High School Baseball Tonight Scoreboard for 3/12/2024 with a Look at the Local Top Ten/Also a Look at the Wednesday games

On Wednesday night, the Glenn Bobcats roared past the Dudley Panthers, 17-0…Glenn over Dudley….
Also we have:Page 16, Southern Guilford 1Northeast Guilford 8, Bethany Community School 3Morhead 18, Rockingham County 4…Morehead Panthers keeping the gas pedal to the floorboard…Cornerstone Charter School 21, River Mill Academy 3..Cornerstone 16, River Mill 0McMichael 10, South Stokes 0

WS Atkins 10, Dudley 2

Eastern Guilford 20, High Point Central 0
Remember back when Coach Morgan was coaching at Central??? Pretty competitive back then…I see a second score of EG 18, HP Central 0, and I hope they didn’t play a 38-0 doubleheader slice today…

Northwest Guilford 13, Grimsley 3
NWG(6-0), but I thought NWG lost to East Forsyth, but MaxPreps said NWG over EF, 2-1…What was the GFan telling us, or selling us, last week???

Southeast Guilford 8, Northern Guilford 6
This looks like it might have ben the Game of the Day right here…SEG is back after some L work last week???

Ragsdale 6, Page 0
Ragsdale will nearly always be in the thick of the Metro 4-A hunt…The Tigers hardly ever finish worse than 3rd in any conference that they have been in…Donnie Manness leading the RHS Tigers…

Southwest Guilford 24, Western Guilford 2…5 Innings
SWG with Reid Holmes leading the Cowboys will also always be near the top of the Metro 4-A standings….

Northeast Guilford 14, Southern Guilford 7
One of the Edwards brothers is coaching Southern Guilford now, and Coach Chris Suggs is leading the NEG Rams…

Walkertown 25, High Point Andrews 1
Could have been Coach William Hardin vs. Randy Norris Sr., if Coach Norris was still at Andrews…

Greensboro Day School 18, Caldwell Academy 0
Is GDS that good, or is Caldwell out of gas???

Burlington Christian Academy 12, Vandalia Christian School 0

Bishop McGuinness 6, Bethany Community School 4

East Forsyth 8, Glenn 7
Two of the better teams most years in the Central Piedmont 4-A Conference…

Morehead 15, Reidsville 2
Morehead has received a very high ranking locally to start this season…Not sure where that came from, but I think Landon Kimrey, the former head baseball man at Northern Guilford, is now in the front office at Morehead High School…Morehead Panthers are loaded in baseball and they also have Jason Tuggle in the front office up there in Eden…Jason former Greensboro College women’s hoops coach, and he also did a great job with the Western Guilford girls basketball team back in the day…Cousin of now deceased Randy Tuggle, who was a legend on the court and on the diamond, back in his day…Ronald Frazier, the Dean brothers, Coach Tom Barger I think it was for football in the old days, and one of the best-ever coaches on any court, he coached at Morehead…”The MAN”, John Harder…Super Respect goes out always to that man there…..And we also remember his son, Matt Harder, also a basketball man for LIFE…

WS Reagan 6, Mount Tabor 0
Reagan is right at the top of the local rankings right now, holding the #2 spot behind Wesleyan Christian Academy, with the WES Trojans sitting in the the top spot in the MaxPreps.com rankings…

Here is how the current MaxPreps.com Top Ten stacks up….
1 Wesleyan Christian Academy (High Point) 4-1
2 Reagan (Pfafftown) 6-0
3 Southwest Guilford (High Point) 5-0
4 Williams (Burlington) 3-0
5 Morehead (Eden) 3-0
6 Northwest Guilford (Greensboro) 5-0
7 Rockingham County (Wentworth) 4-0
8 East Forsyth (Kernersville) 4-1
9 Northern Guilford (Greensboro) 3-1
10 Reidsville 4-1