and NASCAR’s Top 5 Fight for the Finish

Pick your Top 5 finishers for Sunday’s race at Daytona and WIN a meal from Libby Hill Seafood and Jeff Summey on Summit Avenue. 

The person with most drivers in the Top 5 at the Daytona 500 is the WINNER.  First come 1st served, don’t duplicate other people’s picks unless you want to end up splitting a Hushpuppie.  Come up with different Top 5’s.  Same drivers different order of finish or use different names.  You LUGNUTS know what to do.

Who knows maybe it will end up like this?  #1 Jeff Gordon  #2 Jimmie Johnson  #3 Kurt Busch #4 Matt Kenseth #5 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Get your picks in by race-time Sunday and get ready to win that Fish Dinner from Jeff Summey and Libby Hill Seafood on Summit Avenue in Greensboro.