Final Scores on KickBack Jack’s Middle School Basketball Today(2/15/2024) with last games of the Regular Season: “Ric Flair Chant” back at Northeast Middle School where both girls and boys Rams Teams are Winners/MORE SCORES

KickBack Jack’s Middle School Basketball Today(2/15/2024)
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Northwest Guilford at Kiser boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Northwest Guilford boys 46, Kiser Middle 33
Northwest Guilford girls 31, Kiser Girls 18

Kernodle at Mendenhall boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Kernodle girls 40, Mendenhall 18
Mendenhall boys over Kernodle…Score TBA

The Academy at Lincoln at Penn-Griffin boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Lincoln boys 49, Penn-Griffin 13
Lincoln girls 42, Penn-Griffin 27
Lincoln(9-3) Conference

Southwest Guilford at Eastern Guilford boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Southwest Guilford 56, Eastern Guilford 3
Eastern Guilford girls 52, Southwest Guilford 33

Allen at Western Guilford boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Allen boys 36, Western Guilford 21
Allen girls 21, Western Guilford 18
Thrilling game at WGMS on 8th grade night. Down to the final minutes. Allen wins 21-18.

Jamestown at Southeast Guilford boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Jamestown boys 43, Southeast Guilford 38

Allen Jay Prep at Welborn boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm

Hairston at Northeast Guilford boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
NEG girls 35, Hairston 34
NEG girls (9-3) in conference play…
End of First Quarter:NEG 7, Hairston 6….Halftime:Hairston 17, NEG 14…Hairston 27, NEG 23…Final:NEG 35, Hairston 34
NEG Scoring:Taliyan Walker 9 points, Samira Lennon 9 points, Price 8, Woody 4, Canty 3, McCoffin 2…
Hairston Scoring:Madison Calvin 19 points, Aliva 6, Riley 5, Zaniya 2, Nyla 2…
Post game interview with Coach Johnson and players CLICK BELOW…Taliyah Walker and Samiria Lennon, in the interview with Coach Johnson….

Northeast Guilford boys 41, Hairston 23
End of First Quarter:NEG 20, Hairston 3…Halftime:NEG 37, Hairston 8…End of Third Quarter:NEG 39, Hairston 16…Final:NEG 41, Hairston 23
NWG Scoring:Shepherd 21 points, Brennan Foster 9, Cauthen 3, Slade 2, Cummings 2, Braxton 2, Diokhane 2…
CLICK BELOW for NEG boys video interview with Coach Bennett, Shepherd, Brennan Foster, Slade, Cooley, and “The Ric Flair Chant” is back at Northeast Middle School, with the (13-0) Rams, Check it Out…When GreensboroSports shows up, it is time to bring Ric Flair into the RAMS’ HOUSE….

Southern Guilford at Swann boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm

Northern Guilford-BYE

Most Recent Records and Standings:
NEG boys (13-0) (12-0) in Conference play
Mendenhall (12-2/10-2)
SW- 10-2….Conference
AJ Prep(9-2)
NW- 10 4/8-4
JAMESTOWN- 8-5/7-5
NG- 7-5
KISER- 3-7 Conference
EG- 2-8
SE- 0-10
WG 0-13

AJ Prep(11-0)
Kernodle 12-1
NW- 12-2/10-2
Lincoln 9-3…Conference
KISER- 4-6 Conference
SE- 5-6
NG- 4-6
SW- 0-12

Some of the Tops:Conference Records
2)AJ Prep(9-2)

3)Jamestown/Northern Guilford(7-5)


2)Northwest Guilford(10-2)

1)AJ Prep(11-0)

2)Northeast Guilford(9-3)

WRESTLING TODAY for 2/15/2024…If you have MORE send them on over….
Final:Southeast Guilford 56, Jamestown 41
Welborn Wrestling at Allen Jay Prep 5pm
Northeast Guilford Wrestling at Hairston 5pm
Swann Wrestling at Southern Guilford 5pm
Western Guilford Wrestling at Allen 5pm
Mendenhall Wrestling at Kernodle 5pm
Kiser Wrestling at Northwest Guilford 5pm

9 thoughts on “Final Scores on KickBack Jack’s Middle School Basketball Today(2/15/2024) with last games of the Regular Season: “Ric Flair Chant” back at Northeast Middle School where both girls and boys Rams Teams are Winners/MORE SCORES

  1. Was thinking Kernodle was unbeaten most of the season, and then the loss came in conference play…Maybe not…

  2. Kernodle was still unbeaten on January 11…

    Kernodle girls remain Unbeaten…

    I will have to go back and look at the season schdule and figure when that loss came….

    Either way, Kernodle will be in the playoffs….Should be there right behind Jamestown and AJ Prep….

  3. Kernodle girls loss was to Northwest Guilford in a non-conference game…Second game of the season, and on December 11….Both Kernodle and NWG used to be in the same conference, but not these days…

  4. Kernodle boys had a rough year
    Used to be big time talent pipeline that nw high tapped into.
    Hennigan, tre turner, Spicer, Ethan Smith, Chris Hampton, Xman Simmons.

  5. They are working on an All-Star Game…Brett Hinson has been working on that for Guilford County……….

  6. My all stars
    Nwg Watkins Harkey
    Kernodle …grimes Simmons Wilkerson
    Cooper cox
    Sophie Montana
    Salem stone kiser
    Mcullen western
    Sides summerield

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