“Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier” and the today the Old Greensboro News and Record Building begins to “Tumble Down”: DH Griffin demolition is now on-going

Saw it today with my own two eyes, and the ayes have it….The old Greensboro News and Record building is coming down…Down on East Market Street, here in Greensboro, the DH Griffin demolition team went to work today….And we did not see Axe and Smash from the former WWF team of Demolition, but the DH Griffin heavy equimpment was beginning to bring the old N&R building to the ground…

First shots we took were from across the street on the sidewalk just away from the Battleground Automotive building…
CLICK BELOW and check out the video show, as the old N&R building comes tumbling down…

Next up, or down if we go by the way the building was moving, we have the closeup shots we took, when we crossed over East Market Street, and got up to the chain link fence…CLICK BELOW for more of our video show, as a true Gate City landmark comes crashing down, on 4/22/2022…..

And before I post that video clip let me give you some real interesting insight….Today, was at the site here on Monday morning April 22, 2024…I was also at this same very site on a Sunday morning, back in 1971 when the old King Cotton Hotel was demolished by one single flip of a switch, and by the method of Impolsion, the King Cotton Hotel came tumbling back in 1971…Was there to see it on that day, and there to see the beginning of the N&R Demolition this morning, and not too many people can give that kind of exclusive info brother….
(The King Cotton Hotel was built back in 1926, and it came down in 1971.)

But here it tis, for Mr. Tisdale and his family, and for you and your crew too….
CLICK BELOW and there she blows/goes, right there on the video….

Here is another piece of video, so we can tie in together the News and Record building coming down, and in a similar way, George Foreman took down heavyweight champion Joe Frazier…Howard Cosell is on the call…Great boxing call….

I think we would be leaving somthing out, if we did not hit the roll call for some of the outstanding sports writers that worked at that old News and Record building back in the day(s)…
Roll Call and if we leave anybody out you can think of, shoot us their name(s)…
Irwin Smallwood
Smith Barrier
Lenox Rawlings
Bill Hass
Ed Hardin
Larry Keech,
Gary McCann
Meyer Anthony
Charlie Atkinson
Joe Sirera
Jeff Mills
Jeff Carlton
Eddie Wooten
Bill Gupton
Dustin Long
Craig T. Greenlee
Tom Einstein
Kate Hairopoulos
Helen Ross
Terry Pluto
Tony Barnhardt
Tony Jeffires
David Lamm
Bodie McDowell
Buck Paysour
********Did all these names by memory, but did look up Kate’s last name, for spelling purposes….**********
(Not sure how I remembered all these names, but I did read the Greensboro Daily News and the Greensboro Record, a regular basis when I was growing up here, in this area.)

You got others you can send me???? Let’s add them to the Honor Roll List…Funny how I can only remember two female sports writers being there at the paper over the years…Kate Hairopoulos and Helen Ross….Maybe there were MORE??????

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  1. Just thought of at least one name we should add, as I walked from my home to the library, where I now carry on my postings…..

    Add the name Tom Northington…Long-time high school writer for the News and Record….

    Plus as I print Tom’s name, I remember Moses Crutchfield who worked in the sports department at the N&R, plus photographers like Joseph Rodriguez, Scott and Scott’s last name escapes me now…And was there a sports photographer named Jim Womack back in the earlier days of the old N&R….Made sure because of the need for filling in the blanks that I got Scott’s name checked out and it was H. Scott Hoffman…There are a few others and they will come to us later on….

  2. One more name that needs to be added in would be Jerry Woolford, who took many a sports photo during his years with the N&R…

  3. I hope some people are checking this post out…For me, I think it is a pretty good one, and I usually don’t weigh in on my own stuff, but I like the look back stuff here…

    And let me add this in also…

    Another name that came to me about two minutes ago, was Jay Reddick…They didn’t give Jay a ton of copy space, but he did loads of work behind the scenes at the old News and Record building there on East Market Street, and then he left us for the Oralando Sentinel…I believe Jay is back in the area and now living and writing down in Raleigh/The Triangle…

  4. Still another name to add to the News and Record sports writers list would be Robert Bell…Robert did work in the Preps area and he covered the Stan Kowalewski case very closely as we did here, back in that time around 2008-2009…

  5. Guessing the troubles in the Coach K era popped up back around 2009, and my insight is backed up by this post from Sam Hieb with the Carolina Journal:

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

    The Guilford County Board of Education is attempting to crack down on athletics violations in the wake of a scandal involving one of its high schools.

    Allegations of improper recruiting surfaced at Northern Guilford High School in April, just after Northern won the state 3-A boys’ basketball title. Principal Joe Yeager and Athletics Director Derrell Force resigned soon thereafter, and the board fired head custodian Louis Lawson, whose son Jacob was a focus of the recruiting allegations.

    Though no official reason was given for Louis Lawson’s dismissal, local media reported allegations that he was given the custodian’s job so that Jacob could play basketball for Northern Guilford.

    GCS’ investigation didn’t explicitly address recruiting, but it did reveal that 12 athletes were ineligible in a variety of sports, including varsity basketball. GCS turned its findings over to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, which stripped Northern of its basketball title, while other sports teams were forced to forfeit games in which ineligible players were used. And though GCS officially found no wrongdoing on the part of basketball coach Stan Kowalewski, his contract was not renewed for the upcoming school year.

    As a result, the school system is attempting to put in place rules designed to discourage athletes from gaming the system. At a recent meeting, board member Nancy Routh shared the first reading of a policy the board is expected to approve at a later meeting.

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