The Weekend in Review

There were a number of sports activities going in and around the Greensboro sports community over the weekend. was at the Revolution football game on Friday night at the Coliseum.

The indoor football is a nice idea but the Revolution need to get their act together if they hope to stay in operation for an extended period of time.  They can keep it going with low salaries and former high school football players but will the fans flock out to watch pick-up football that they could see in their neighbor’s back yard?

I called out to the Coliseum last Friday to let the Revolution people know we would be bringing a group from to the Big Friday Night Game but their phone had been disconnected.  No news is good news, I guess?  The Revolution are trying to do something but their biggest problem may just be Presentation.  They seem to be lacking much needed direction and organization.

The critics and supporters will tell you it is what it is, indoor football being run on a low budget.  That is all and good but after watching the Grasshoppers run their show and then watching a Revolution production the two entities are worlds apart.

The Revolution need some help but how much can you do with a low-rent operation being run on a shoe-string budget.  It is what it is and people are looking for something to do in Greensboro and a Revolution game offers up that opportunity at the Greensboro Coliseum, something to do.  I hope you enjoy it but in all honesty I don’t see this program going anywhere and I hope I’m wrong, it would be nice to see them succeed, but I still don’t see this working to point where it will be highly visible and people are talking about it all over town.

Hockey is the same story.  The small crowd at the Revolution contest reminded me of what you see at an ECHL game at the Coliseum.  Maybe two thousand fans and there was nothing else going on Friday night except for the Seminar in the Special Events Center and that was packed to see Brother Phil and Phil filled up the SEC.

The local fans would be better served to save up their money and join Bruce Bullington at one of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey games down in Raleigh.  Football fans save your money and wait and attend one of the Carolina Panthers games down in Charlotte this fall.  I know we are supposed to be promoting the local sports community but you would be better served to go watch a local kids game at one of the Parks and Recreation fields and use your extra money to go watch the Canes, Panthers or the Bobcats.

The Grasshoppers on the other side of the fence are playing to large crowds and are having early-season success on the field as well as at the gate.  The Hoppers have a well-founded presentation and they are doing things the right way.  The Hoppers won two games over the weekend and they look to be getting more out of less talent as the month of April comes to a close this week. 

The manager Edwin Rodriguez is doing a great job with his kids and Ed should see his club contend if they can find some way to stay healthy.  The West Virginia Power are on a nine-game winning streak so they may be uncatchable but the Hoppers are in second place and they are hitting the daylights out of the ball at First Horizon Park.

Let’s just say the Hoppers are definitley worth watching but the other guys have a lot of work to do and if you are waiting on Hockey you may want to ask Bruce Bullington if you can hop a ride with him down to Raleigh to see the Hurricanes next fall.

To close out the Weekend in Review, I will just say again, it all goes back to Presentation.  That’s why I have been able to take to the upper levels we have seen since I took this project under my wing.  You won’t find writing like this in any other venue.  I present the facts as I see them and the readers respect the “Deliverance”.


12 thoughts on “The Weekend in Review

  1. What? No Tolly Carr update? Come’on now Andy, you can’t ride this poor man for weeks and than quit reporting once he does the right thing. For those of you who do not know, Tolly Carr has been charged with felony death and felony injury. He has turned himself in and will stay in jail until the trial. Since “Do the right thing” seemed to be such an important theme here a few weeks ago, I’m kind of dissappointed you failed to mention Tolly’s new direction.

    The News and Record’s online edition’s coverage of the indoor football was simply titled “Revoltion Lose.” There’s no type-o there, but maybe just a subtle hint of how the team played.

  2. I talked to a gentleman from High Point this morning after the work I did in the Web Lab and we both came to conclusion that Tolly Carr is staying in the Forsyth County Apartments. Locke Clifford’s down payment was very expensive and Tolly is broke and that’s why he moved into the Government Housing known as the Forsyth County Jail. We did not mention this in detail in the above Weekend in Review because we are trying to break “New Ground” brother. It is hard for us to move on and find Peace after the Tolly Carr truck murder but we will try to help the masses. “The People are looking for a leader, if chosen I will lead the People”. A&A Divine Intervention: Andy Durham and Al Sharpton leading the Sheep that are trying to find the Good Shepherd.(No disrespect meant toward the Reverend Steve Martin, Sunday morning sermon 4/22/07 Pleasant Garden United Methodist Church)

  3. Hey Andy-you ought to do the thing with the grasshoppers instead of the revolution-I bet they dont have their phone disconnected-Tolley Carr needs to be made an example of or this is going to happen again-he should have been in jail 2 weeks ago-cd

  4. If I were facing a trial by jury I would want Locke Clifford as my defense attorney. He is the best thing going these days and I have heard some people refer to him as Matlocke Clifford. Carr driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck and you have to wonder if it was a rental or if he was leasing the truck. Carr is in hot water but at least he has hot water at his Forsyth County Jail Cell. There’s a lot of people out there that have hot water too but it comes their way in the afterlife and that water is REAL HOT.

    They need to bring Indoor Lacrosse to the Greensboro Coliseum. I think it would go over better than Football, Hockey, or Soccer. Lax is red hot around here and the Lax fans have money, something that seems to be in short supply for the Indoor Football and Hockey fans.

