Reminder: Night at the Revolution this FRIDAY NIGHT!

Just a reminder… Night at the Greensboro Revolution is this Friday night. Andy, Bruce and myself will be on hand at the Greensboro Coliseum for all the action.

There are 2 free tickets left.

Below is a list of those folks who signed up for free tickets through the website.

Glenn Gibbs – 2
Ben Holder- 3
Marshall Brown – 2
Brandon Burgess – 2
Bruce Bullington – 1
Chuckie Daniel- 2
Charles Colter – 2
Brian Evans – 2
Jessie Rainey – 2
Angele Toney – 2
Cecil “The Diesel” Carr – 1
Al Barnett – 2
Paul Lambeth- 2

Those listed above can pick up their tickets at the Coliseum pick up location (on the entry ramp outside the Coliseum front entrance) at 6:30pm on game night. I will be there at the pick-up location beside a sign.

7 thoughts on “Reminder: Night at the Revolution this FRIDAY NIGHT!

  1. OK Paul, we have you down for the last two tickets. Again, thanks to everyone and we’ll see you guys on Friday night!

  2. Doug-Chuck Duncan will not be able to make the game I have to work late-if someone else can use them you had me down for two tickets-cd

  3. OK Chuck…sorry you can’t make it…..Alright folks, two tickets are open once again. Request them below on a first come, first served basis.

  4. Isn’t it time for a Tolly Carr update? Looks as if the MOB got their justice, but it wasn’t 2nd degree murder.

    All in all, its probably a fair charge. I’m assuming the time served will run concurrently and he’ll be out in a couple of years.

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