Should Don Imus get the Heave Ho?

Should they shove Don Imus out the door after his comments that were made in regards to the Rutgers womens basketball team?

CBS radio and MSNBC talk shock-jock Don Imus called the young women from Rutgers a bunch of “Nappy-headed HOS”.

In this world of anything goes radio and TV does Don Imus have the right to make comments like this?  Imus made a very in-sensitive comment but he has apologized.

Imus is serving as two-week suspension, at the end of the two weeks does he go back to work or do you fire him?  I say fire him and let him move over to Satellite Radio like Howard Stern did.  The more you review the Imus comment the more you can see how much it had to hurt the young women basketball players from Rutgers.  What do you think, should Don Imus get the Heave Ho?

23 thoughts on “Should Don Imus get the Heave Ho?

  1. The whole thing with Imus is crazy. I honestly have very mixed feelings on the whole thing. One of the guys over at Highbrid Nation who actually worked with Imus at WFAN for years wrote a good article talking about Imus’ views on race from the perspective of a minority that was around him every day. You should check it out if you get a chance.

  2. Imus is a dinosaur that has been insulting all everyone for years. The only difference here is that the black community wants to flex its muscles while dispensing of this moron. Go for it. Right or wrong, please rid the airwaves of this jackass.

    While I feel the Rap and Hiphop argument for defending his rhetoric are weak in THIS case, they do have merit overall and I will fully expect Al and Jesse to picket these rap artists houses and places of business in order to stop the degradation of black women within the lyrics of their music. Watch out Ying Yang twins, their coming for you next. Don’t anybody hold their breath actually waiting for these hypocrites to do something to stop the problem at its true source, that would put them out of a job.

    Any chance of baiting Billy Packer into dropping an N-Bomb?

  3. I have always enjoyed the Imus show on 850 the Buzz, I listen on my way into work and don’t see anything wrong with what he is saying. What about all those Rap and Hip Hop songs out there and the lyrics they’re putting out? Why aren’t Sharpton and Jackson jumping on those rappers, it seems to me that they are slapping the ethnic group right in the face.

    Imus stays and long live the Freedom of Speech.

  4. The I-Man was out of line with his comments about those girls from Rutgers. I am somewhat surprised that people are so shocked that Imus would say something like this, considering that his show is known for its outlandish content. I agree with the previous posters, there is a double standard. Many of these rap songs say similar things, negative things about black women and women in general. There is really no widespread outrage. To their credit, some in the black community have spoken out about this music and its negative impact on young people. In my opinion, negative music is much more dangerous as it is consumed by young people on a daily basis and helps form their thinking on the world. I doubt very seriously many young people listen to Imus at all. That said, Imus was wrong and he should pay a price. Since he makes so much money for who he works for, it is doubtful he will lose his job over this. If sponsors pull out, Imus could be in trouble as money talks and you know the rest.

  5. In two weeks when the Imus hiatus is over people will be talking about something else. This will blow over and Jesse Jackson will be trying to have President Bush run out Washington because Bush won’t let Nancy Pelosi use his oven to bake her cookies or something stupid like that. This Don Imus comment is nothing. Look at all the crazy things Howard Stern has said and he’s still going. Don Imus is OK by me.
    Rapper John

  6. MSNBC has spoken… much longer will CBS Radio hold out? Something tells me this suspension is only the beginning for Mr. Imus. Goodbye CBS, hello podcast!

    Hey Andy, maybe this jerk can join you guys at Buffalos next time for the baseball report.

  7. Maybe we should say our next President Barack Obama has spoken. Sharpton couldn’t get it done, Jackson couldn’t get it done. Obama has spoken on MSNBC and Don is Done. Imus should head out to pasture at his horse farm. Before that he needs to get a haircut. Today a Sister can Stand Up Again, Thank-you BO. Our next President has spoken and I’m a black man riding on a bicycle and loving every minute of it knowing that Don Imus will be paying for comments.
    MC-Marcus Carpon

  8. Don Imus, Disco Inferno, Billy Packer, Sidney II, Tolly Carr, who’s gonna be knocking on our door next? Imus looks older than a dinosaur and I agree with the black community that Mr. Imus needs to move on. I got an e-mail today from good friends, the Reverend Jeff Davis and his wife Angelica Davis, out of Charlotte and they concur that Imus has said too much and that he rattled the African- American community to no end. The Davis’s said they grew up in Charlotte with the N-word flying around like it was a hot potato and they felt that what Imus said was worse than what they were hearing back when they were kids. I’ve been called a Jockass on more than one occasion but I would rather be refered to as a Jockass rather than a Nappy-headed Ho. As for Don joining us at Buffalo’s, IMUST defer. Rob have you heard any updates on the future of Imus at WFAN in New York?

