Jim Modlin’s NFL “N” Sider Picks

Last week Jim went 10-3, Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith both went 8-5.  Here we go with Week 13 of the National Football League.

Minnesota at Chicago(Chicago)

N.Y. Jets at Green Bay(Jets)

Atlanta at Washington(Washington)

Arizona at St. Louis(St. Louis)

Indianapolis at Tennessee(Indy)

San Diego at Buffalo(Buffalo)

Detroit at New England(New England)

San Francisco at New Orleans(Saints)

Kansas City at Cleveland(KC)

Jacksonville at Miami(Miami)

Houston at Oakland(Houston)

Dallas at N.Y. Giants(Dallas)

Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh(Steelers)

Seattle at Denver(Denver)

Monday Night:Carolina at Philadelphia(Panthers)

4 thoughts on “Jim Modlin’s NFL “N” Sider Picks

  1. Chicago, Green Bay, Washington, St. Louis, Indianapolis, San Diego, New England, New Orleans, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Oakland, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Denver, Carolina

  2. I must admit Jim is really good at picking upsets. I’m still waiting for the coach to get in some picks. Of course he did miss the score of that one game after the game was over! Anyway, here is my 2 putt-putt tokens worth… Chic, GB, Atl, Stl, Ind, S.D, N.E, S.F, Clev, Mia, Hou, NYG, Pitt, Sea, Phil 23-10

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