Greensboro Grasshoppers Wednesday Afternoon Baseball Report brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner: Grasshoppers drop third straight game, and see WS Dash take second game this week from Hops(Brannigan homers again for Hoppers)

Greensboro Grasshoppers Wednesday Afternoon Baseball Report
brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner…..

Final from Wednesday afternoon at First National Bank Field:
Winston-Salem Dash 7, Greensboro Grasshoppers 5…10 Innings
WP:Zach Franklin(4-4)
LP:Jaycob Deese(2-2)

Dash' Line-   7-10-0
Hoppers' Line-5- 9-0

Greensboro Grasshoppers(51-31/12-5)
Winston-Salem Dash(40-43/9-8)

The Greensboro Grasshoppers fall for the third time in a-row on Wednesday, and to make matters worse, they went extra innings/inning in that 90 Degree heat…Jack Brannigan with another home run in this game(#14 for Brannigan), and it was his third homer over the past two games, and the Greensboro Grasshoppers have proven to be a home run hitting ballclub this season, but today, yes on this Wednesday afternoon, the WS Dash out-homered the Hoppers 2-1…It was a two-run home run, and a solo shot, that won the game for the Dash, in the Top of the Tenth inning…

Our local Hoppers now with 131 team Home Runs on the season, and the WS Dash, with just 54 team home runs, but it was the Dash, who were able to cash in on the long balls, the 2-run smack from Ryany Galanie, and the solo swat by Wes Kath, and those two blasts were the killers on Wednesday…Jack Brannigan has been a very Hot Hitting Hopper, but two of his three long balls over the past two games, have been solo sikoas…

Hard to believe it but it is true, yes it is true, the Hoppers got beat at their own game, on Wednesday afternoon at FNB Field…Another problem in recent innings, has been the Hoppers’ bullpen…There have been leads for the home team, but the pen has been unable to make those leads stand up….

We have given you the lowdown/skinny….Tie game at 4-4 going into the 10 inning, and the Dash go up 7-4, on the HRs from Galanie and Kath…The Greensboro Grasshoppers got one of those cosmetic runs in the bottom of the 10th, with Mitch Jebb’s RBI single to score Josiah Sightler, and that left the final at 7-5, Dash…

There was plenty of baseball to go around during the first nine frames of this game, but the Tenth Inning was where the rubber met the road, and the Hoppers missed their turn at the Eugene Street intersection, on Wednesday….

We look back at Wednesday’s Hopper Hitters:Jack Brannigan 2-5/HR/Double/2 Runs/2 RBI…Hudson Head 2-4/Double/RBI…Josiah Sightler 2-4/Run…Nick Cimillo 1-4/Double/Run/RBI…Mitch Jebb 1-4/RBI…Termarr Johnson 1-5/Run…

Going back to the Game Tracker, here is one of the better sequences of the day for the Greensboro Grasshoppers, and they were not hitting homers here, but they did put together Three(3) Doubles in the same inning, there in the Bottom of the Sixth…
Bottom 6th
Mitch Jebb flies out to center fielder DJ Gladney. 1 out

Jack Brannigan doubles on a fly ball to center fielder DJ Gladney.

Nick Cimillo doubles on a sharp line drive to left fielder Bryce Willits. Jack Brannigan scores.
WS 3,GBO 3

P.J. Hilson out on a sacrifice bunt, pitcher Shane Murphy to first baseman Ryan Galanie. Nick Cimillo to 3rd. 2 outs

Hudson Head doubles on a line drive to left fielder Bryce Willits. Nick Cimillo scores.
WS 3,GBO 4
(Keep on coming up with those Doubles off of WS Dash pitcher Shane Murphy, and it was like were watching the Eddie Murphy movie ‘Trading Places’, as the Hoppers kept on making room for another teammate at the second bases.)

Some solid and steady Greensboro Grasshoppers offensive action there in the sixth…

Now for the WS Dash hitters for this game, as the Dash had three players with at least 2 hits each:Ryan Galanie 2-5/HR/1 Run/2 RBI…Wes Kath 2-4/HR/BB/2 Runs/RBI…Tashi Nakawake 2-4/Run/2 RBI…Colby Smelley 1-5/Double/Run…Jordan Sprinkle 1-5/Double…But, of all of those WS Dash hits, let me give you the hit I think, that might have been the Impact Hit of the Day, for the Winston-Salem Dash…D.J. Gladney with his two-out, Two-Run single, to tie the game at 2-2, in the top of the Third Inning…Greensboro Grasshoppers led 2-0 at that time, and Gladney gets the Dash in the game, with his two-out/Two-Run Single, and we will get Game Tracker to verify it for us….This was one of those key Game-Changers….
DJ Gladney singles on a ground ball to center fielder P. J. Hilson. Taishi Nakawake scores. Weston Eberly scores.
WS 2,GBO 2

The two teams, Hoppers and Dash combined for 12 runs, and 19 hits on the day, so it still seems that the hitting is out in front of the pitching in this series…Dash lead the current Six-Game Series, 2-0…The Greensboro Grasshoppers now lead the season series between the Hoppers and the Dash, 13-7….And 13-7 looks a lot closer that the 13-5 season advantage the Grasshoppers were hanging on to, when this set got started back on Tuesday night…

Time for our Game Particulars:
Time of Game-2:44
Game Time Temp-89 Degrees

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