What about the Wildcats?

Monday morning’s News and Record shows on the front page of the A Section that Carolina and Duke are the only teams from the state going to the NCAA tournament.  That’s exactly what they say.  “Carolina and Duke are the only teams from the state going to the NCAA tournament”.

What about the Davidson Wildcats?  Davidson is located down near Charlotte but before you get to the South Carolina border.  The Wildcats radio play-by-play man is John Kilgo(everybody knows Kilgo) and he will be broadcasting the Davidson Wildcats vs. the Maryland Terrapins from Buffalo, New York.

Davidson got in by winning the Southern Conference tournament and the Wildcats enter the NCAA’s with a record of 29-4 and have lost only one game since November 25.  Davidson coach Bob McKillop is not happy about drawing Maryland(24-8) as his team’s first round opponent but none the less, the Davidson Wildcats from the state of North Carolina are in the NCAA tournament and I’m sure they are glad to be there.

Davidson was once coached by both Lefty Drissell and Terry Holland and the Wildcats current star player is Stephen Curry, son of Dell Curry of Virginia Tech and Charlotte Hornets fame.



One thought on “What about the Wildcats?

  1. Not to bad mouth the Wildcats but Davidson will lose in 1st round to Maryland
    so it doesn’t matter that the N&R left them out. Davidson is going down and
    their year will be over.

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