HELP WANTED:Bradshaw’s Opener Should Be His Swann Song As Fox Football Host

Fox dedided to let Terry Bradshaw lead the troops and it was a DISASTER Thursday night on the NFL broadcast of the Rams vs the Colts. Bradshaw was the lead man for the three-man Live studio crew which included his old co-horts Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson. Bradshaw was sitting there on the Live set at halftime with his papers flying up in the air, he was having big-time trouble with his ear-piece, and when it was time for a commercial TB would say, “Well it’s time for uh break, uh, we’ll be uh, right uh, back uh. The worst part was when they were going to have Jimmy and Howie do their forecasts of the upcoming NFL season and Terry said, “Jimmy you take the NFC South, and Howie said, NO Terry I have the NFC, Jimmy has the AFC.”

As you can see it was a mess. Bradshaw has always tried to get by with his “Ah Shucks” humor and now he has to serious. Maybe this will work because FOX just doesn’t care. Terry Bradshaw looked a lot better when he replaced Terry Hanratty at QB for the Pittsburg Steelers back in the early 70’s and even then he was pretty rough around the edges in the beginning back in Steeltown.

Right now they need to Fix it at FOX and fix it in a hurry unless you want to see two guys and a bald man rambling around the entire Football season.