilford
Rob Lange Southwest Guilford
Anthony Palma Southwest Guilford
Timothy Baker Western Guilford
Justin Dockery Western Guilford
Omarion Williams Western Guilford
Damier Outlaw Western Guilford

Coach of the Year: Darryl Brown ~ Grimsley
Offensive Player of the Year: Mitchell Summers ~ Grimsley
Defensive Player of the Year: Jahkai Eason ~ Grimsley

Men’s Soccer
Lee Bailey Grimsley
Zuberi Iddi Grimsley
Henry Fogleman Grimsley
Sawyer Lester Grimsley
Luke Barnes Grimsley
Xul Rutty Grimsley
Hawk Dillon Grimsley
Pius Guthrie Northern Guilford
Kobe Guardado Northern Guilford
Jesse Barbosa Northern Guilford
Carson Young Northern Guilford
RJ Smith Northern Guilford
Brogan Murphy Northwest Guilford
Kain Harris Northwest Guilford
Carlos Depaz Northwest Guilford
Grady Riordon Northwest Guilford
Andrew LaChiusa Northwest Guilford
Landon Scott Northwest Guilford
Bowen Lasley Page
Carlos Guardado Page
Charlie White Page
Mohamed Seliman Page
Zach Newman Ragsdale
Owen Justice Ragsdale
Hart Adams Ragsdale
Josue Abatca-Ignacio Ragsdale
Miguel Corona Southeast Guilford
Jack Perko Southwest Guilford
Connor Lenyon Southwest Guilford
Grant Prevatt Southwest Guilford
Masabo Rponse Southwest Guilford
Abisai Carmona Western Guilford
Carson Fragomeni Western Guilford

Offensive Player of the Year: Pius Guthrie ~ Northern Guilford
Defensive Player of the Year: Lee Bailey ~ Grimsley
Coach of the Year: Matt Martineau ~ Grimsley


Charlotte Williams Grimsley
Morgan Falk Grimsley
Naomi Locklear Grimsley
Regan Haverstock Grimsley
Macy Bolyard Northern Guilford
Samantha Chavis Northern Guilford
Courtney Burnham Northern Guilford
Elizabeth Vietor Northern Guilford
Eda Doganavsargil Northwest Guilford
Morgan Lowman Northwest Guilford
Emerson Bowles Northwest Guilford
Kassidy Swindell Page
Kalani Daniel Ragsdale
Sarah McArthur Southeast Guilford
Cai Holland Southeast Guilford
Charlotte Bliven Southwest Guilford
Neala Bateson Southwest Guilford
Rachel Cruess Southwest Guilford
Marie Hall Southwest Guilford
Abigail Heide Western Guilford
Reagan Carlyle Western Guilford
Kamiyah Wilson Western Guilford

Offensive Player of the Year: Macy Bolyard ~ Northern Guilford
Defensive Player of the Year: Morgan Falk ~ Grimsley
Coach of the Year: Stacy Way ~ Grimsley

Women’s Golf

Leah Edwards Northwest Guilford
Catherine DeSiena Northwest Guilford
Emery Lewis Northwest Guilford
Brooke Tyler Northwest Guilford
Charlie Gaines Northern Guilford
Kayla Graham Northern Guilford
Ansley Cecil Northern Guilford
Maggie Kirkpatrick Page
Zoe Devanney Ragsdale
Riley Brundage Ragsdale
Maysen Carter Southeast Guilford

Player of the Year: Leah Edwards ~ Northwest Guilford
Coach of the Year: Ron Bare ~ Northwest Guilford

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  1. Grimsley, I hope you now know why Weddington was the #1 Seed over you all. They dominated and broke down the Whirlies, leaving no question who was the Top Dawg!!! Once you had to leave Greensboro and travel, it was a done deal what would happen to you. GAME OVER!!!!

  2. Wake up call don’t hide behind your name Grimsley lost what’s your team ? Grimsley don’t talk about no one else what’s the problem? Congratulations to the 4a champions. We as the 336 better stick together look around. Talk about how Attmore 2 got shamed.

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