Is Junior QB Faizon Brandon(Grimsley HS) the top high school football player in the United States???: Mighty, Mighty Good and we have others in Guilford County that you need to be looking out for!!!!!

Got a lot of info to be looking at and talking about as it is getting much hotter, and the high school football season for 2024 will be heating up soon…7 on 7s are going on now, and lots of preseason hype and much of it rightfully so for Faizon Brandon, the junior QB for the Grimsley Whirlies, and he is a part of the Class of 2026, and Faizon has been labeled the Top/Very Best high school football player in the country…That is not just the county, or the city, but in the country, as in the good ole USA…He is excellent, but he won’t have Alex Taylor and Terrell Anderson to throw to this season, as they are now part of the football programs at North Carolina and N.C. State respectfully…

But, Faizon will have Mitchell Summers back at running back for the Whirlies, and the 2025 senior rushed for over 2,100 yards last season, and watch out for Brandon, he is a very tough runner too, but when speak of quarterbacks, you want to see them putting the ball in the air…Last year, I think Grimsley threw the ball to Summers eight times the entire year, and I bet they up that to about 35-40 times this season, and they should…Great safety valve out of the backfield, and Summers is a kid who can really run, so if you get him the ball on a swing pass, he should be able to go 25-30 yards for you, in the open field…

Grimsley will have receivers like Kaden Catoe and DJ Howerton to get the ball to, and I am sure, a new receiver or two, has probably moved into the district, so let’s just say, Grimsley will being looking to get that ball up the field, when Faizon Brandon looks to throw…And the best part about all of these schematics, is that as soon as that opposing secondary, and those linebackers start dropping back in deeper coverage, I am giving Brandon the green-light to tuck the ball and run it for daylight…Give him an extra 20-25 yards on many of those tuck and run carries…

So, we can agree that Faizon Brandon is one of those top high school football players in the nation, as we approach the Friday night kickoffs in August, but is he the best??? We will be able to clarify that calculation some time in late November of 2024…But, he has the goods…

And another thing, so the news is for sure out that Faizon Brandon is the Top QB in Guilford County, and he was #2 last season, behind topman Andrew Attmore II, over at Dudley High School…So Grimsley has the top QB, and Grimsley with Mitchell Summers has the top running back also, and just for good measure, Grimsley has probably the Top Defensive Player in the county too, in Bryce Davis…Davis missed pretty much all of last season with an injury, so you he is coming back hungry and ready for his senior season….

To follow up on Faizon Brandon, from Grimsley HS:Grimsley High School’s Faizon Brandon is ranked by 247Sports as the No. 1 overall football player in the Class of 2026.
In the Same neighborhood with Brandon, is Kendre Harrison, from Reidsville HS:4-Star TE Kendre Harrison is the No. 6 overall prospect in the latest 2026 rankings for future College Football Players

Here is the word from FOX 8 and Andrew Ivins, 247Sports Director of Scouting:
GREENSBORO, N.C. — A local Triad high school quarterback is ranked as the very best football player in the country.

Grimsley High School’s Faizon Brandon is ranked by 247Sports as the No. 1 overall football player in the Class of 2026.

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports Director of Scouting, wrote the following scouting report about Brandon.

“Ascending signal caller that possesses a rare blend of pocket-passer size and dual-threat athleticism to go along with a high-powered arm.

“Had as good of a sophomore season as any of the 2026 quarterbacks, ranking first in a number of key statistical categories (completion percentage, yards per attempt and turnover rate).

“Rhythmic as a passer, getting the ball out fast and to his playmakers. Likes to stay on schedule with his clean footwork and shows poise in the face of pressure.

“Accurate to the numbers, and has found plenty of success attacking the intermediate level, but deep ball placement can be a bit uneven.

“Effective on designed runs with his acceleration and his natural twitch in both the upper and lower halves is ideal for run-pass options.

“Certainly benefited from throwing to a pair of Power Four wide receivers in his first year as a starter, but game tape shows a potential game-breaker at the next level that’s just starting to scratch the surface of what he could be, especially when you factor that he’s younger for the grade.”

Brandon also was a dynamic weapon for the Whirlies with his legs. He ran for 528 yards and 9 touchdowns on 6.2 yards per carry.

Brandon made explosive plays with his arm all season as well, averaging more than 15.8 yards per passing attempt.

The combination of Brandon’s arm talent plus explosive wideouts like Terrell Anderson and Alex Taylor helped lead Grimsley to a 13-1 record and run to the fourth round of the state playoffs.

Brandon’s impressive numbers at such a young age and in his first season starting at the varsity level have scouts and college recruiters impressed.

CLICK HERE to check out the Faizon Brandon FOX 8 Friday Football Frenzy videos…

Lots of excitement about Faizon Brandon and Kendre Harrison, and we share in that excitement too, but we are also excited about many others in the county that are back, and they will light up the scoreboards too, this upcoming 2024 season…

Dudley has the best Receiver(s) in the county…And it is not just one man…They have a posse/passel, of receivers, so take your pick, and they are all DI prospects…Their core four, can really score, and they will leave many a defender laying on the floor/ground…I saw all of these guys all last season, and Dudley offensive coordinator Antonio Hall, will make sure they all get the ball…They will be coming at you on Go-Routes, Post-Routes, Sideline-Routes, and just when you think you might have them figured out, they are going to hit you on an Jet Sweep, you know, the good old end-around play…You’ll see the mans with the hands headed your way from the Wideout position, and from the slot…You will see it a lot, and by now you are probably saying to yourself, “I remember most of those Dudley Panther Athletes, but tell me once again, who were all of those speedsters”???

