Heels Ran out of Runs

What happened on Sunday?  I was out shooting hoops and by the time it got dark one of the few remaining players came running out of his house saying the Heels had lost in overtime.

We had done a radio check and at one point late in the regulation portion of the Georgetown contest the Heels had built up a 10 point lead.  Georgetown came roaring back to send the game into OT and by all indications the Heels Ran out of Runs.

Throughout the tournaments the Heels would build up a lead and then the other guys would come back and then the Heels would take off and make a reverse run and put the game away.  Remember the Southern Cal game?  A perfect example.  On Sunday the Heels Ran out of Runs.

Where does this leave you hanging with us having no ACC teams left in the NCAA tournament?  Is the interest still there for you?  I say when the conference goes down then the ACC fan interest goes down.  That’s unless you are a North Carolina hater and the ABC fan for life like our old buddies Scott Hall and Bruce Mitchell, because then you never had an interest in the Heels to begin unless they are dead, and the loss has you living in ABC Heaven.

Don Moore was on the money when he said with the absence of an ACC team the women’s regional at the Greensboro Coliseum is in Big Trouble and it might just be dead along with Greensboro’s hopes for a Women’s Final Four.  Admit it, the biggest sport in this state is ACC Basketball.  Nothing else comes close.  With ACC basketball we are everything, without it we are nothing. 

Listen to what I’m telling you and you will save yourself a lot of time, money, and grief.  What do you think?  Are the viewing numbers going down now that the Heels have gone home and will the locals support the games at the Greensboro Coliseum with no ACC team in sight?

8 thoughts on “Heels Ran out of Runs

  1. I’m thinking that Greensboro needs to re=invent its sports outlook. The coloseum is overrated. We need to find a sport that is up and coming and become its capitol, much like we did with wrestling back in the mid eighties.

    I’m thinking paintball. Look at how well this sport has progressed and think of the course we could set up in the Coloseum area. We can even claim Rob Staudinger of the World PB Championships as Greensboro’s favorite son. Time to change our way of thinking. Goodbye NASCAR, ACC Basketball and pathetic Hockey. Hello extreme paintball action! Booyah.

    Prayers to the Jason Ray family.

  2. Let’s don’t forget that the Clemson Tigers are still in the hunt. Good call on
    JR’s family and I mean Jason Ray and not Jim Ross.

  3. I lose interest if the ACC is not in the NCAA finals. Go Guilford College Quakers
    and what about those sharpe-shooting UNCG Spartans? Big Ben

  4. I must admit that with no ACC team left, I couldn’t really care less who wins it. I’ll watch it and everything, but I don’t care who wins. ACC basketball is without a doubt the biggest sport in the NC, but what about NASCAR, man? Where is the NASCAR talk on GS? Can I get some backup on this? If this isn’t the heart of NASCAR country, I wish someone would tell me where it is…

  5. I’m with you man. What about NASCAR? For all of us with no education we need a sport too. I worked my way through mechanics school at GTI or GTCC whatever it is now and I put four kids of my own through college. It’s been tough but I got my NASCAR on Sundays and my Carraway Speedway on Saturday nights. I may have a few too many tatoos but I got my tickets for Charlotte paid for and I’ll be there in May cheering on Ricky Rudd and all the drivers over 40. Budwiser is the King of Beers and Richard Petty is the King of all racing. I don’t need no Indy or any of those Palbo Montoyao fellas. Richard, Dale, Buddy Baker, Bobby Allison, Cale Yarbourgh, and David Pearson that’s good enough for me and I would rather drive a truck than a trolley carr any day of the week now what do yall say to that MR. ACC’s.

  6. I am with you Snake lets pack the cooler and stop by Bojangles and head to Charlotte NASCAR is here to stay.

  7. I spoke with Junior Sexton today and he said he would be meeting you guys up at North Wilkesboro in late August.

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