The Carolina Panthers with the 14th pick select?

The NFL Draft comes up on Saturday and the Carolina Panthers are talking about selecting a tight end with the 14th pick in the first round.

The Panthers don’t need a tight end.  They don’t throw to the tight end.  When the Panthers throw the ball they go to the wide receivers.  Jake Delhomme and David Carr will be be putting the ball in the air in the direction of Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Keary Colbert, and Drew Carter.

The Panthers tight end is a blocker.  The only decent tight end to ever play in Carolina was Wesley Walls.  If the formation calls for a tight end you may as well line up an offensive lineman at the tight end spot because the ball is going to the wideouts.

The Panthers need a good linebacker.  Dan Morgan is a train wreck waiting to happen.  The Panthers have had some real good linebackers but they let them all get away to other teams.  They drafted Will Witherspoon out of Georgia and he was outstanding but the Panthers didn’t make any real effort to keep him and he’s going All-Pro for somebody else.  Chris Draft was a very solid linebacker but they let him get away too.  What’s wrong with those guys in the Suits down in Charlotte?

Draft a linebacker and keep him around for a while and then get rid of Dan Morgan even if you have to eat his salary.  Marty Hurney looked like a genius when he joined the team as General Manager but now it looks like Bill Polian had the right ideas since he just led the Colts to the Super Bowl title.

The Panthers need to get it together and what do you think they need to do?  How would you use the 14th pick on Saturday?  You have to wonder what thoughts are going through the minds in the think-tank over at David Brown’s war room in Pfafftown?  Got any suggestions, well then throw them out here and maybe the Panthers will take notice.