Imus Booted – NBC Loses Credibility

I enjoy Don Imus’s daily broadcast.  I watched it on MSNBC and listened to it on 850 The Buzz when in the car.

When NBC gave him to boot, I didn’t mind it because of the statements given by their personnel.

When this morning, the first guest on the replacement program was Jesse “Hymie Town” Jackson, I turned off the television.  With one swift and easy booking, NBC lost ALL CREDIBILITY with me and hopefully others.  By firing Imus and then allowing Jackson on the same air, it proved that the reasons for firing Imus were not as stated.

There are plenty of Black Americans who have an opinion about this issue and it is about time that the media give them an opportunity to speak instead of relying upon the easy interviews of Jackson and Sharpton – neither of which have a leg to stand on.  Where was Harold Ford?  Barack Obama?  The future leaders who do not have the same past that has now painted Don Imus.

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