and NASCAR’s Top 5 Fight for the Finish

Pick your Top 5 finishers for Sunday’s race at Daytona and WIN a meal from Libby Hill Seafood and Jeff Summey on Summit Avenue. 

The person with most drivers in the Top 5 at the Daytona 500 is the WINNER.  First come 1st served, don’t duplicate other people’s picks unless you want to end up splitting a Hushpuppie.  Come up with different Top 5’s.  Same drivers different order of finish or use different names.  You LUGNUTS know what to do.

Who knows maybe it will end up like this?  #1 Jeff Gordon  #2 Jimmie Johnson  #3 Kurt Busch #4 Matt Kenseth #5 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Get your picks in by race-time Sunday and get ready to win that Fish Dinner from Jeff Summey and Libby Hill Seafood on Summit Avenue in Greensboro.

13 thoughts on “ and NASCAR’s Top 5 Fight for the Finish

  1. Sme order, different finish? How are you going to determine the winner? With your picks above, what if I pick:

    #1: Johnson
    #2: Gordon
    #3: Kenseth
    #4: Busch
    #5 Earnhardt, Jr.

    and the actual order of fisnish is:

    #1 Jeff Gordon
    #2 Earnhardt, Jr.
    #3 Kenseth
    #4 Bush
    #5 Johnson

    Who wins?

  2. If that happened I would say whoever has the winner finishing higher should win. Anyway, it is a free contest so I don’t think we should be very picky. “Lugnut” Brown says Stewart, Little E, Johnson, Gordon, and Rudd.

  3. If you had the most drivers in the top 5 you would be first for the fish, if two people picked the same drivers then the order of finish would get you the fish(you could have the same drivers but in a different order of finish in the top five) as we said above you can’t have the same order of finish as your fellow fisherman and if we had some kind of crazy TIE we would have to split the Hushpuppie.(no top 5’s, no flounder) I don’t foresee any ties and since I have run contests like this for many, many years, and have had huge success, I’m sure a good time will be had by all. We just need to get Don Moore in here. Jonny Fairplay of the CBS Survivor series has checked in over at the Bruce Mitchell interview. Jonny Fairplay has been one of our followers for many years and you have to give that kid some credit, he went out and made a name for himself and made some money along the way too.

  4. I say 1.kenseth 2.earnhardt jr. 3.stewart 4.jeff gordon 5.biffle This is my kick@?! line-up. I would have Mike Waltrip 5th, but… Anyway just show me the fish. woooooooooo!!!

  5. “if two people picked the same drivers then the order of finish would get you the fish”

    Right, but what about the order of finish will determine the winner? If multiple players each correctly picked the top five, but nobody the correct order, how do you determine the winner by “order of finish?”

    Let’s say each of these players pick the top 5 correctly, but each has them out of order in some way, who wins?

    Player A

    Player 2

    Player C

  6. Player C would be the winner. Both player c and player a picked the first place driver in the first place where as player b did not. It would then default back to the 2nd place driver. Player c picked the 2nd place driver finishing higher than player a, so he would be the winner…

  7. Thanks for clarifying that, Marshall.

    My picks:

    1. Martin Truex
    2. Jeff Gordon
    3. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
    4. Jimmy Johnson
    5. Matt Kenseth

  8. Here are Chuck’s picks from Saturday night at about 8:30pm. He e-mailed them my way and I just now had the chance to get them in the contest.
    1)Tony Stewart 2)Dale Jr. 3)Jeff Gordon 4)Kyle Busch 5)KevinHarvick…..The higher order of finish always determines a winner…..Get with the program racers……

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