Dropped balls at Second Base

After seeing the Jane W reminder in the comment box I went to see the NWG-Grimsley game out at Northwest last night.  The only problem is the News and Record had the game time listed as 7pm and the game began at 6pm so I got there in the top of the 5th inning.

The N&R has done it to us again.  They don’t want us at these games because Jim Young knows we will get more comments at our blog than he does over at his. They’re trying to kill us.  Jeff Carlton took a leave of abcense from the N&R because the pressure of trying to keep up with Greensborosports.com got to him.  We can not look back, Ed Cone will begin covering sports instead of politics and we will be out of business and we’ll have to get a real job driving Ed Hardin’s car to all the ACC luncheons.

Back to the baseball game.  The final was 6-3 with NWG beating Grimsley for the second time this season but the real story was what was going on out at second base?  There were two, count them two dropped balls by the man covering second for Northwest as the Grimsley player was going into the second base bag.  How long does the man taking the throw to complete the out have to hang on to the ball?  Again, how long did the NWG player have to hang on to the ball to complete the out?  In both cases he had it and then dropped the ball.

Grimsley coach Alan Ashkinazy went ballistic.  Alan’s first base coach ran all the way across the field.  They were in the umpires faces.  Grimsley outfielder Ken Daly’s dad chased the umpires to their cars demanding an explanation after the game.  I think Daly’s dad deserved to know something but the Umps had no line of reasoning.

Can anybody tell us what’s going on here?  How long does the ball have to held before it is an official out?  Is it left up to the umpire’s judgement?  If so these Umps missed at least one call.  If the defensive player has the ball and then drops it while in the process of stepping on the base is it still considered an out?  We need a ruling here?  Can we get some help?  Maybe long-time reader Justin Smith will check in and clear this up for us or maybe some of the rest of you readers have some thoughts about this one.

Clint Moore hit a home run for Grimsley over the fence in right field with nobody on and Clint pitched well for the Whirlies but I didn’t get there until the fifth inning thanks to Smith Barrier’s old buddies down at the News and Record.  Gabe Dimock, Ken Daly, and Cody Walker were putting the ball in play for Grimsley and sophomore Logan Self got the win for NWG and Big John Neese hit a three-run homer for Vikings, the second time he has done that this year to the Whirlies.

We’ll close this session out by saying, what about those dropped balls at second base and did you see any of the Braves-Marlins game on TBS Tuesday night?  There on national television was Bo Porter coaching third base for the Marlins and he was here in Greensboro only two years ago serving as the hitting coach for the Greensboro Grasshoppers.  Steve Foster was there on TV too working as the Marlins bullpen coach and he was here at Greensboro’s First Horizon Park last year with the Hoppers as their pitching coach.

All of this brings us to the real question, what ever happened to Gary Tufford and Jason Arispe?

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  1. Andy- we got the redhot East Forsyth Eagles at Grimsley Friday night – a must win for the Eagles-Zac Truesdale and the Eagles got pounded by NWG last Friday night at East Forsyth and they need a win

  2. Hollywood Henderson and his girls will be cheering on Zac and the Eagles-We think they might go all the way-CD

  3. I heard from Justin Smith by phone earlier today and he said he would be checking in here soon to clarify what happened at the NWG-Grimsley game. Justin said he has proof. People are still talking about that game and word has it there’s video tape of the two calls at second base. I just heard today about that NWG-East Forsyth game from last week and that NWG won big over Hollywood “Hogan” Henderson and Zac T.’s Eagles. Justin Smith also said today that if Northwest had the Michael Dimock kid from over at High Point Wesleyan then Northwest would be GUARANTEED State 4-A Champs. Michael Dimock lives in the NWG district but attends the private HP Wesleyan. Michael and Gabe Dimock of Grimsley are no relation. Justin Smith said he would be checking here soon to give us the scoop so let’s see if he comes through.

  4. Word on the street is that Arispe got re-married after the battered first Mrs. Arispe got smart and headed for the hills. Apparently his child support drained him to the point that his amway business got crushed. So much for all those guys in his upline/downline, LOL.

    Sounds like he might end up being twice divorced since it was reported that he and Rachel Lea Hunter had been meeting at the Farrington House for weekend get togethers due to Connie Mack Berry’s inability to get the job done where it counted. Go figure. At least he knows how to cut and paste with the best of them.

  5. It is great to hear from the EGG Man, El_Gordo_Gringo and he sheds some light on the whereabouts of Jason Arispe. I wonder how far those hills are from here? Now maybe the Egg Man can help us locate Bryan Jones. I’m sure Jonesie would want to get in on the Sports ledger here at Greensborosports.com.

    The Egg Man and others will be pleased to know we picked up a new readership group this week from out in the Denver, Colorado area. The Catherine Winters family joined us after the hearing the Greensborosports.com commercials on the Greensboro Grasshoppers radio broadcasts by way of the internet. The Winters’ son pitches for the Hoppers and they listen to keep up with Kyle Winters and to follow the team during each and every broadcast. They even tape a few games and listen back later. I got a nice e-mail from the Winters and they like Greensboro and plan on visiting several times this summer. It’s good to have them following Greensborosports.com out in Colorado.

    Just by hearing from the Winters you can see how a mom and dad and brothers and sisters would miss their son or brother away from home at age 19 or 20 playing ball clear across the country.

    BIG baseball games tonight:Hoppers vs. the Hickory Crawdads at First Horizon Park on Thirsty Thursday sponsored by ROCK 92 and on the High School scene it’s Southwest Guilford vs. Glenn. Friday night it’s East Forsyth at Grimsley and Hollywood “Hulk Hogan” Henderson will be in the HOUSE coming over from EF to Grimsley.

    By the way, the Winters out in Colorado listen to the radio ballgames and get it and they read the web site and they get that too. Many people don’t get the real meaning of what’s happening here at least not the first time, you’ll need to get with the EGG Man to fully understand the hidden meanings.

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