Pre Order Your Wings

It was one of those slow nights at the Sports Bar (Hugo’s – Lawndale) – Carolina v Florida State, GMAC Bowl – real yawners.

The topic eventually moved to Wings for the Superbowl – Brian, one of the cooks at Hugo’s was estimating that they would sell over 5,000 wings on Super Bowl Sunday.  That’s a LOT of wings.  While they have not started taking orders yet, Brian described the process.

It starts with the Pre-Orders – knowing how many wings to order ahead of time.  Despite Pre-Orders, there are people who believe that they can call in and get 200 Wings on Super Bowl Sunday.  They can because most wing joints understand that people don’t plan ahead (may be except for the liquor, which must be purchased by Saturday); they can look at their histories of Pre-Orders versus last minute orders.

Regardless of the numbers, preparation starts the day before.  The fryers are cleaned and new grease is used.  Pretty much everybody who has every worked in the kitchen works on Super Bowl Sunday – some work doubles.  Two or three people just do wings – normally wings are a side job.  Super Bowl Sunday – it’s a Full-Time Job.

Here’s to the guys and gals who will ensure we have hot wings on February 4, 2007.