Massacre at VA Tech could have been avoided and you know what, it could have happened at UNCG

Webster’s Dictionary defines “MASSACRE” as an act of Killing a Number of Helpless or Unresisting Human Beings under circumstances of Atrocity or Cruelty.

The Massacre at Virginia Tech up in Blacksburg, Virginia could have been avoided. I first heard of the killings on Monday afternoon when I returned a call from associate Doug Cockman. I went staright to the best information source available in situations like this, that being my car radio and tuned in to WSLQ 99.1 FM/WFIR AM 960 out of Salem-Roanoke-Lynchburg, Virginia.

From what the radio reports are telling us along with the reports from TV10 and News7 out of Roanoke, the first murders took place on campus at Virginia Tech at around 7:15 on Monday morning. Two students were shot at the dorm and campus security had 2 hours to LOCKDOWN the campus before the second string of murders occured resulting in the deaths of 31 people in the Engineering Studies Building.

The security at Virginia Tech again had around 2 hours before the second round of killing began at around 9:30am. The Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said his staff thought the shooter had left the campus and possibly the state of Virginia. Steger was dead wrong and he and his men have blood on their hands.

How could something this deadly have happened on a college campus in Virginia? Thirty-three people are now dead and others have been seriously injured. WSLQ and WFIR are reporting that proper security measures were not taken after the first wave of Murders in the dormitory. The entire campus should have been warned no matter what it took to get the word out and a Total Lockdown should have been in effect. They had over two hours before the second round of shootings took place.

This whole series of events that has taken place at Virginia Tech is terrible. The crazy thing is it could have happened at UNCG. Sidney Lowe II and his associate went to UNCG on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks back and they were looking to score a drug deal and it went bad and they unsuccessfully attempted to kill a UNCG student. The way it worked out no one died but the dispute could have led to at least one murder and maybe another if the gunfight escalated. Sidney Lowe II had plenty of firearms and he could have shot up the dorm at UNCG and killed several students. Lowe and his partner in crime just walked into the UNCG dorm and went to work.

The killer at Virginia Tech had no ID on him, the guys who went into the dorm at Guilford College after the big fight, looking for the football players involved, those perpetrators had No ID, and remember Sidney Lowe and his buddy had no trouble getting into the UNCG dorm.

The problem in all three cases is “NO SECURITY” or POOR SECURITY as was the case unfortunately at Virginia Tech.

We can’t change what happened at Virginia Tech but we can hope that those in charge will do something to insure the safety of the students at that campus in the future.

Former Greensboro Grasshopper Johnathan Fulton of Danville, Virginia was supposed to be a student at Virginia Tech but he signed on to play baseball with the Florida Marlins instead and he is off to a good start at High Class A Jupiter, Florida. Fulton was set to go to Virginia Tech on a football/baseball scholarship and he was going to Major in Engineering and he might have been in that classroom building today when the shots rang out. It seems like every one of the tragedies today touch some type of Sports Thread.

I am familiar with a couple of our regular readers and posters that studied Engineering in college, be at it NC A&T, Tennessee, Clemson, or Georgia Tech. Former Page football coach Bob Via looked on as his brother Tim Via  attended Virginia Tech. There are a lot of connections out among the Sports Land but the real story is that 32 helpless or unresisting human beings are dead due to cruelty and it could have been prevented to the point where 29 innocent people did not have to die if the Virginia Tech campus security would have been doing their job.

Don’t forget the same thing or something much worse could have happened at UNCG if a few of the circumstances were different on a Saturday afternoon with Sidney Lowe II and his gun-toting crew just a few weeks ago.

Where do we go from here? Let’s hope that we can walk on any college campus in the Country and still feel safe.