High School Basketball Tonight with Round Three of the NCHSAA Playoffs: Crest boys at Southern Guilford on GreensboroSports Radio(Busy night or slow night, for our Guilford County teams???)

Busy night or slow night for our Guilford County teams??? For the local area, we saw our teams win 9-out-of-10 games last Friday night….We have six Guilford County teams still in the mix, and which way will the mix go tonight??? We have the Grimsley, Southern Guilford, and Smith boys, plus the Northern Guilford, Smith, and High Point Andrews girls….How will it go tonight, in Round Three of the Playoffs??? Here is a look at the the lay of the land/court for tonight’s games….

**********Round Three Playoffs on Tuesday night:*********
4-A Girls: #5 Northern Guilford(28-1) at #4 Myers Park(26-2) 6pm
If NG can hit the road and get the win tonight, the Nighthawks could return home for a Round Four playoff game on Friday night…That’s if #8 Mallard Creek who travels to #1 Watauga, and beats the Pioneers, and there is a very good chance that they will…NG led by senior Jasmine Harris and freshman Leena McField, with a very good point guard on offense and defense, Malena DeLisa, plus great support from Cara Trippett, Olivia Bayer, and Katlyn Newsome…

3-A Girls: #13 Pisgah(22-6) at #5 Smith(26-2) 6pm
Going to be hard to stop the Smith girls at home with Morgan Smith, Azhareyea Drayton-Gill, Shamara Rogers, London Haith, Kalicia Deberry, Amani Williams, Adheahana Woods, Ariana Morales…That’s a quick 8 names right there, and a guard-heavy lineup, but quickness and team speed are a key…Makes the Defense work for Smith…Quick all over, double-teams and pressure are calling-cards here with this program…

2-A Girls: #8 High Point Andrews(23-4) at #1 North Wilkes(23-5) 6pm
Andrews has played well all season long, but haven’t faced any teams as tough as North Wilkes, and probably not yet seeing the likes of NW, in 2023-2024…For Andrews, Sanai’ Johnson goes for 18ppg, Janiya Milligan 14ppg, and Nijayah Townes at 10 ppg, lead the Lady Red Raiders…Three of the North Wilkes Vikings losses were to 4-A teams(Watuaga and Alexander Central)….No stats available on North Wilkes, but got the inside feeling, that the home team has the edge tonight…

1-A Girls: #7 North Rowan(25-3) at #2 Bishop McGuinness(24-4) 7:30pm
Adelaide Jernigan going for 19.1 ppg for Bishop, Kiersten Varner at 8.9 ppg, Emma Wagoner at 8.7 ppg, Claire Sullivan at 6.6 ppg, and Jenna Moore at 5.6 ppg…No stats available for the North Rowan Cavaliers….Bishop does not get a ton of rebounds, because they don’t miss many shots, and they are very efficient as an offensive and defensive unit…
The look-in seems to lean toward NG, Smith, and Bishop McGuinness all winning tonight…Just a hunch….

4-A Boys: #7 Grimsley(23-5) at #2 Lake Norman(26-2) 7:30pm
Grimsley is strong in that post with Richard Goods looking to off the charts every time now, night-in, night-out…Scoring, Rebounding, Blocked Shots, Defensive Intimidation, Goods is guilty as charged for all of the above…He does them all, and does them very well…As we have said and noted before, there are nights when Goods might be preoccupied and he might be covered up on the front side, the back side and in-between, but that’s when Nick Keith, and Faizon Brandon have bee able to pick up the pace…Those two can go for 35 combined and if Goods gets a good 20, then Grimsley has its offensive quiver in tow…

3-A Boys: #5 Crest(20-4) at #4 Southern Guilford(28-1) 7pm
Crest at Southern Guilford on GreensboroSports Radio…Pregame around 6:45 and the tipoff is set for 7pm, from Southern Guilford HS, and coming to you, on GreensboroSports Radio…..Nile Harris to join us and game brought to us by the Pavilion Restaurant Restaurant on Vandalia Road…Great food for you at the Pavilion Restaurant Restaurant, and high school playoff basketball for you on GreensboroSports Radio….The J3 SG has been going strong for all of 2023 and now with MORE in 2024…Ferere, Dawkins, and Love, and the SG Storm fans are loving this (28-1) run…Trying to keep it going and let the love be flowing, as the Storm meet Crest again in the Third Round this season…Crest shut down the Storm’s season last year, and this year Southern needs to get off to a super start, and that can pave the way for the road to Victory Road…Balanced scoring for Crest with AJ Adams at 16ppg, King Rhodes at 15.7 ppg, and D’various Surratt at 13ppg…For SG, Jamias Ferere, Jy Dawkins, and Jucarie Love all at around 18, 17, and 16 ppg….

#14 Smith(24-5) at #6 East Henderson(24-5) 6pm
The eye-catcher for the East Henderson Eagles is Caiden Brewer who is averaging 25 ppg, 7.8 rebounds per game, 4.6 assists per game, is shooting 52% from the field, and 3.4 steals per game…Brewer has scored 701 points, and the next closest man for East Henderson is Wyatt Taylor at 8.7 ppg, and Taylor has scored 253 points for the year, as opposed to Brewer’s team-leading 701 points…
For Smith I say, one man can’t beat you, and go get the rest of the Eagles(East Henderson Eagles)…Smith Golden Eagles with more than enough fire-power with three-point shooting star Gage Lattimore, Super-Slashers Kenny Miller Jr., and Jaylon Bumpass, with Tayshawn Mann, Micah Cowan, Kendrick Johnson, Gavin Palmore, and Justin Leak, all right there waiting on and in the wings…A very srtong eight-man rotation for the Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles, and just can’t let that one man, Caiden Brewer take them out…Smith has the goods too, and they know how to use them…

2-A Boys: #8 Shelby(18-9) at #1 Reidsville(25-0) 7pm
Dionte Neal, Kendre Harrison, Al Lee, Johnnyiuos Sharpe, and if you need any more help Reidsville has it…I can’t see the Reidsville Rams falling here…They are just too tough, and at home, this should be a LOCK….

1-A Boys: #11 Murphy(18-9) at #3 Bishop McGuinness(26-3) 6pm
Bishop with Patrick Graves, Nicholas Graves, John Campbell, Cal Barrett, and so many more Villains just waiting to hear their number called…With Murphy at (18-9) I don’t Bishop dropping this game unless the Bishop wheels totally come off the wagon…
Boys on the look-in, see all four teams winning, unless the upset stomach bug is floating around school today….

4 thoughts on “High School Basketball Tonight with Round Three of the NCHSAA Playoffs: Crest boys at Southern Guilford on GreensboroSports Radio(Busy night or slow night, for our Guilford County teams???)

  1. Picking all of our teams to win Tonight, but there may be some trouble on the road for Grimsley.

    Heard the GFan lost his Rabbits Foot and that somebody stole his Horseshoe.

  2. Sticking with Southern Guilford boys and Northern Guilford girls to last the longest. Both are at 28-1. That is my reason. Best teams are the ones with the best records and they should go far. Guilford County teams we are talking about right?

    Reidsville is a State Champion Team. Both Bishop teams have a chance to be there.

    Several teams are in danger of going down tonight.

  3. Finally some competition. Tired of whipping those Metro teams week after week. Go Whirlies!!!

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