High School Basketball for Tonight(2/9/2024) with the Grimsley Whirlies becoming the ‘Ones To Watch’ from the Metro 4-A:Whirlies take Two from Page and Boys Game ends with “Fast Flush Finish”(MORE Scores)/NG girls and SG boys now (21-1)

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from the Mac Morris Gym, on the Page High School campus, on Alma Pinnix Drive:
(Will be writing about the Page-Grimsley games in detail as we finish up posting our scores.)
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Grimsley boys 66, Page 55
End of First Quarter:Page 13, Grimsley 11…Halftime:Grimsley 26, Page 20…Final:Grimsley 66, Page 55
Grimsley scoring:Richard Goods 21 points, Faizon Brandon 18, Nick Keith 16, Kareen Osman 5, Henry Trent 3, Bryce Davis 2…
Page scoring:Jackson Sellars 17 points, Tyren Martin 14, Christopher Stewart 10, Ian Robb 5, Alex Jones 4, Jayden Lee 1…

Grimsley withstood all of the Page challenges on this Friday night at the Mac Morris Gym, and Grimsley got very solid support from Richard Goods and Faizon Brandon, Goods coming in averaging 21.8 ppg and finishing the night right at his average with 21 points for Goods…Brandon averaging 10.4 per contest, and ended the game with 18 big points for the Whirlies…

Goods closed the game with a dunk off a backboard pass, and it was what we called, a “Fast Flush Finish”…Goods threw it down with maximum authority, and it was the exclamation point on this night, and it left no doubt that Grimsley was the better team on this evening….The “Fast Flush Finish”, some kind of way for this game to end…

Like we stated, Goods with authority and Brandon was so smooth…He hit a couple of left corner three’s that made the nets sing…But for all that Goods and Brandon were doing, the ‘difference-maker’ for Grimsley was Nick Keith…

Nick Keith turned this game around in my opinion…He did not start for the Whirlies but once he entered the game, Keith made his presence known many times over…Sixteen points for Keith, and he was going places you didn’t expect to see him go, and Keith was doing things that Goods and Faizon Brandon might not be able to get done…As the game got going, some people from Grimsley were probably saying, “Where’s the Keith???”, but by the end of the game, they knew where he was…Keith was standing over by the Whirlies’ Winner’s Circle of Friends…

Grimsley also got boost minutes out of Bryce Davis, and good(s) to see him back on any kind of court or field playing ball again…With Bryce Davis, Richard Goods, and Faizon Brandon, all in there battling around the rim/basket, Grimsley has some very good rim protectors/bucket watchers for defense and offense…

Again I really loved the way Goods finished the game with the “Fast Flush Finish”, and I really like the way Faizon Brandon is looking, as he settles more and more into his basketball frame of mind…But, I must dare to say, that Nick Keith, stewed the beef for me during this hotly contested Page-Grimsley Rivalry Game…Keith was doing so many of things that Grimsley was needing before Keith gave them some super quick relief, and he was the Difference-Maker on my list on this Friday night…

We knew we would get the goods from Goods, 21.4 ppg/14.2 rbg, coming in, and he usually does not disappoint…We were not surprised when Brandon, got his groove on and he went to work, but Keith, he was the Elmer’s…He pulled this team together(Like Elmer’s Glue) when Page made their runs, and Page had no answer for Keith…

Page had very little reisistance for Goods, but sometimes Goods would help Page out by settling for his pull-up jump shot, and not going hard to the hole…When he gets the ball 2-3 feet from the rack, there is no looking back, when Goods goes to work(It is best to “Look Out”)…Brandon and Goods doing their part to put Grimsley on the Metro Chart, but Keith was doing things that had to happen in order for Grimsley to get over that Speed Hump/Bump on the Mac Morris Gym Floor…

