The Weekend in Review

There were a number of sports activities going in and around the Greensboro sports community over the weekend. was at the Revolution football game on Friday night at the Coliseum.

The indoor football is a nice idea but the Revolution need to get their act together if they hope to stay in operation for an extended period of time.  They can keep it going with low salaries and former high school football players but will the fans flock out to watch pick-up football that they could see in their neighbor’s back yard?

I called out to the Coliseum last Friday to let the Revolution people know we would be bringing a group from to the Big Friday Night Game but their phone had been disconnected.  No news is good news, I guess?  The Revolution are trying to do something but their biggest problem may just be Presentation.  They seem to be lacking much needed direction and organization.

The critics and supporters will tell you it is what it is, indoor football being run on a low budget.  That is all and good but after watching the Grasshoppers run their show and then watching a Revolution production the two entities are worlds apart.

The Revolution need some help but how much can you do with a low-rent operation being run on a shoe-string budget.  It is what it is and people are looking for something to do in Greensboro and a Revolution game offers up that opportunity at the Greensboro Coliseum, something to do.  I hope you enjoy it but in all honesty I don’t see this program going anywhere and I hope I’m wrong, it would be nice to see them succeed, but I still don’t see this working to point where it will be highly visible and people are talking about it all over town.

Hockey is the same story.  The small crowd at the Revolution contest reminded me of what you see at an ECHL game at the Coliseum.  Maybe two thousand fans and there was nothing else going on Friday night except for the Seminar in the Special Events Center and that was packed to see Brother Phil and Phil filled up the SEC.

The local fans would be better served to save up their money and join Bruce Bullington at one of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey games down in Raleigh.  Football fans save your money and wait and attend one of the Carolina Panthers games down in Charlotte this fall.  I know we are supposed to be promoting the local sports community but you would be better served to go watch a local kids game at one of the Parks and Recreation fields and use your extra money to go watch the Canes, Panthers or the Bobcats.

The Grasshoppers on the other side of the fence are playing to large crowds and are having early-season success on the field as well as at the gate.  The Hoppers have a well-founded presentation and they are doing things the right way.  The Hoppers won two games over the weekend and they look to be getting more out of less talent as the month of April comes to a close this week. 

The manager Edwin Rodriguez is doing a great job with his kids and Ed should see his club contend if they can find some way to stay healthy.  The West Virginia Power are on a nine-game winning streak so they may be uncatchable but the Hoppers are in second place and they are hitting the daylights out of the ball at First Horizon Park.

Let’s just say the Hoppers are definitley worth watching but the other guys have a lot of work to do and if you are waiting on Hockey you may want to ask Bruce Bullington if you can hop a ride with him down to Raleigh to see the Hurricanes next fall.

To close out the Weekend in Review, I will just say again, it all goes back to Presentation.  That’s why I have been able to take to the upper levels we have seen since I took this project under my wing.  You won’t find writing like this in any other venue.  I present the facts as I see them and the readers respect the “Deliverance”.