Will the Canes Clinch the Cup on Wednesday Night?

How about it all you Caniacs out there? Up three games to one, will the Hurricanes close out the series with Edmonton tonight at the RBC Center in Raleigh? The Canes have a 3-1 edge and can take the Stanley Cup with a win this evening. This is the website you should be monitoring. We have been hitting the Canes topic hard here for the last two weeks and we probably won’t hear from some of the fans until the entire deal is done.

We are talking more Hockey here than the people over at the more established site, GreensboroHockey.com… Their people are coming over here and I don’t blame them at all. This is where it is going down. Some of you hate us and you should, because we are putting it out there. Are the Canes going to win it all tonight? Let us know and if they do give us some response and let us in what you think the overall reaction will be around the state and around the US and even what will they be saying about the Canes up in Canada? Some people might call it Caneada now. Call it what you want to, but this is the place to let it be known.

Down in Raleigh the radio station 96.1 is now calling themselves 96.1, The Cup. I get the feeling that Raleigh will go crazy over the Cup if it ends up in the State Capitol but that the rest of North Carolina will not be going Cup Crazy. Raleigh will think that the Cup is theirs and they are not going to share it for long, even if the Cup makes it’s way across the state. Raleigh will not be recognizing other cities as the North Carolinian Cuppers. Raleigh will not share, the other cities around this state hate each other. Charlotte hates Greensboro,( We stole the ACC office and the Basketball Tournament), Greensboro hates Charlotte, (They have the NFL, the NBA, and they stole the NASCAR offices from us back in the 50’s), Charlotte hates Raleigh( Raleigh would have a Major title before Charlotte would, the Stanley Cup would be in Raleigh before the Super Bowl Trophy would be in Charlotte), Raleigh hates Greensboro,(They had to drive to Greensboro to watch the Hurricanes before they permanently settled in Raleigh and Greensboro did a terrible job of hosting the Hurricanes) Greensboro hates Raleigh,( Raleigh made us look bad when they had success with the Hurricanes and they always act like the Canes are their team and they don’t belong to the rest of the state). Send some feedback our way on this one-upmanship. Is there true love among our state’s Major Cities?

The Guilford Patriots baseball game scheduled for Wednesday night at First Horizon Park was postponed because of the morning rains and will be rescheduled for some time in July.

The Greensboro Grasshoppers will be home on Friday night at FHP and we will have more on that series coming up on Thursday. There is an intresting, yet strange story written by Ogi Overman in this week’s Yes Weekly. The article is about Beach Music. When will Ogi start writing about Sports again? Beach Music and Shag Dancing are the biggest waste of time in the history of mankind. Get out front and do something, and I’m not talking about Shagging on the Beach with Fessor John Hook. How about Shagging some fly balls with your neighbor or some underprivilaged kid that needs some exercise? Sand between your toes makes for Dirty Feet.

Read and try to understand our Logic here at greensborosports.com….. There is much Jealously within our State, it’s a problem that many people choose to ignore and overlook.