First-half Minor League MVPs with Charles McAdoo(Greensboro Grasshoppers) grabbing SALLY League honors

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Spring Training was yesterday. I swear it was yesterday. Yet it feels like overnight the Minor League season is half over.

While we have this moment on the calendar to reflect, let’s look back at the first few months of the regular season by naming a first-half MVP in each of the 11 full-season Minor League circuits.

South Atlantic League:
Charles McAdoo, OF, Greensboro (PIT No. 30)
The margin here between McAdoo (.336/.415/.561, 9 HR, 14 SB, 167 wRC+) and Xavier Isaac (.310/.395/.579, 12 HR, 13 SB, 165 wRC+) is razor thin. But we’ll give the nod here to McAdoo for striking out six percentage points less (21.7 vs. 27.6) before his promotion to Double-A Altoona.