Should Don Imus get the Heave Ho?

Should they shove Don Imus out the door after his comments that were made in regards to the Rutgers womens basketball team?

CBS radio and MSNBC talk shock-jock Don Imus called the young women from Rutgers a bunch of “Nappy-headed HOS”.

In this world of anything goes radio and TV does Don Imus have the right to make comments like this?  Imus made a very in-sensitive comment but he has apologized.

Imus is serving as two-week suspension, at the end of the two weeks does he go back to work or do you fire him?  I say fire him and let him move over to Satellite Radio like Howard Stern did.  The more you review the Imus comment the more you can see how much it had to hurt the young women basketball players from Rutgers.  What do you think, should Don Imus get the Heave Ho?