We need your Attention for this “Important Announcement”: Big Local High School Baseball Week coming up with games on Monday, and then on Tuesday, it really gets going!!!(A week of Metro Madness)

Our current time is now listed at 3:02 pm as we begin to crank out this new and important info…As we type for today, Vandalia Christian School(4-4) at Union Grove Christian(6-2) is already underway…First pitch was due in at 3pm and I wonder what time the Vandalia Vikings had to leave school early to travel to Lexington, N.C., to meet up with Union Grove Patriots…

Here is the current Top Ten Rankings for the Greensboro-area teams, and we have ONE Greensboro-based team in there, and that would be the Greensboro Day School Bengals, who hold down the #10 spot, at (13-4-1). Also from Guilford County, we see the Wesleyan Christian Academy Trojans, and they are #2 in the rankings, with a record of (13-5)…At #1, are the Morehead Panthers, who are the only remaining Unbeaten team in the area, with the Panthers sporting a perfect (18-0) mark…
Here is how they line up, with the MaxPreps Top Ten Standings this week…..
1 Morehead (Eden) 18-0
2 Wesleyan Christian Academy (High Point) 13-5
3 Reagan (Pfafftown) 16-3
4 Forbush (East Bend) 18-2
5 Randleman 17-3
6 Mount Airy 16-1
7 North Stanly (New London) 20-3
8 North Davidson (Lexington) 13-5
9 Ledford (Thomasville) 14-4
10 Greensboro Day School (Greensboro) 13-4-1

Before we forget what we were talking about, and leave our main note of importance for today, here are two MORE very LARGE games for Monday, April, 22, 2024…
*****Rockingham County(15-4) at those #1 ranked Morehead Panthers(18-0) 7pm…*****Plus we see, #2 Wesleyan Christian Academy(13-5) at #5 Randleman(17-3) 7pm…WES at Randleman makes me think back to days of the past, when they used to face each other in the Southeast Guilford/Greensboro Grasshoppers Spring Break/Easter Baseball Tournaments…*****
(These two above games are BIG Ones for today….

Now when we hit the Tuesday slate, things will begin to get even more interesting….We have this Metro 4-A series going on this week, between Northwest Guilford(12-7/8-4) and Southwest Guilford(13-7/8-4)….
These two clubs are about as even as you can get right now, and we see Game One of this week’s Two-Game Series, shows Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford, and then on Friday, they will flip it, and it will be SWG at NWG…Keep in mind, both teams are locked down at (8-4) in the Metro 4-A Conference, and this is the last week of the high school baseball regular season here locally…NWG and SWG are both two games back of First Place Metro 4-A Conference foe Ragsdale, with the Tigers sitting at (10-2) in the Metro…Going to be a scoreboard watching week, in the Metro 4-A…Ragsdale is at (14-4) overall, to go along with the Tigers conference mark of (10-2), and if the Tigers win at least one game vs. the WG Hornets, they will wrap up the Metro 4-A Conference Regular Season Title….Ragsdale at WG on Tuesday(6pm), and then the WG Hornets go over to face Ragsdale, in Jamestown on Friday….

Here’s a look at the Metro 4-A Conference Standings as we hit this final week of the Regular Season….
(With the exception of Page and Western Guilford, down near the bottom, the Metro has some very tight standings right now. Ragsdale, all alone at the top, then NWG, SWG, SEG, Grimsley, and Northern Guilford, all still looking to claim their stake of the final week rewards.)

School Name	       *W-L(Conference)	W-L(Overall)	
Ragsdale	        10-2		14-4	
Northwest Guilford	8-4	        12-7	
Southwest Guilford	8-4		13-7	
Southeast Guilford	7-5		9-12	
Grimsley	        6-6		11-9	
Northern Guilford	6-6		9-10	
Page	                3-9		10-11	
Western Guilford	0-12		2-18

Just to keep in mind, and to make things MORE interesting, we see Grimsley(6-6) Metro, at Northern Guilford(6-6) on Tuesday at 7pm….To round the bases and head home for Tuesday in that tight Metro 4-A Conference, we have the Page Pirates(3-9) at the Southeast Guilford Falcons(7-5) at 7pm, and this will be a huge game for the SEG Falcons…They can jump up in the standings with a win….

We have Metro Madness for this week so do stay tuned, as we track the last week of the Regular Season closely, at GreensboroSports.com…

Here is how the Mid-State 3-A Conference rolls, with Eastern Guilford, Northeast Guilford, and Dudley all still seeking solace and seasoning for the postseason playoffs…The Rockingham County Cougars and the WS Atkins Camels, still in close quarters, at the top of the league standings…

School Name	       *W-L(Conference)	W-L(Overall)
Rockingham County	11-1		15-4	
Atkins	                10-2		13-6	
Eastern Guilford	8-4		9-9	
Northeast Guilford	7-5		11-10	
Dudley	                6-6		6-9	
Southern Guilford	4-8		7-12	
Ben L. Smith	        1-11	        1-12	
High Point Central	1-11		2-14

And to make things a little More balanced, let’s leave you with Morehead and their Mid-State 2-A challengers…..

School Name	*W-L		W-L	
Morehead	10-0	        18-0	
McMichael	8-2	 	13-8	 
West Stokes	7-2	 	13-5	 
Walkertown	4-7	 	9-9	 
Reidsville	3-6	 	8-10	 
T.W. Andrews	2-7	        5-7	 
North Forsyth	0-10	 	0-12

++++++++++The full slate of Tuesday games coming up just past Midnight for you tonight……++++++++++