Angela Polk-Jones/Angie Polk(Grimsley HS/UNCG) named New Athletics Director for the Guilford County Schools

Former Grimsley girls basketball standout, former UNCG women’s basketball standout, sister of George Polk and Rashawn Polk, and she had her uniform number retired at UNCG, and she is in the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame….Angie Polk, and she could smoke it on the hoops court, and that is Polk and that is no joke, she will now hold court, as the New Athletics Director for the Guilford County Schools…

from the UNCG Spartans athletics offices and info coming in from Bryant Roche, at….

GREENSBORO — Angela Polk-Jones, a former UNCG women’s basketball standout and Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame member, has been named the district’s new athletics director.

Polk-Jones replaces Leigh Jones, the athletics director from June 2022 to October 2023 and the first female to hold the position. Former Guilford County Schools athletics director Leigh Hebbard has been the interim athletics director.

The move was a part of several new hires announced by Superintendent Whitney Oakley in a Guilford County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday.

Polk-Jones said Tuesday that “athletics has changed since I was involved in it. That is the reality, especially from the high school level and the college level. However, I do know sports. I am a sports fan … so it is still in my blood.

“I don’t have any particular plans at this moment other than to observe and to listen, almost like a listening tour if you will and find out what the issues are.”

2 thoughts on “Angela Polk-Jones/Angie Polk(Grimsley HS/UNCG) named New Athletics Director for the Guilford County Schools

  1. If you’re not allowed to enforce the rules it doesn’t matter who the county AD is.

  2. They also need to know the rules and stick to the rules, and enforce the rules without exceptions…

    It would be a sight to see all students attending the schools in the districts that they live in…That is for sure pretty much gone, but when you open those doors of opportunity, there will continue to be more doors coming off the hinges, with players leaving their host schools, and going where they would rather want to go and where they really want to be…

    Once they were given the chance to go where they want to, Pandora’s Box was wide open…Kids leave their host schools for their schools of choice and it is not about academics, it has always been about Athletics…Not much we can do to change it now, because the horse is already waaaaay out of the barn…

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