Orange You Glad You Found WFU?

“The Triad’s Team” Wake Forest University got the job done by defeating the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Saturday down in Jacksonville.  The Demon Deacons are headed to the Orange Bowl on January 2, 2007 when the Deacs will have their second date with destiny as they meet Louisville for the Championship of Florida in Miami.

WFU now 11-2 after winning the shocker over Tech 9-6 are  your ACC Football Champions.  The Deacs are the Freaks that beat the Ga. Teek Geeks and the Deacs did it by controlling the Ball, Reggie Ball, Ga. Teek’s QB.  WFU earned the victory on the strength of K Sam Swank’s three big field goals and LB John Abate, QB Riley Skinner, and WR Willie Idelette all helped take the Deacs into the Promised Land of the Orange Bowl.

WFU and the Deac “D” were able to keep Yellow Jacket receiver Calvin Johnson and his Wrecked Ramblers out of the end zone and now WFU will be underdogs again in their next game versus Louisville on Jan. 2.  Go Deacs and Go ASU after their big win over Montana State 38-17 this past weekend up in Boone.

It will be Boone again when Applachian State(12-1) meets Youngstown State(11-2) in the Division I-AA semifinals this Saturday.  Youngstown State is the school where Ohio State’s Jim Kressel coached before he joined the Buckeye forces in Columbus,Ohio.

Speaking of Ohio State, it had to be OSU vs. Florida for the National Championship.  Who wanted to see OSU against Michigan in a re-match for the title?  Michigan had their chance and they blew it.  We don’t need to keep on watching re-runs of football games, just like we don’t need to see The Jeffersons every day on the tele repeats.  You need new blood and that’s what you’ve got with OSU VERSUS FLORIDA.

Sure the OSU-MICHIGAN game was close the first time around, maybe like 45-42 or 42-39, but who cares?  Give me a new look with OSU-FLORIDA.  Southern Cal and Michigan both had their chances and they couldn’t get the job done.  Would you want to see George Bush vs. Albert Gore for a second time?  Bart Simpson says, “NO WAY MAN”.

WFU got the job done and that’s all that matters these days in the Triad, because we have a team and now let’s join forces with Ed Hardin and go support these fine Baptists.    

2 thoughts on “Orange You Glad You Found WFU?

  1. Wake has a good chance if they can make it a field goal-type game. Sam Swank the Deacs kicker is one of the best around, he sure proved it against Georgia Tech and if Wake can slow the game down and control the field with plays geared toward WR Willie Idelette then WFU will win. Idelette runs the end-around play as good as anyone in the country and Wake has LB John Abate on defense and he is one of the best in College Football. Riley Skinner the WFU QB will need to duplicate what he did vs. Ga. Tech and Wake can win it. Coach Jim Grobe has quietly put this team on the map and let’s hope they are here to stay because WFU seems to be very good people.

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