Page went up early in this contest by 8 points, and in the second half, Page made a late run to cut the Whirlies’ lead to just three, but Page had to count so much on Jackson Sellars, and Sellars was like a one-man calling card for the Pirates when Tyren Martin got into foul trouble, and he had to sit down for much of the first half…Martin was starting to give Page some pop in the second half, but he and Sellars needed more help from their fellow Pirates…Christopher Stewart gave Page some boosts, but Page was going to get dead tired in the post trying to box out, and keep Goods off of the boards…

No answer from Page in the post for Goods, all Page could do was hope Goods would go with his fade-away shots and those would take him away from the offensive glass….I don’t see how Page will be able to hang with Grimsley, as long as the Whirlies can show you a lineup that features Goods, Brandon, and Bryce Davis working together in the lane…How can you get to the basket/hole with a group of those three, disrupting your path???? Page has Sellars and Martin, and if one of those two guys gets in foul trouble and tonight it was Martin in the first half, then without Martin or Sellars, against very good teams like Grimsley, Page is going to be playing catchup for the duration, unless the Pirates can find some three-point magic…

Nick Keith brought the magic tonight for the Grimsley Whirlies and he was the perfect compliment to Goods and Brandon…Also good to see former Grimsley Whirlies’ PG and WR Alex Taylor at “The Mac” for this contest…When you say Alex Taylor for Grimsley basketball you are saying sleek and efficient…Very smooth operartor, back when he was running the Grimsley offense, and he had the height necessary to see over the defenses…When you say Alex Taylor football, you are now saying North Carolina Tar Heels football, and his coach is the Mack Brown…Good see Alex and his dad at the game tonight….

Grimsley is now the team for sure to watch for from the Metro 4-A Conference…Going to be lots of jockeying around by the remaining teams trying to lock down that second spot in the conference….

Grimsley girls 42, Page 39
End of First Quarter:Grimsley 11, Page 7…Halftime:Grimsley 22, Page 20…End of Third Quarter:Grimsley 34, Page 25…Final:Grimsley 42, Page 39
Grimsley scoring:Alyssa Graves 16 points, Desitnee Gardner 9, Railyn Lineberry 7, Autumn Clark 6, Jordan Britt 4
Page scoring:Hattie Sloyan 19 points, Assyria Hooper 9, Loal Vanore 4, Zamaria Booker 4, Hailee Cook 3

Great run by the Page girls to get back in this game, after trailing 34-25 at the end of the third quarter…Page down by nine points going into the final frame, but Page made a game out this one…Much of the late Page surge came from Assyria Hooper, who did not start the contest(Coach’s Decision), but when Hooper came on board, Page was able to get on the scoreboard and take a three-point lead in the game, and the Pirates still led by one, before Grimsley made their late run to seal the deal, and get the “W” for the Whirlies…

To me, and I will spell it out, and tell you how I feel about it, that possibly the biggest Grimsley points of the night came from Whirlie post player Destinee Gardner…Gardner hit two huge Free Throws in the last stages of this battle, and she put the Whirlies back on top, after Page had grabbed and held on for a while, with their one-point advantage…Gardner’s foul shots were just a part of her nine-point night, but you have to point again at her two made free throw tosses, as the shots that really helped send Grimsley back home a winner, and allowed the Grimsley girls to sweep Page in the regular season….

On the night I had Gardner 5-6 at the foul line, and if she is going to be money like that on a nightly basis, Grimsley must get her the ball in the paint as often as possible so she will get her looks, and if they don’t go, you want Destinee Gardner going to the charity stripe for you, and get her free throw opportunities…

After the two made FTs by Gardner, Grimsley closed with a layup by Alyssa Graves, and Graves was also money in the bank for Grimsley on this night, as she finished the game, with her team-leading 16 points…Grimsley got some very nice drives, rebounds and steals from Autumn Clark, plus the Whirlies were treated to very good ball-handling out from the concert director, Jordan Britt….Britt, Graves, Clark, Gardner, and the young freshman Railyn Lineberry were key players for Grimsley in the win….Lineberry got the start and responded with 7 big Grimsley points…

Page got way behind early on this night, but the Pirates had closed the gap to 11-7 Grimsley at the end of the first quarter…Grimsley up just 22-20 at the half…Hattie Sloyan kept Page close to Grimsley in the early stages of the matchup, with Sloyan scoring 11 of her 19 points in the first half….Hooper came off the bench and responded with 9 second half points, but Page must get production from others….

