Reminder: Night at the Revolution this FRIDAY NIGHT!

Just a reminder… Night at the Greensboro Revolution is this Friday night. Andy, Bruce and myself will be on hand at the Greensboro Coliseum for all the action.

There are 2 free tickets left.

Below is a list of those folks who signed up for free tickets through the website.

Glenn Gibbs – 2
Ben Holder- 3
Marshall Brown – 2
Brandon Burgess – 2
Bruce Bullington – 1
Chuckie Daniel- 2
Charles Colter – 2
Brian Evans – 2
Jessie Rainey – 2
Angele Toney – 2
Cecil “The Diesel” Carr – 1
Al Barnett – 2
Paul Lambeth- 2

Those listed above can pick up their tickets at the Coliseum pick up location (on the entry ramp outside the Coliseum front entrance) at 6:30pm on game night. I will be there at the pick-up location beside a sign.


  1. OK Paul, we have you down for the last two tickets. Again, thanks to everyone and we’ll see you guys on Friday night!

  2. Doug-Chuck Duncan will not be able to make the game I have to work late-if someone else can use them you had me down for two tickets-cd

  3. OK Chuck…sorry you can’t make it…..Alright folks, two tickets are open once again. Request them below on a first come, first served basis.

  4. Isn’t it time for a Tolly Carr update? Looks as if the MOB got their justice, but it wasn’t 2nd degree murder.

    All in all, its probably a fair charge. I’m assuming the time served will run concurrently and he’ll be out in a couple of years.

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