The Carolina Panthers with the 14th pick select?

The NFL Draft comes up on Saturday and the Carolina Panthers are talking about selecting a tight end with the 14th pick in the first round.

The Panthers don’t need a tight end.  They don’t throw to the tight end.  When the Panthers throw the ball they go to the wide receivers.  Jake Delhomme and David Carr will be be putting the ball in the air in the direction of Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Keary Colbert, and Drew Carter.

The Panthers tight end is a blocker.  The only decent tight end to ever play in Carolina was Wesley Walls.  If the formation calls for a tight end you may as well line up an offensive lineman at the tight end spot because the ball is going to the wideouts.

The Panthers need a good linebacker.  Dan Morgan is a train wreck waiting to happen.  The Panthers have had some real good linebackers but they let them all get away to other teams.  They drafted Will Witherspoon out of Georgia and he was outstanding but the Panthers didn’t make any real effort to keep him and he’s going All-Pro for somebody else.  Chris Draft was a very solid linebacker but they let him get away too.  What’s wrong with those guys in the Suits down in Charlotte?

Draft a linebacker and keep him around for a while and then get rid of Dan Morgan even if you have to eat his salary.  Marty Hurney looked like a genius when he joined the team as General Manager but now it looks like Bill Polian had the right ideas since he just led the Colts to the Super Bowl title.

The Panthers need to get it together and what do you think they need to do?  How would you use the 14th pick on Saturday?  You have to wonder what thoughts are going through the minds in the think-tank over at David Brown’s war room in Pfafftown?  Got any suggestions, well then throw them out here and maybe the Panthers will take notice. 

8 thoughts on “The Carolina Panthers with the 14th pick select?

  1. The Panthers could start by getting a new coach and GM. John Fox and Marty Hurney are behind the times. The Panthers do not need QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, Offensive and Defensive lineman are a dime a dozen, Carolina has a decent number of Defensive backs.

    Thomas Davis is a undersized linebacker who needs to return to the defensive backfield. This time I will agree with you guys and your breakdown. Dan Morgan is waste of time and money. The Panthers have let a number of quality LB’s get away.

    Ed Hardin said in today’s Greensboro paper that the Carolina Panthers should go after a wide receiver by the name of Ginn and John Delong has made some similar offbeat remarks in the Journal. The Panthers need to go ahead and go after a quality inside linebacker or move Julius Peppers to inside LB and turn him loose on the pass rush. Peppers is already making all of the tackles anyway. Find the LB’s and get Kris Jenkins to re-up.

    This is it for Fox and Hurney. They better do something and it better be the right moves come draft day on Saturday and Sunday.

    How much longer can the Panthers depend on John Kasey? Can he last another 2-3 years? The Panthers better keep their eyes open for a Kicker and a coach. Bill Cowher has not taken a coaching job as of this week. Jerry Richardson should give Cowher a call and have him on stand-by.

    As fans we can’t stand back and take this much longer. The Carolina Panthers were supposed to be in the Super Bowl last year and they didn’t even make the playoffs. As a season ticket holder I am thinking about putting my PSL’s up for sale over a Ebay if the Panthers can’t make it back to the Playoffs this season.

    Waiting for a winner over in Winston-Salem and I’m talking the Carolina Panthers and not the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. WFU went out and got it done in the ACC, now maybe the Panthers can do something again in the NFC South. I sure hope so the kids are getting ready to go to college and those Panther tickets are burning a large hole in my pocket.

  2. I say the Panthers take the best O-lineman available when 14 comes up. Trade Kris Jenkins for a second round pick and get a linebacker and safety in that round.

  3. I like where Dan is going. It all starts on the o and d lines, mainly the o line. Any player in the backfield that has made the nfl has enough talent to makes things happen if they are protected well. They have not lost a whole lot of players from last year so I think they need to be patient and things will come around…

  4. I’m with Dan and Marshall on this one. Delhomme and Carr won’t do squat if they are constantly lying on their backs. Hey, with a good O-line, even Deshaun might beable to make some plays. Without a decent line, we might as well hire Carl Torbush as runningbacks coach so that he can implement his late 90’s FatBack strategy. Speaking of that, who is our punter this year?

  5. Rob, the punter is Jason Baker a 7 year man out of Iowa. The Panthers have to get rid of Dan Morgan. I agree with Rick. All you need on that offensive line is Jordan Gross and 4 other FAT guys. Offensive lineman are big, strong, and heavy. All they need to do is get in the way long enough for the backs to get through the holes. Foster and Williams have to be quick and pick up the pace because that hole will only be open for just a second. Let the FatBack fellas have at it and get a Linebacker that can coherently count to 10 unlike Dan Morgan who can only make it to 1-2-3 because he is down for the count again. I wish the NFL would go back to the days of smaller, quicker, but still strong O’lineman like the days of Chuck Noll and the Steelers but those days are long gone thanks to the 300 pound-plus club.

    I know that I probably put out too much info when I get going, but Rob I think you’ll like this. Stephen Via whose dad Bob coached at Page, we’ll Stephen is a linebacker at Carson Newman now and his LB coach is Carl Torbush. Mary V will back me up on this.

  6. The Via brothers are class acts. Was in a couple of Doc’s classes and ran indoor and outdoor track for Bob. Always seemed to find myself behind a guy named Kinser.

    Glad to hear that Carl ended up on his feet somewhere. I always appreciated Carl’s candor and coaching style. He was a great guy, and I firmly beleive that the world would be a better place if he was still coaching UNC.

  7. Jon Beason, Dwayne Jarrett, Ryan Kalil, Charles Johnson, Ryne Robinson, Dante Rosario, Tim Shaw, CJ Wilson.

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