    LACROSSE means big bucks for the Coliseum and for the area LAX teams so let’s hear it for the ILAXL. You know the Indoor Lacrosse League. The LAX fans have money and they are looking for a place to spend it, why not bring their sport to the Greesnboro Coliseum. I for one think it would work and there would be no bad taste left in our mouths from any sort of Ex-LAX effect. All I hear are all the sob stories about what it was like back when Hockey was here. Who cares, bring on Lacrosse.

    Baseball is boring but I’ve never seen anybody sleeping at a Lacrosse game, there’s too much action going on and you ought to see the Post-Game Parties. Well maybe you’ve already heard about some of the Post-Game festivities.
    We Want Lacrosse.

  5. I called the Revolution to ask them what time the game started and the lady said what time can you be here—they need to get it together.

  6. Hey guys, I was at Friday’s game and you are way off the mark. The Revolution are doing some good things. The fans seemed to be having a good time. What’s so bad about that? They do need more promotion, I would suggest doing some ads on 102 and 105.7 radio. I would like to see some live hip-hop bands at the game to play before or after the game. The more entertainment the better. If they could hook up with some of the bars and clubs downtown and have a caravan running to the Coliseum after the game the party could continue after the football action is complete. The Revolution are trying and they need some time to get it together but I think they are headed in the right direction. The bar and club scene goes hand in hand with the sports so if the Rev can work out a deal with a major club that should give them a built in audience. As far as the Tolly Carr deal goes to me it is a dead topic, pardon the pun but I think we need to stick to current events. You are entitled to your own opinions but I like Revolution and will continue to support them. We need more alternatives in this city. The downtown is thriving and we can learn a lot from people like Joey Melodoni on how to revive a city. Joey has transformed the Downtown and it is on course to make our people proud and if you let them you will be proud of the Revolution too.

  7. I think the Revolution have a lot of work to do but I do give them credit for trying. I think people will notice a huge difference between the Rev. and the old Prowlers, both in terms of presentation and also on-field product. As far as comparing the Revolution and the Hoppers, they really aren’t even in the same league. Alan suggested that the Rev. connect with some bar downtown. If I heard correctly on Friday night, the Revolution have some tie in with the club that used to be Orion, out on West Market Street. To make a quick comment on the Carr incident….I think Tolly knows that serving time now, pretrial, might help him down the road to get a lighter sentence. Here is an interesting note, WXII still refers to Carr as one of their employees. I would think they would have fired him by now.

  8. Why are you people talking about heading out to all these bars and clubs. We have a some good high school games to go to. My team the Grimsley Whirlies are supposed to playing out at Northwest Guilford this evening and it will be time to take in some baseball. NWG and Grimsley and that’s what it’s all about. Why talk about all this drinking, we see what happened to last guy that was drinking and started driving around. Get back to the high schoools and, that’s where the focus should be. The High School kids aren’t out there drinking and tearing things up. It’s all those crazy young adults in their 20’s that are flocking to downtown and getting drunk. I know Joey Melodoni and he doesn’t even go around downtown Greensboro any more things have gotten so bad. Since Rocco Scorfone took over the N Club the place has gone to the dogs. My daughter knows Melodoni and she knows Scarfone and Scorfone is a loser. I’m not going downtown and I don’t blame the others that have left that part of town to the drunks and other bums so they can have their day. SUPPORT THE WHIRLIES(The place on West Market is Nash’s Pub and I say don’t go there either)

  9. Let’s not forget Hoppers are part of the Florida Marlins. Revolution is a stand-alone entity.

    I think they are headed on the right track. Going to see them play Fayetteville is not a good way to judge the team. Fayetteville won the conference last year and is a very good team. Revolution is improving and so are their game day operations.

    Will they make it long term? I hope so. But the Hardin-wanna-bees on the net and in the newspaper need to provide more objective reporting. Take this website as an example: It’s ok but doesn’t have big bucks to make it something more than a local blog.

  10. When TV 14 hires Don Moore we should get some decent TV coverage. Have any of you made your way out to the luxury box near the Grandstand at the Grasshoppers games? It’s a great place to watch a ballgame. Don Moore, Robert Stutts, John Digeorgio, and Johnny Jones are out there every night.

  11. I’ll stick with the Carolina Panthers if they can make the playoffs. If I had to choose I would rather watch a game in Greensboro for baseball than in Winston-Salem. The new downtown stadium in GB is great place to see a game.

    The baseball stadium in WS is too old and run down but I’ve heard they were going to build a new one. To me the best stadium in Minor League Baseball is in Buffalo, New York. New York baseball is the best over all any way you slice it. The Yankees, the Mets, the Buffalo Bison. I just can’t get back up that way enough.

  12. I think people have grown so lackadaisical and complacent in this stinkin’ town that I don’t think they’ll adequately support a minor league franchise. The only reason the Grasshoppers draw is because the novelty of the new stadium hasn’t worn off and many of the drunks that go there can walk to the bars and clubs afterward. We might as well face it, Greensboro is a “dinner and a movie” city, and not a sports town.

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