Men’s First Team All-ACC Basketball From a Greensboro Perspective

First Team All-ACC: Who do you put on the First Team, the Top Five spots?
Let’s take a look at the Men’s potential First Team choices because these young men will be walking the streets of Greensboro in just a few days.

J.J. Redick (Duke) “Your Player of the Year”
Shelden Williams (Duke)
Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina) “Your Top Freshman”
Craig Smith (Boston College)
Guillermo Diaz (Miami)

There it is for the early entry and what do you think? There are some other significant players that deserve recognition. These men iclude Singleton from the University of Virginia,
Evtimov and Bennerman from N.C. State,
Thornton from Florida State,
Hite from Miami,
Canner-Medley and Strawberry from Maryland,
Dudley from Boston College,
Honorable mentions for, but in no way ever First Team: Eric Williams and Justin Gray from Wake Forest……
As of Today:Coach of the Year-Roy Williams University of North Carolina

Now who do you think is missing or who belongs on First Team All-ACC and their name was left off of our list. Go to the comment box and give us your top five All-ACC and who you believe should not be on our group of names that are featured above…… ALL-ACC, WHO SHOULD IT BE?