Greensboro Grasshoppers Friday Night Baseball Report brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner: Hoppers heating up with another HR for Cimillo(#10)/McAdoo now batting .345 with 49 RBI/Hudson Head with 2 Doubles and Triple on Friday with GSO winning, 14-5 over WS Dash(Hoppers with 8 runs in the 9th)

Greensboro Grasshoppers Friday Night Baseball Report
brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner…..

Final from Friday night over in Winston-Salem, at Truist Stadium:
Greensboro Grasshoppers 14, Winston-Salem Dash 5
WP:Scott Randall(1-0)
LP:Zach FrankliN(3-3)

Hoppers' Line-14-13-0
Dash' Line-    5-10-0

Greensboro Grasshoppers(35-25)
Winston-Salem Dash(28-33)

After this Friday night victory, the Greensboro Grasshoppers are now winners of their last four games…Hoppers at (6-4) over their last 10 games…Hoppers won two straight vs. Jersey Shore last week, then lost four in a-row to the BlueClaws, and now Greensboro has won 4 straight games this week, over at Winston-Salem, vs. the WS Dash…The Jersey Shore BlueClaws(34-26), at the Wilmington Blue Rocks, were postponed on Friday night, and they will play two games, with a Dobleheader on Saturday/Today…

The Greensboro Grasshoppers(35-25) now with a One Game lead over the Jersey Shore BlueClaws(34-26) going into the Saturday South Atlantic League Games…Hoppers up One Game, in the SALLY North, with the Hoppers now having FIVE games left to play in the First Half…Go get it Greensboro Grasshoppers…

Back to the game from Friday night, and like our man was saying up top, the Hoppers are still heating up, as they get Home Run #10 of the season from Nick Cimillo on Friday night, plus Charles McAdoo comes up with two more hits, and MAC is now batting .345 for the 2024 season…

Charles McAdoo overall was 2-5 Friday, with a BB and 2 runs scored, while MAC came up with 3 more RBI for the Grasshoppers, to now give him 49 RBI for the year…WOW, this Charles McAdoo, is really busting through…

And Hudson Head continued to show why he needs to be getting a shot with Double A Altoona, after Head’s Friday night line of 3-5, with his three hits going for a Triple and two Doubles, plus he scored 2 runs, and Head drove in 3 runs…And Head also drew a Walk, for good measure…

To recap Cimillo and his home run effort going back to Nick, he was 3-5/HR/2 BBs/3 Runs/2 RBI…And one more Cimillo C-note, he is batting .318…Crazy is, as Crazy does, Cimillo is doing all of his damage, in just 30 games played…That’s 10 HRs/31 RBI, and the .318 batting average, in just 30 games…

Let’s see, the Hoppers had 14 runs, on 13 hits, with Cimillo, Head, and McAdoo accounting for 8 of the 13 hits, and half(7) of the 14 runs scored…Not too shabby…Other Hoppers getting in on the Hit Parade on Friday night:Termarr Johnson was 2-5/BB/2 Runs…Lonnie White Jr. 1-4/Double/2 Runs/RBI…Shawn Ross 0-3/2 BBs/Run/RBI…P.J. Hilson 1-4/2 BBs/Run/2 RBI…Maikol Escotto 0-5/RBI…Kalae Harrison 1-3/2 BBs/Run/RBI…

For all intents and purposes, this game was decided in the Top of the Ninth Inning, for the Greensboro Grasshoppers…The Hoppers took, a 6-5 lead to the top of the Ninth, where the Grasshoppers proceeded and succeeded to score 8 runs, to put this contest away….After 8 1/2 innings, your score was now, Greensboro 14, WS Dash 5…Only a one-run edge, going into the last frame, and then the Greensboro Grasshoppers took over the game, and “They Took it to the House”…
**********This game was all tied up at 5-5, at the end of 7 Innings…6-5 Hoppers up, after eight innings…Then he comes that Top of the Ninth Inning, where the Hoppers moved on Top for their finish, at 14-5…Again, Eight Grasshopper runs in the top of that ninth frame, and here is how it looked in the game…***********

Top 9th
Charles McAdoo singles on a ground ball to center fielder Samuel Zavala. Hudson Head scores. Kalae Harrison scores. Termarr Johnson scores.
GBO 9,WS 5

Shawn Ross hit by pitch. Charles McAdoo scores. Nick Cimillo to 3rd. Lonnie White Jr. to 2nd.
GBO 10,WS 5

P.J. Hilson walks. Nick Cimillo scores. Lonnie White Jr. to 3rd. Shawn Ross to 2nd.
GBO 11,WS 5

Hudson Head doubles (6) on a line drive to right fielder DJ Gladney. Lonnie White Jr. scores. Shawn Ross scores. P.J. Hilson scores.
GBO 14,WS 5
(The Hoppers drew 11 BBs in this game, and struck out 11 times…That’s a lot of walks.)

Winning Hopper pitcher, Scott Randall, worked 3 innings in relief, allowing 2 runs, on 3 hits, with 1 BB/1 K…Hoppers starter Dominic Perachi went 4 Innings, with 3 runs, on 5 hits, 2 BB/6 Ks…

Dash losing pitcher Zach Franklin goes 3 innings, giving up 4 runs, on 2 hits, with 2 BBs/5 Ks, and he surrendered the Nick Cimillo home run…

Top Dash hitter was Loidel Chapelli who went 3-4…The Dash got Doubles from Calvin Harris 1-3/Double/3 RBI, and from DJ Gladney who was 1-5/Double/Run/RBI…

Game Particulars:
Time of Game/TOG-3:14
Game Time Temp-87 Degrees

Next Up:
Greeensboro Grasshopppers(35-25) at the Winston-Salem Dash(28-33) on Saturday night at 7pm, at Truist Stadium, in Winston-Salem, N.C.