Could the Pittsburgh Steelers look to use QB Justin Fields as a Kickoff Return man???

Steelers RB discusses wild potential role for Justin Fields
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The Pittsburgh Steelers traded for Justin Fields this offseason with hopes that the 25-year-old can eventually be the team’s next franchise quarterback. For now, he’s expected to open the 2024 season as Russell Wilson’s backup.

Steelers running back Jaylen Warren said during a recent appearance on teammate Cameron Heyward’s podcast “Not Just Football with Cam Heyward” that special teams coordinator Danny Smith is possibly eyeing a different, unexpected role for Fields.

Warren was asked if he’d like to return kickoffs and the undrafted back answered that he would.

“I would, I think it’s pretty cool — as soon as you touch the ball that’s when everything starts to happen,” Warren said. “Our special teams coordinator was talking about Justin Fields being back there. We looked at him like, Justin Fields will be back there? I think it’s cool.”

Pittsburgh signed four-time Pro Bowler and kickoff return extraordinaire Cordarrelle Patterson in late March, the same day that the NFL adopted the new kickoff rule. While Patterson is set to be the primary kickoff man, the new rule will see teams line up two returners deep.

For whatever inconsistencies Fields had throwing the ball during his three seasons with the Chicago Bears to open his career, he also proved to be one of the most dangerous open-field runners in the league.
The former 11th overall pick has collected 2,220 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns via 356 rushing attempts, so he’s obviously got speed to burn.

With Fields being just one injury away from being the starter under center however, a transition to special teams makes little sense.

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  1. The Redskins had Joe Theismann returning punta when he came down from Canada and was backing up Billy Kilmer.

  2. Yes that is a fact on #7 Joe Theismann, and the Carolina Panthers also had WR Steve Smith returning punts when he first came to the Panthers out of college from Utah….

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