Get Well Soon to News and Record’s Jeff Carlton

Jeff Carlton, sportswriter for the News and Record is sick again and we want to send out a large shout-out to Jeff and his family hoping he gets well soon.

Jeff has been writing for the N&R since back around 1999 and he began covering the high schools and then moved on to cover the colleges and the North Carolina Tar Heels in particular.  Recently Jeff had moved back to high school coverage with the departure of Kellie Dixon from the N&R.

Jeff was first discoverd to have a tumor around his brain back about 5 years ago and the doctors were able to successfully remove that tumor and everything seemed to be going OK for Jeff.  Now we have word that the tumor has returned and the doctors will have to go back to work.

I don’t have all the details on what type of treatment the doctors are considering, but the thought of having your head cut in half so the doctors can go in and take out a tumor is not a pleasant consideration.  Hopefully some type of chemotherapy will be an alternative.

With the ACC Tournament rolling around, and Jeff not doing well at all, we just hope he gets a chance to watch the games and that he will soon be up and around and of good health again as quick as possible.