Greensboro Grasshoppers Saturday Night Baseball Report brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner: Hoppers up 4-1 going to the 8th inning where they score 11 runs and go on to win, 16-1(Brannigan with Grand Slam HR/Ross #16/Cimillo #14)

Greensboro Grasshoppers Saturday Night Baseball Report
brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner…..

from Saturday night at Lakewood, New Jersey:
Greensboro Grasshoppers 16, Jersey Shore BlueClaws 1
WP:Patrick Reilly(4-4)
LP:George Klassen(1-1)

Hoppers' Line- 16-17-1
BlueClaws' Line-1- 7-5

Greensboro Grasshoppers(45-28/6-2)
Jersey Shore BlueClaws(41-33/3-5)

For the Hoppers it was 3 more Hopper Homers, with Jack Brannigan smacking a Grand Slam HR, plus team home run leader Shawn Ross, connected for his 16th HR of the year, and it was Nick Cimillo with home run #14 for the season….Those Home Runs were a big boost again to the Greensboro Grasshoppers offense, while the 5 JS BlueClaw errors did not help the Claws in their will to win again…
(The Hoppers sent 16 men/batters to plate, in the wide-open Top of the Eighth Inning for Greensboro.)

It was six innings of rock-solid work from the Hoppers’ starting pitcher Patrick Reilly, and Reilly has been the Hops most-ready righty and most overall ready pitcher, in recent weeks…Reilly, the ready road righty, went six innings on the hill for the Hoppers, and he gave up 1 run, on 3 hits, with 3 BBs/3 Ks…

Let’s go back and look at that Hoppers very LOUD top of the Eighth Inning, at the plate, and track the runs, as they came in…Hoppers only up, 4-1, over the Claws at that stage of the game, and then the Grasshoppers set the stage, the table, the bases, and nearly blew out the scoreboard, there in that Top of the 8th frame, and with 11 Grasshoppers runs rolling in, that was the GAME…
Top 8th
Mitch Jebb steals 2nd base. P.J. Hilson steals (8) home.
GBO 5,JS 1

Maikol Escotto walks. Mitch Jebb scores. Wyatt Hendrie to 3rd. Luke Brown to 2nd.
GBO 6,JS 1

Termarr Johnson singles on a line drive to left fielder Hendry Mendez. Wyatt Hendrie scores. Luke Brown to 3rd. Maikol Escotto to 2nd.
GBO 7,JS 1

Jack Brannigan hits a grand slam to left field. Luke Brown scores. Maikol Escotto scores. Termarr Johnson scores.
GBO 11,JS 1

Mitch Jebb singles on a line drive to right fielder Leandro Pineda. Shawn Ross scores. Nick Cimillo to 3rd.
GBO 12,JS 1

Luke Brown reaches on a fielding error by second baseman Zach Arnold. Nick Cimillo scores. Mitch Jebb scores.
GBO 14,JS 1

Termarr Johnson singles on a ground ball to center fielder Justin Crawford. Luke Brown scores. Maikol Escotto to 2nd.
GBO 15,JS 1

**********Sixteen(16) batters to the plate in the Top of the Eighth Inning for the Greensboro Grasshoppers…**********

Let’s break this down, as best as possible…Hopper Hitters on Saturday Night and we will follow the Batting Order, to make our tracking more accessible/easier to follow…Termarr Johnson 4-6/Double/2 Runs/2 RBI…Jack Brannigan 1-6/Grand Slam HR/Run/4 RBI…Sean Ross 2-6/HR/2 Runs/2 RBI…Nick Cimillo 3-5/HR/Double/BB/3 Runs/RBI…P.J. Hilson 1-5/Double/BB/Run/RBI/2 SB…Mitch Jebb 3-4/BB/2 Runs/RBI./SB..Wyatt Hendrie 1-6/Run/SB…Luke Brown 1-4/Double/BB/2 Runs…Maikol Escotto 1-3/Double/BB/2 Runs/RBI…

Top Jersey Shore BlueClaw hitters on Saturday night:Erick Brito 2-4/Double/RBI…Zack Arnold 2-3/BB/Run…

Game Particulars:
Time of Game/TOG-2:59
Game Time Temp-78 Degrees

Up Next:
Greensboro Grasshoppers(45-28/6-2) at the Jersey Shore BlueClaws(41-33/3-5) on Sunday afternoon, at 1:05pm…
(The Greensboro Grashoppers are (4-1) so far this week, at Jersey Shore.)