Well take your pick on who you are going to try and stick, but they go like this, Kordell Bartley, Nasir Newkirk, Jerron Blackwell, and CJ Neely…Plus just to keep the defenses honest, Antonio Lee is another Panther receiver who really came on, as the season went on last year…This is best group of receivers at any high school in this state….How good are they, they are really VERY, VERY good…And with Andrew Attmore II headed to college at Lenoir Rhyne, who will get the ball to those Dudley Panther receivers??? They will give all the QBs a long look, but we feel that junior QB Jaquez Crawford, who last year was quarterbacking the undefeated Grimsley JV football team, we get this crazy feeling that Crawford might just have the edge….

Grimsley is loaded, and Dudley is loaded, and to honest with you, the other Guilford County teams are not anywhere even close to Grimsley and Dudley in the talent pool…It is what it is…

But, I can tell you this…We have a kid from Eastern Guilford High School that we can lump in there with Brandon, Summers, Davis, Harrison, Bartley, Newkirk, Blackwell, Neely, Lee, and the like, and we have to say we like the EG Wildcats Steven Murray as part of the Guilford County Elite…He has the feet, he has the hands, he knows the routes, he plays both offense and defense, and as a return man on Special Teams, he has speed to burn…This kid can get it done, and he is DI material….The ‘Cats need a new QB to replace Jackson Jones, but whoever the new EG QB is, he must get the ball in the hands of Steven Murray…And that’s all there is to it…

Well, the new season will be upon us before you know, and I can tell you this, we know it here at, as good as anybody in this state over the past 40 years, so Let’s Go…..

**********One add-on that hit me last night, is we have the #2 QB in the county, and he is also from the Class of 2026, and that is Northern Guilford HS quarterback, Jaxson Kemp…Kemp started a little slow last year, but he hit a very strong mid-season stride, and then he tailed off/cooled off some at the end of the year, be he should be ready to re-establish his game, and give a very good account of himself, this season for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks…All teams should stick to their strengths, and he/Kemp, is their strength, and surprisingly a pretty good runner too…**********
(Dudley Panthers also have two very good running backs to go along with their 4-5 core of receivers…Jayden Brown, and the other Dudley RB name is not on my mental chart right now…It will come to me a later this morning, they always do…He got his real good beginning in the Statesville game, a few years back up at Statesville in the playoffs, on Thanksgiving Weekend.)

8 thoughts on “Is Junior QB Faizon Brandon(Grimsley HS) the top high school football player in the United States???: Mighty, Mighty Good and we have others in Guilford County that you need to be looking out for!!!!!

  1. Best in the county and best in the state, OK.
    But best in the nation?
    Not sure about that one.

  2. I saw this kid in middle school and was impressed he is very good. I said he would be a problem for Guilford county schools
    Rankings are a bit weird since of I am correct I think ESPN on3 and rivals have him lower. Nevertheless it is safe to say he is a top 25 kid. Tn maybe a best fit for him.
    Grimsley is loaded. The rb will dominate even more.
    Dudley will go far but let’s be real 3a is worse than 2a.

  3. The best quarterback in the area is the kid from East Forsyth. Name is Bryce Baker and he is in the Class of 2025. Top QB in the state in the Class of ’25 is the QB from Providence Day down in Charlotte. The kid from Grimsley is very good, and probably is tops for 2026 class and wondering if he will stay at Grimsley. Lots of money at those private schools.

  4. That other Dudley Panthers running back was LJ Southern and I think he wears #21…..Just remembering him this afternoon…

  5. He’s a good one, but needs State Title to validate the hype.

    Grimsley and Dudley and then the rest of the Guilford County teams are way behind those two.

  6. I don’t think he needs a state championship to validate an individual status or ranking. Look at the big time Qbs that got drafted this year…. Williams, Daniels, Maye, Pinex = zero state championships in high school. That’s why football is the best team sport in the world. One players can’t win it all for you. Especially in 4a ball in our state. I’m excited to see what he does this year though, I think Grimsley is going to be very good once again.

  7. I think there will be other good teams in Guilford County along with Grimsley and Dudley. They are two of the top tier teams in the state in 4A and 3A football. But still say we have some other good teams that will be showing out too. Maybe Northern, Northwest, Southeast, and some of those teams.

    Will a very good year for high school football in Guilford County.

  8. @For real let’s dead this whole 3A and 4A talk or debate now! Weddington who is predominantly a 3A power house made Grimsley and the 4A title game look like a cake walk. Independence played in the West Regional Final in 4A and got beat by a 3A West Charlotte team last season. Dudley beat a Crest team that beat a 5A SC Gaffney team. AC Reynolds did well in 4A making it to the 4th round the year before last and then dropped to 3A and got 60+ scored on them in the third round. Let’s stop this nonsense as if 4A is just that much better.

    Andy, throwing to Mitchell 35-40 times a year? Yeah good luck with that. His peers, trainers in the area and even some Grimsley parents know and have said he can’t catch good enough. Now the Dudley rbs are a lot more versatile when it comes to splitting out, route running ability and catching the ball. Everyone one of their peers knows this! How come you don’t? Good tough runner but he just gets the ball twice as many times as every other back in the area. Best stats though!!

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