What we are, what we could be and what we should be

In recent weeks, has been the home of some very hot topics. These topics have given life to some very thought-provoking and lively debate. Many of these have touched on some hot button issues such as DUI, race relations and shock jock radio. Even the methods used to debate some of these issues have been called into question. One thing is for sure, an open forum that welcomes all opinions, even some we find distasteful can only be a good thing. The blog format is different from some of the more traditional formats used to disseminate information in that it is very interactive in nature. While it is our job as writers for to put forth interesting content that “starts the conversation”, it is up to the readers of our site to decide what direction that conversation will go. has the potential to be a pivotal community exchange for ideas that not only “talks sports in terms of the games” but also issues surrounding those involved in the local sports scene. Input from people with many different perspectives, only serves to broaden the dialog and hopefully will make our readers better informed. Even when we don’t agree with a comment, maybe we can better understand where that differing viewpoint is coming from.

One of’s founding objectives has been to bring to light local sports that is largely ignored by those in the local media. When you read an article about a middle school’s track team or a high school’s JV baseball team here at, you can be sure that this is only media exposure they are going to get. We must continue to cover these topics, not because they are a hot topic or will cause a stir, but because many times the positive story can get lost in the shuffle. Because of our limited staff size, we need our readers help with this as well. We encourage our readers to email us with positive story ideas that we can follow-up on and “give credit where credit is due”. has come a long way in a relatively short time. The hard work of Don Moore and Andy Durham as well as our other contributors have helped fill a void in the local media market. This site has only begun to improve and I, for one, am excited to be along for the ride. It is our hope that this site can provide balanced content, from the positive story to the hot issue of the day, all the while getting people to talk, not at one another but with one another.

We hope you will continue to read this site, join the conversation and tell your friends about us. The more people we can bring to the table, the better this site, YOUR site for local sports, can be and the better we can serve the community as a whole.

2 thoughts on “ What we are, what we could be and what we should be

  1. Speaking of all this Tolly Carr stuff from a few weeks ago, I found a couple of interesting sites on myspace.

    The first is really cool and while a get a warm fuzzy from reading most of it, some posts seem rather vengeful.

    and the second is rathher blank, but I have to wonder if it will cause people in the lynch mob to get angry.

    Only time will tell.

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