Top AEW star admits he could have left for WWE before signing new contract

Top AEW star admits he could have left for WWE before signing new contract
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MJF is back in AEW.

He hadn’t been seen since dropping his world championship at Worlds End as he has been recovering from multiple injuries. Shortly after leaving AEW television, questions began to surface regarding his contract status. MJF spent the majority of 2023 hyping up the ‘bidding war of 2024’ in reference to his impending free agency.

It has now been revealed that MJF has re-signed with AEW and is one of the company’s top earners. During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, he admitted that there was a chance he could have jumped ship to join WWE.

“Of course there was. Am I going to get into the weeds? No. At this point in time, this move (staying with AEW) made the most sense for me,” MJF said. “I’m making a ton of f—— money. As far as when the contract ends, that’s nobody’s business but my own”.

MJF is arguably the biggest star in AEW. Not only is he exceptional between the ropes, but he’s also a natural on the microphone. He understands how to get the crowd with him or against him. His promo segments are often heated and clearly lay the path to multiple potential storylines.

By retaining MJF for the foreseeable future, Tony Khan has ensured that AEW has arguably the strongest roster in professional wrestling. Alongside MJF, AEW boasts Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, Jon Moxley, Brian Danielson, Adam Copeland and Mercedes Mone, among countless others.

Khan’s company also has the opportunity to vastly improve its storytelling in the coming months. MJF can lead by example and help lead AEW into a new era, which is why keeping him with the company was so important. Professional wrestling is about more than in-ring production. MJF understands that, and now his presence will help AEW find a happy medium between their vision for professional wrestling and what draws in a more casual crowd of fans.

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