Good guard work by the freshman PG Lola Vanore, but she will have to find a way to score more for the Pirates..Zamaria Booker gave Page a boost by scoring four for the Pirates, but Page has to get some points from senior Sutton Sherrill too…Sutton can get it done, she just has to find a way to find her shots, and know when it is time to take them..

Page was close early at times, and they made that late game run, but not enough, as their destiny was doomed, when Destinee Gardner stepped to the foul line and sank those two key late free throws…Gardner was bringing forth a bountiful harvest for her Grimsley Whirlies squad….The Gardner free throws both tied the game at 39-39, and then her second toss put Grimsley us 40-39, and then Graves put Page in the grave for the final time on the night, with her game-sealing layup…

Quite the battle, and it was also the war…Grimsley takes both regular season fights/battles, and the Whirlies also Win the War….Grimsley over Page, 42-39…..

MORE Scores:Many missing scores, and we will keep searching for those for you…Stay Tuned…Will be looking and adding in MORE scores later in this morning…12:51am Update..
Southern Guilford boys 91, Eastern Guilford 57

Northern Guilford girls 73, Western Guilford 59
Northern Guilford boys 69, Western Guilford 29
JV Boys:Northern Guilford 55, Western Guilford 52 2 OT
From inside the Hornets’ at the Bill Hollifield Gymnasium:Exciting back and Forth game, Full of Excitement….NG wins 55-52 down the stretch….

Dudley girls 55, Rockingham County 49
Dudley boys 91, Rockingham County 46

WS Atkins girls 48, Northeast Guilford 36
WS Atkins boys 70, Northeast Guilford 59

Northwest Guilford boys 64, Southeast Guilford 55

Southwest Guilford girls 63, Ragsdale 18
Southwest Guilford boys 68, Ragsdale 58

Greensboro Day School girls 61, High Point Christian 53
High Point Christian Academy boys 53, Greensboro Day School 40

Caldwell Academy boys 76, Westchester Country Day 50

Piedmont Classical School girls 48, Morehead 45
Piedmont Classical School boys 75, Triad Math and Science Academy 40

Bishop McGuinness boys 71, WS Prep 20

McMichael girls 59, Reidsville 14
Reidsville boys 77, McMicael 56

Mount Tabor girls 71, WS Reagan 48
Mount Tabor boys 58, WS Reagan 37

Walkertown boys 84, Morehead 74

North Raleigh Christian boys 72, Shining Light Academy 57

Oak Ridge Military Academy 90, Salem Baptist Christian 32

Crossroads Christian 53, New Garden Friends 38

West Forsyth boys 79, WS Reynolds 55

East Forsyth boys 61, Glenn 48

Davie County boys 59, WS Parkland 45

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  1. Love the write up! Grimsley women are on the upswing! Gardner is a freshman too 🙂 Strong freshman class of lady athletes across the county!

  2. With Gardner, Lineberry, and Blount, all freshmen and I think Szafran is in the frosh class too, the young talent is there for the Grimsley Whirlies…Also with Lola Vanore from Page HS, Leena McField at Northern, Brooke Parker at Ragsdale, Ariana Moses at Dudley, and more, yes the 9th grade class of girls basketball is very strong in Guilford County…

    No disrespect meant toward Page with the flush, that was just a play on words for the final throw-down that Richard Goods unleashed…Fast Flush Finish, and as I was calling this game, those words were coming out of my mouth, as Goods and company were heading up the court in transition and they were approaching the basket…Then came “The Fast FLUSH Finish”….And we said it again.,…

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