Greensboro Grasshoppers Sunday Afternoon Baseball Report brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Insurance Commissioner: Hoppers take 13-4 lead to the 8th, and then hang on to win, 13-10(HRs from Escotto, Ross, and McAdoo and MAC with 5 RBI)

Greensboro Grasshoppers Sunday Afternoon Baseball Report
brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Insurance Commissioner…..

Final Score from Sunday afternoon at Bowling Green, Kentucky:
Greensboro Grasshoppers 13, Bowling Green Hot Rods 10
WP:Elijah Birdsong(1-0)
LP:Yoniel Curet(1-4)
SV:Luis Peralta(1)

Hoppers' Line- 13-13-2
Hot Rods' Line-10-14-2

Greensboro Grasshoppers(18-14)
Bowling Green Hot Rods(17-16)

Hoppers win on Sunday, after leading 13-4 over the Rods, going to the 8th Inning, the Hoppers hang on and win, 13-10…Bowling Green wins the series, 4-2…First series loss of the season for the Greensboro Grasshoppers…

Hot Hopper Hitters were:Charles McAdoo 3-5/HR/Double/5 RBI…Maikol Escotto 2-5/HR/2 Runs/3 RBI…Shawn Ross 1-5/HR…Jack Brannigan 3-5/HBP/Run…Termarr Johnson 1-3/2 BBs/HBP/2 Runs…Lonnie White Jr. 0-4/BB/HBP/2 Runs…Mitch Jebb 1-3/2 BBs/2 Runs/2 RBI/SB…P.J. Hilson 1-4/BB/2 Runs…Three Hoppers, Brannigan, Johnson, and White Jr. were Hit by a Hot Rods’ pitch…The teams combined to commit 4 Errors in the game…The Grasshoppers struck out 11 times and drew 6 BBs…
(Funny, and in some ways weird, and you don’t see if happening that often, but the linescore on the game, actually changed after the game was complete and the score had benn sent to…Several errors were removed, and each team, the Hoppers and the Hot Rods saw their hits totals increase by one…So we made the adjustments, and as they say at the front office, “it is all about change”.)

Top Hot Rod hitter was Colton Ledbetter, who went 3-5/2 Runs…HRs for Bowling Green from Isaac, Taylor, and James…

Greensboro Grasshopper pitchers were kept busy all day, with reliever Julian Bosnic giving up 6 runs, on 6 hits, and all 6 runs were earned…Starter pitcher Patrick Reilly gave up 2 runs on 3 hits, as did winning pitcher, Elijah Birdsong, with the 2 runs/3 hits…

Bowling Green losing pitcher Yoniel Curet, was hit for 9 runs, on 9 hits, with all 9 runs earned, and he served up one Home Run…Reliever Jonny Cuevas gave up 4 runs, on 5 hits, and he served up 2 Hopper Homers, and Cuevas only lasted an Inning and a-third…

Good to get that win for the Hoppers on Sunday, and they leave out of Bowling Green with two straight victories…On the road later on this week, headed to Hickory to face the Crawdads on Tuesday…

Game Particulars:
Time of Game-2:56
Game Time Temp-75 Degrees

Up Next:Greensboro Grasshoppers(18-14) at Hickory on Tuesday at 6pm…

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