Deacons Prove Us All Wrong/Flair-Piper Tag Champs/Son of Gary Ross All-Big South

This week’s College Football Corner spreads it’s wings and we cover several topics.  Would Wake win the SEC?  They sure are tearing up the ACC and they have proved all of us wrong that thought the Demon Deacons weren’t gonig to do anything this year.  Wake lost their QB, RB, and some O’ linemen and the Deacs are still in 1st place in the ACC.  Wake has a great shot to play in the ACC Championship game.  Wake would be 9-0 if they hadn’t given Clemson the game in the 4th Quarter at Groves.  Wake beat Mississippi and I believe Wake would give every team in the SEC a run for their money.  I know for a fact that Wake would beat Tennessee with Eric Ainge out, and Wake would also beat South Carolina, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, and LSU. The only team that would worry me is the Florida Gators and Chris Leak.

All of us need to drop what we are doing and leave our ACC teams that we follow in the grass and go with 8-1 Wake Forest that rest of the way.  Our other in-state ACC teams aren’t doing anything so let’s support Wake. I am not asking you, I am telling you.  Get with the program and pull for Wake.  We could use a local ACC team carrying the banner for us the rest of the way.  Wake has a tough schedule remaining with Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Maryland but let’s dream and we could see Wake take the title cake and win a date with Riki Lake.

In-state and ACC coach of year is Jim Grobe.  ECU’s Skip Holtz finishes at number two for the NC College coach of the year.  Grobe also has to get major consideration for National Coach of the Year.  Little Guilford College has the state’s top quarterback in Josh Vogelbach.  Josh had 397 yards and 5 more TD passes in a Quaker win over Catholic this past Saturday.  The top runningback in the state is Kevin Richardson at Appalachian State.  Richardson rushed for 148 yards and ran for 3 TD’s in ASU’s win over The Citadel 42-13.  The top receiver in North Carolina is Wake’s Willie “the Jet” Idlette and the #1 kicker in the state is WFU’s Sam Swank.  Wake also has the state’s top defensive player in linebacker Jon Abbate.  The top freshman is Appalachian’s QB Armanti Edwards. East Carolina’s James Pinkney is the state’s most improved player.

The way the awards are being tossed around Wake should play Appalachian for the North Carolina College Football Championship on Thanksgiving night at Groves Stadium in Winston-Salem.  East Carolina is probably the state’s overall most improved team with Elon a close second.  Wake was already good but the job the Jim has done at WFU is unbelievable.  Greensboro College, WSU, and ECU were winners last week while NC A&T, Elon and WCU were losers.

Adam Ross the son of Gary “the Boss” Ross was named 1st Team All-Big South at the recent Big South Soccer Tournament.  Adam is the #1 goalkeeper for the High Point University Purple Panthers and he stopped three penelty kicks in one game and led the Panthers to a second place finish in the tournament.  The three stops on PK’s in that key Panther game were the only shots on Adam the entire contest, three shots and all were penelty kicks coming at him at close range.  High Point showed much improvement during the 2006 season and they are just a game or two away from the NCAA tournament.  First team All-Tournament Adam Ross.

Ric Flair and Roddy Piper won the WWE Tag-team titles this past weekend and the two legends defended their belts Monday night on Raw.  Flair and Piper continue to battle even though Ric has a few extra rolls around his waist and chest and Piper legs are as white as a sheet.  I guess Piper didn’t buy into that tanning bed theory or the tanning spray.  Jim Ross the long-lost brother of local Ed Ross, says that Flair and Piper made the Spirit Squad run like a pack of Scalded Dogs. JR said Flair and Piper will stomp a mud-hole in you and walk right through it.  Ric and Roddy, keep it going Brothers.

Today’s lesson is simple:”Life is short, don’t make it a tall-tale”.       

6 thoughts on “Deacons Prove Us All Wrong/Flair-Piper Tag Champs/Son of Gary Ross All-Big South

  1. Wake would not even compete week in and week out in the SEC. They would finish dead last in the standings and the roll call! Lets face it, the ACC couldn’t be weaker than they are right now. The only reason Wake is first is because SOMEONE has to be first. I’m proud to say that I have not watched one single ACC game all year. I haven’t watched a single college game all year come to think of it. Thats because college football sucks! The pro’s are where it’s at. Lets all get together and cheer the Panthers. Except for me that is. I’ll be cheering for the Super Bowl champion Broncos. The only thing happening at Wake is an earthquake.

  2. The leaves are on the ground, so grab your Rake and do the Shake and Bake with Wake. I learned all I know from my old friend Paul Drake. CAD PS…How much money do you make Jake?

  3. I’m tired of you pushing us around and telling us what to do. You’ve hurt my feelings for the last time. I’m not coming to this site any more.

  4. You can stick a fork in the Panthers and the Broncos they are both done, Andy you need to put the crack pipe down if you think WFU can be competitive in the SEC all of the ACC is bad this year. Also this is Greensboro Sports .com we have 2 teams in Greensboro in the NCAA tournament and you have not even mentioned it on your site UNC-G soccer teams mens and womens both are playing how about some coverage.

  5. 6-2 and atop the west and they are done? Geez, what would their record have to be for them not to be done, perfect?

  6. UNCG men’s and women’s soccer teams are in the NCAA tournament. There’s your coverage. Does the San Quentin Quayle cover these teams? I am proud of the Greensboro teams but do they deserve Quayle Coverage? CAD

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