The Sports Machine:HS Hoops Roundup,a Big Four sweep and Jan Pritchett steals Forest Valley Title

The Basketball Beat becomes the Sports Machine as the hoops got into full swing over the past weekend.  George Michael shut down his Sports Machine, so we will keep it running at  The HS hoops grabbed the spotlight as the Dudley Panthers continued their dominance of the the local 3-A boys basketball with their 10 point win over the Northeast Guilford Rams back on Friday night.  The Panthers rode the big body of Kenny Belton on the inside and Josh Chavis carried Dudley on the outside as DHS made sure the trophy would stay in the case on Lincoln Street and that NEG will not have a number one seed in the Sectionals.

Dudley will be home as the playoffs get under way this evening and NEG would eventually have to face Burlington Williams before they can get another shot at Dudley.  High Point Central made easy work of East Forsyth when the Black Bison defeated the Eagles on Friday night at HPC.  HPC will be a number one seed in the boys playoffs and they are still the #1 ranked 4-A team in the state.  Will Dudley and HPC lead our local troops into the state finals?  Let’s hope so and if it can’t be the Dudley boys make it Northeast Guilford.

The Northeast Guilford girls made it two straight Triad 3-A conference championships with their victory over Dudley at NEG on Friday night.  The Rams will have home court advantage in the playoffs and could meet Dudley again as early as the 2nd round. 

The Grimsley girls finished what they started as they went 12-0 regular season Metro 4-A and then won the conference tournament with a championship decision over High Point Central.  The WhirlieGirls are a #1 seed and they will be hard to stop in the Sectionals and Regionals and then as far as the state championhsip goes, well that’s a still a little too far down the road for me to predict.  We’ll have to wait and take a look at the competition.  I will have this covered like a balnket, as always if it’s real sports we’ll have it for you at

The excitement is in the air as the HS playoffs get rolling for real on Monday night and now it’s either win or stay home and wash up the uniforms and put them away for the year.  The boys will be in action this evening and the girls will begin play on Tuesday night.  HPC, Smith, Page, NWG, Grimsley, Dudley, NEG, Ragsdale, HPA, SWG, EG, and other boys begin play tonight and then the young ladies with Grimsley, NWG, Page, HPC, NEG, Dudley, Ragsdale, SWG, SEG, HPA, EG, and several more teams will go at it on Tuesday.

The new coaches for Guilford County’s state-of-the-art Northern Guilford HS were announced over the weekend.  The Athletic Director will be Darrell Force who comes over from High Point Central, while the volleyball coach is Sharon Parks coming from Southern Guilford and the baseball coach is Johnny Smith, the head man with the Palomino League’s Guilford Patriots for many years.  The N&R( had the coaches in Saturday’s paper and we had Force and Smith listed here at a couple of months back.  The new NGHS is set to open in the fall of 2007 and don’t confuse NGHS with NWGHS.  It will be the Nighthawks vs. the Vikings.

The Big Four got a rare ACC sweep this weekend with Wake Forest winning Saturday afternoon against Miami, North Carolina tasted the sweet success of beating that hockey school Boston College in basketball, Duke made a statement defeating Georgia Tech Sunday afternoon and N.C. State knocked off a football school playing hoops, when they ripped Virginia Tech for the second time this season late Sunday afternoon in Raleigh.  Our locals UNCG, Guilford, and Greensboro College all notched victories on Saturday.

The final news coming out of the Sports Machine is really sad but it is true.  Kurt Angle says, “yeah, it’s True, it’s really True”.  Greensboro attroney Jan Pritchett stole the Forest Valley title from me on Sunday afternoon in strong gale-like conditions at the Forest Valley outdoor basketball court.  Mr. Pritchett arrived at the slab at about 5pm and I had been standing out in the extreme weather conditions for almost one hour awating his arrival.  The battle was closely fought but even with some of the games going into overtime Jan Pritchett left Forest Valley with the title.  He came in and stole the trophy and my attorneys, Dewey, Chetum, and Howe will be hearing from me this week as I plan to file a lawsuit and hope to win back the crown even if we have to bring back Judge William Daisy to hear the case.  There was some 6’7 kid named Max Miller who came out to steal the candy on Sunday but this kid has a lot of work to do before he can measure up to the real Forest Valley standards set by men like John Cassell many years ago.

After reviewing the Race Results from Sunday’s Daytona 500, I am declaring Chuck the winner.  Chuck, Greg, and S. Smith were the only entries to have a driver in the top 5 and Chuck’s man Kevin Harvick won the race so Chuck wins the Fish.  Chuck finishes first, Greg in second, and S. Smith in third.  We’ll hope to have our next race contest when the NASCAR circuit comes to Charlotte in May.  If you have any questions then call Mr. Pritchett and I’m sure he will refer you to my men, Dewey, Chetum, and Howe.        

4 thoughts on “The Sports Machine:HS Hoops Roundup,a Big Four sweep and Jan Pritchett steals Forest Valley Title

  1. This is Jane W pushing those Grimsley girls and why not they are heading toward number 1. I’m glad we got High Point out of the way and we should have been the host team, they should have played the title game at our gym, the Bob Sawyer because we had the best record. What’s the deal with that Phil? I know I said I would stay away till it’s all over but I had to give the CHAMPS a shout out. My husband Bill has something to say. THIS IS BILL and I don’t want none of you people talking no junk about my wife or there’s going to be trouble. Leave her alone or you go have to go through me. We pull for Grimsley and that’s the way it is. BILL W

  2. My dad told me about this site and he said I should put in a word for the Grimsley Whirlies and here I am. I thought everybody would be supporting the Grimsley girls as they go for the State Championship. Please join the Jones family as we back coach Phil Weaver and his team. This school is named Greensboro Grimsley and coach Weaver’s team is carrying our city on it’s collective back. Back the Whirlies and you will be proud when they bring home the trophy. High Point had a good team back when coach Gill was there but he thought more of the girls than he did the school and their quest for success. If coach Gill was still in town the girls would be running fast because he would chase them across the parking lot and into the woods. Go Whirlies and don’t go too close to High Point.

  3. I tthink Dudley has the best chance to go all the way. I was at their game tonight and they beat somebody by 30. I’ll watch the Panther girls on tuesday.

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