On the Outside Looking In and We Have Another Hockey Quiz

I made the trek down to First Horizon Park this past weekend for the State High School Baseball Championships. One of our local teams the Ragsdale Tigers was going for the Title.

My approach to this activity was a bit novel I will have to admit it, but being the dedicated Sports Nut that I am the appeal of this series was just too much for me to ignore. The only real problem was the game on Friday night for Ragsdale versus DH Conley out of Greenville looked like it might just get rained out.

I went by the stadium(FHP) and gave thought to buying a ticket since I was not doing direct coverage of the event I did not warrent receiving FREE admission to the game. I had called earlier in the day on Friday and found that they were charging $8.00 a pop for tickets and made up my mind to do what any dedicated fan would do. I decided not to pay since I am on a limited budget, but I came up with a plan that would get me total access to the games at no cost from the provider to the viewer(That would be Me).

I made the decision to beat the Establishment, you know, the upper crust, the guys with the big bucks, the Executives and those cats in the Coats. I found a way to see the games and not have to pay a sinlge cent and I was not stealing the product(HS Baseball) because I am giving the product coverage here on the Website.

Ragsdale lost the best 2 out of 3 three games to DH Conley and the team from Greenville, NC won the Title. Ragsdale took game one of the series 7-2 on Friday night behind the superb pitching of Senior Trevor Mullins. Mullins was as strong as a Mule and the Tigers appeared to be in good shape heading into Saturday’s game two. Mullins is headed to Appalachian State in the fall where he will join former Western Guilford pitcher Jason Rook on the Mountaineers staff.

Saturday was a different story as DH Conley got behind their own pitching star Alex White and Conley won the afternoon contest going away 10-2. White unless he decides to turn pro, will be headed to UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall. Conley had picked up the steam and their team was on a roll and they wrapped up the Championship with a 2-0 shutout of Ragsdale on Saturday evening.

The Tigers had gone down hard but the story here was not only about Ragsdale going for the crown, but also how did you get the real information about the games here at greensborosports.com? Remember I didn’t purchase a ticket. I had to get the story but Don Moore was not going to loan me the $8.00.

I followed the games On the Outside Looking In. I was outside the stadium(First Horizon Stadium) looking through the fence and to tell you the truth I was able to give a viable Report on what took place. My coverage was credible, but not incredible. I was joined outside the fence looking in at the Tigers on Friday night by a Ragsdale parent who works for the Greensboro Transit Authority. This gentleman and I exchanged sports stories and team info like a couple of Sports Reporters that might have been assembled inside the stadium sitting right behind home plate.

You get the best coverage right here at greensborosports.com and I had Friday and Saturday’s games for you On the Outside Looking In. If anyone would have told me before the games started that I would have challenged the Executives from the State Association and that I would win, my reply would have been that somebody here is crazy. I was able to go around the Big Dogs and still get you the story. I was On the Outside Looking In on Friday and Saturday and that makes you the Winner.

Free Journalism and our readers here at greensborosports.com come out on top again. I was On the Outside Loking In through the Fence, through the bars and I brought you the #1 coverage in the Triad. You readers deserve it and you will continue to get right at GS.com. I will stay on my Horse and out-work every writer in the State. We will do it the Hard Way and this will make you appreciate the coverage even more.

A few questions to close out this visit.
1) Was I too cheap to buy a Ticket and therefore had no business at the Baseball Games?
2) Should I have been forced to leave and vacate the premesis, or be forced to buy a Ticket and come inside the stadium and watch the games with the normal fans?
3) Did Ragsdale choke, they won game #1 and were up 1-0 in the series and only had to win 1 more game to claim the Championship?
4) Will the Hurricanes sweep the Oilers and drink from that CUP?
5) This is the Money Question, Would the Title be Tainted since the Oilers #1 goalie is out for the Series?
6) Will fans in years to come say they the Canes won it but the Oilers top defender didn’t play?
7) Would this fall in line with the Heels NCAA Basketball Crowns that came courtesy of Fred Brown and Chris Weber?

We will stop with the Lucky Seven today but stay with us, I think I’m on a roll and you’re welcome to join in on the ride of a lifetime.

6 thoughts on “On the Outside Looking In and We Have Another Hockey Quiz

  1. 1. Yes you were cheap not to buy a ticket, but its understandable that you have to feed that tall horse and that takes all your money. 2. You should have been forced to go upstairs in the press box and call the games on radio for free! 3.Yes 4.No, but I think they will win and it will be a great boost for the community. GO CANES!!! 5.No, hockey is a rough sport and that is part of the game. 6. The Oilers fans will. 7. Nah, those were misstakes, this is an injury.

  2. Girl’s Softball beat the Hurricanes/Oilers Stanley Cup Hockey Series in the TV ratings? If the Canes finish this thing off in 4 or 5 games how long will the feeling last outside of Raleigh or even the entire state for that matter? Do you give the Hockey talk and push about a week or 10 days? I need to hear from you fans out there, guys and girls like Doug C,. Bruce B., Ogi Overman, Jim Lonefellow, Tim D., Mike B., Tim B., and Peggy C., are talking a big game but they are afraid to bring it into my HOUSE……. Let’s have some fun with this, I might just start a Revolution. BRING IT TO THE CHIEF…….

  3. The hockey talk and push will last one week if we are lucky, Nascar will be going back to Daytona about the time this series is over, that will be alot bigger news than hockey. The best thing about this hockey series being over is that means we are less than 90 days until opening day of college and pro Football, bring on the real sports, I think the carolinas are ready for the real sports to start.

  4. Believe it or not, I never wanted the Hurricanes specifically for the reasons you stated and more.

    Hockey is no doubt a niche sport, and even moreso in the South. Greensboro was perfectly fine in terms of hockey until it got too big for its britches with the AHL and then the 2 years with the Canes, just like one day somebody will decide it would be a real dandy idea to turn First Horizon Park into a AA or even AAA facility because the crowds for single A have been very good for a couple of years.


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