NFC Playoff Games Outstanding-AFC Games Blowouts

Why is it that the NFC always seems to have great first round playoff games and the AFC has to settle for blowouts.  The NFC gave us two of the best games we will see when it comes down to going to the wire.  The sideline reporter for Westwood One radio asked Eagles coach Andy Reid how he thought the Eagles-Giants game would go and Reid said to the wire and he was right on the money.

David Akers kick and Koy Detmer’s hold were a thing of beauty and I couldn’t even see it because it because I was listening to it on the radio.  Dallas could have used someone like Detmer in the Cowboys 21-20 loss to the Seahawks and then Tony Romo wouldn’t be walking around with wearing goat’s horns.

Seattle 21-20 over Dallas and Philadelphia 23-20 over the N.Y. Giants and the NFC had two games that were too close to call until the very end.  The AFC on the other had New England and Indianapolis rolling to victory in games that were never really close at all.

The Colts usually play like the Kansas Jayhawks do when they get to the men’s NCAA basketball tournament but this year the Colts got Kansas City on the ropes early and did not look back.  New England on the other hand pounded the Jets into submission behind the strong arm of Tom Brady.

Is it a pattern, does the NFC just have a tendency to turn out better first round games than the AFC?  Maybe the AFC is waiting on the Super Bowl and they will turn it on in Round Two of the playoffs and roll right into the the big game.

Round Two will show us Indy at Baltimore and Philadelphia at the Saints on Saturday and Seattle goes to Chicago and New England travels to San Diego on Sunday.