  9. Last time I looked we were still living in America and that means freedom of speech. Just what is a nappy-headed ho anyway? If you dont want to listen turn your radio off.

  10. Hey Marcus be quiet and get a new bicycle. Why would you want to take Imus off the air and still have people like Jerry Springer and Geraldo Rivera on TV? Imus is no where near as bad as Springer and Rivera should have been booted off TV back in the 70’s. Imus made a mistake and he said he was sorry, that’s more than Tolly Carr ever did. Carr never said he was sorry and Imus has been trying to make this thing right. Wasn’t Don King up on a murder charge once and he never went to jail? Don Imus is an old man that is still trying to act like a kid. He didn’t mean any harm and he sure didn’t kill anybody and remember, IMUS SAID HE WAS SORRY. DON’T PEOPLE ACCEPT APOLOGIES IN THIS COUNTRY ANY MORE? THE MAN SAID HE WAS SORRY. CAN’T WE UNDERSTAND THAT? Imus should stay on the air.

  11. Like I read somewhere else—if Imus had called Condi Rice a Nappy- Headed Ho he would have been named the key note speaker at DNC convention—there is a double standard.

  12. It amazes me how bent out of shape people get over words. They are just words! People need to grow up and stop whining about what someone called them. Is everyone in this country five years old? This country is turning into nothing more than a huge first grade classroom. Are people so shallow that they can not handle being called a bad name? I agree with Chuck, if you can’t handle what someone like Imus is going to say, don’t listen to him…

  13. I guess Don Imus finally learned the harsh lesson that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been preaching to the white folk for years. Let’s face it, Imus is an old cracker, and therefore is expected to be higher on the evolutionary chain than the representatives of hip hop and rap culture. As a Caucasian, he is far more advanced than those primates that have originated this ghetto filth. I hope he has learned his lesson and can now realize that he must always carry the burden of greatness and responsibility that separates himself from those who dwell in the jungles beneath him.
    All you pimps and hos need to get a life. I’m watching.

  14. Wow Jane, your sheets are ready. Those comments were even worse than Imus, I never realized there was still such a market for hate.

  15. Hey Paul….there will always be a market for hate as long as the Al Sharptons and Jeese Jacksons of the world can make a profit off of it.

  16. Here is something interesting to consider….Greensboro has a somewhat offbeat connection to this whole Don Imus mess. If you remember back a couple of weeks ago, the Gate City hosted the regional round of the NCAA Women’s Tournament. Duke played Rutgers in the Round of 16, losing when ACC player of the year Lindsey Harding missed a pair of free throws with 0.1 seconds remaining that would have given the top-seeded Blue Devils the win. If Lindsey makes those shots, Rutgers loses and it is doubtful Imus makes those comments.

  17. The I-Man got we he deserved. Imus tried to call out the people and bring them down.

    We have and will rise again.

    Brother Paul, it’s good to have a Brother like you on our side here.

    “The Flea”, from NC A&T. All of you want to be like me .

  18. It really just came down to money. As advertisers started to pull out, MSNBC and CBS had no choice but to remove him. This has nothing to do with being in the right or wrong. It focuses on Sharpton’s and Jackson’s need to flex their muscles and feel powerful.

    The whole thing kind of made me think of this forum a couple of weeks ago when the Bokhoven/Carr feud was hitting its peak. All those guys invaded this message board screaming foul because of a couple of posters who felt bad for Tolly. As the discussion progressed/degenerated and the facts were laid out, those people couldn’t handle it and began threatening the owners of this website with a boycott of the advertisers. Yeah, like who gives a flying flip about people in Winston boycotting the Battleground Waffle House.

    Looks like Sharpton and Jackson targeted bigger fish than Green Ford.

    I still say we should charge all DUI offenders with attempted Murder and all DUI Death cases as 2nd degree murder, but if not both, than just DUI and Vehicular Manslaughter.

    I’m glad to hear that Cecil’s uncle is getting the help he needs.

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