If I were a betting man

The ACC Tournament’s in town.  No it isn’t, it just seems like every time it rolls around the Men’s ACC Tournament should be in the Greensboro Coliseum.  Maybe they never should have never moved it out of Raleigh.

Well this year the ball drops in Tampa or maybe it goes up in Tampa.  Action begins at noon on Thursday and will conclude with the championship game on Sunday afternoon.

I’m sure all of you have seen the brackets by now and have formed an opinion on who will win.  Who do you expect to see in Sunday’s finals?  My all-time favorite final was the 1974 finish at the Greensboro Coliseum with N.C. State out-lasting Maryland in overtime 103-100.  Tommy Burleson was named the MVP and the Wolfpack went on to win the National Championship.

To borrow a line from Johnny Seale, formerly of the Hamburger Square Post, and I’m sure many others have spouted out this liine over the years, “If I was a betting man”, I tell you what I’m gonna do.  I’ll take Virginia over North Carolina on Sunday by the score of 88-84 and what’s more, Virginia won it’s only ACC Tournament Title when the games were not at the Greensboro Coliseum.  The Cavaliers won it all up in Landover, Maryland back in 1976 over North Carolina 67-62 and Wally Walker was the MVP.  Those were the good old days.

What’s your pick, we need the two teams that will play for the title, the winner, and the final score by say noon on Friday.  Noon on Thursday would be better but since we are always running these contests on the fly get everything in by noon on Friday.  Send us some comments along with your scores.  The ACC has been up and down crazy all season long, maybe things will finally follow some type of pattern at the Tournament. 

6 thoughts on “If I were a betting man

  1. North Carolina over Duke 76-74. I’m on my lunch break that’s all I’ve got for
    now. Will check back in later.

  2. Maryland beats Virginia Tech in the finals 91-87 and DJ Strawberry is MVP.
    MD is the league’s hotest team and they are the team to beat. They have beaten
    UNC and Duke in the past few days and MD is Red Hot.

  3. UNC wins it against VA Tech 85-80. T. Hansbrough MVP and First Team All-American. Sweet Revenge Heels over Hokies

  4. DUKE wins 79-78 over Carolina. A tough defensive struggle but a BLUE DEVIL CHAMPIONSHIP. McRoberts MVP

  5. I’ve been tracking the site as much as I can during the Tournament and listening to the games on the radio. 850, 1150, 98.1 and 94.1 have been carrying the games. Remember 1 pick per person please. One and done and your tournament is over.

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