Wrestlemania Preview with Bruce Mitchell

Andy Durham sat down with Bruce Mitchell of the Pro Wresting Torch and Archer Elementary School.

They sat down at Habel’s Hearth this past Tuesday (March 27, 2007)

The interview runs about 40 minutes – download
Listen Here: [audio:2007-03-28-Mitchell.mp3]

4 thoughts on “Wrestlemania Preview with Bruce Mitchell

  1. Enjoyed the interview with Andy and Bruce. Good to hear the latest on the “inside” wrestling scene. Also a big shout out to Hayble’s Hearth — some of the best food in town!

  2. Way to rub it in on the Heels, Bruce! Concern thyself more with the crumbling house of K. All I can say is the Rat better bring back gold in 2008 or I will not be a happy camper.
    Now as for what happened to the heels, I stated previously on this very sit that it was predestined from prior peformances.

    Concerning Carolina’s future If everyone comes back then Carolina MUST win the title, which is why everyone will not be back, but even with maximum defections (Hansbrough, Wright and Lawson) this will be a team that will contend next year as well.

    Best moment, Andy: So what is Scott Hall doing now? Bruce: Well I’m sure whatever it is you can’t talk about it at Hayble’s Hearth. LOL

    Sorry to hear about Ernie Ladd, it truly warmed my heart to see Hitch got to give him that legendary impression first hand before the big cat went over the top rope of life. You guys forgot to mention the series of blogs that Hitch has over at tvparty.com , included is a great article about the big cat.

    Great interview guys, proof again why Bruce is the best thing about the business he represents. I have watched off and on for years, currently avoiding the genre like the plague, but Bruce can make even utter claptrap like the McMahon-Trump compelling. As for that, I see a wildcard, they swerve on Trump and his guy loses, Trump plays along, but he is not happy, Vince starts the schears and then says, April Fools.

    Paul T. Lambeth II

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